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April 29, 2012

Rooftop Pool at Bloomfield hotel, wins my vote for best roof top pool in Melbourne !

_AUS7407SonnyIt's not that it is a big luxurious pool _AUS7409Sonnyits a fun unique pool _AUS7411Sonnya great venue I think. We're all keen to have a swim, but the afternoon chill has set in, and the water is . . .  refreshing :-) _AUS7416Sonny

:-) _AUS7426Sonny



_AUS7434Sonnyfancy a boat on your roof ?

_AUS7436Sonnyview of the pool from the boat _AUS7444Sonny

_AUS7450Sonnypics of me swimming coming soon on Jacqui's blog ( once she's caught up processing all her photos :-) _AUS7461Sonny

Bloomfield Hotel, Melbourne

_AUS7398SonnyJacqui found this great unique boutique hotel in Melbourne when she visited a few months ago with here swedish friend Kerstin _AUS7399Sonnyshe was really happy with her stay here and couldn't wait to show us the hotel when the decision was made to overnight in Melbourne _AUS7401SonnyIt has a strong rock star theme going on, and Jacqui loves it, wrote a pretty good post on it on her blog, read it here _AUS7470Sonnythen after sending her post to the hotel, cut a long story short, turns out the girl  who owns it, Sally Bloomfield, is someone I worked with at Harpers Bazaar about 10 years ago, what a co-incidence _AUS7472Sonnybut because we sort of decided pretty much last minute to come stay, Sally was out of town, so did not get to say hello

Last leg to Melbourne

_AUS7352SonnyAireys inlet _AUS7364SonnyI just love how this road snakes along the coastline, the beaches, headlands, rocky points, fantastic drive _AUS7375Sonnyleaving the clouds behind us _AUS7378SonnyAlways wanted to come and see the famous Bells Beach since I was a kid, here I finally am, but surf is not providing the swell to shwo me its awesome wave. It's tiny actually. 2 things that stand out after finally getting to be here and see it, it is really close to Melbourne, probably only a good hour drive, second, there's nothing here, nothing, the end of a looping road, but nothing here, no shops, no cafe, just a car park, was not expecting that, sort of like the car park at Margaret River in Western Australia _AUS7394SonnyFew guys surfing down there, but looking a bit mushy. We leave the beach now to head north to melbourne past the big bay and through Geelong.

Koalas Koalas Koalas, literally everywhere you look

_AUS7251SonnyAnd they are all lucky to have Diane Pernet as a friend ! _AUS7262Sonnyso these shots are taken in the wild, just pulled the car of the side of the road , and there they were, not in some wilderness park or zoo, but right there in the wild _AUS7266Sonnycan I just say, how fricken amazing is that !! _AUS7268Sonnystoked, first the Cockatoo, now this :-) _AUS7273Sonny




_AUS7288Sonnythere's like a whole clan down here _AUS7290Sonny












_AUS7339Sonnyand then this is where they live, in the gullys close to the ocean _AUS7345Sonnynot happy with the other animals that come here and leave all their rubbish behind, disgusting

Leaving Apollo bay

_AUS7196Sonnychecked in on dark last night at this great beach side villa with a combustion wood fire, so we were nice and toasty last night, now up and at it again nice and early _AUS7205Sonnystill some great ocean road left _AUS7207Sonnygreat spot to test out some sports cars, or any car really _AUS7221Sonnywith some great waterfalls tucked in the bushes near the ocean road as well _AUS7225Sonny
pretty _AUS7229Sonny




_AUS7246Sonnysuch lush grass _AUS7249Sonny

Leaving Port Fairy and on our way to the famous 12 Apostles on the great Ocean road

_AUS6968Sonnybeautiful beaches near Port Fairy


_AUS7001SonnyChilders Cove, great spot for the kids to swim close to shore and me to surf further out_AUS7005Sonny

_AUS7013Sonnywe can sense we are getting closer to those Apostles, but still a way to go _AUS7015Sonnygood for lobster down there I'm sure, how clean is that water _AUS7021Sonnynow, it's getting to that stage where it feels like every 300m there is a turn off with a look out _AUS7026Sonnycoastline here, for about 40 km is littered with scenic look outs like this one _AUS7031Sonnywhich is great for me _AUS7035Sonnybut we haven't got all day to look at every single one _AUS7043Sonnylike this one was just a little bit too long of a walk from the carpark for this one hehehe :-) _AUS7071Sonnyone more _AUS7049Sonnycouldn't skip out on this one though, the famous london bridge, it used to connect to the mainland, and tourists would regularly walk across it, thankfully no one was on it when it collapsed Screen shot 2012-04-29 at 9.17.27 PMhere's a shot I found when it was still intact, but shot from the other side Nbhyjhere's another one, apparently, when it collapsed, people had just walked back across it, got to this point here to take a photo and watched it collapse, they must have thanked their lucky stars it did not happen 5 minutes earlier _AUS7086Sonnyfew more look outs _AUS7088Sonny


_AUS7110Sonnylooks like a little brush fire went through here not so long ago _AUS7113Sonny

_AUS7115Sonnyand finally, we reached our destination, the famous 12 apostles _AUS7121Sonnywould be cool to surf down there, you'd only have about 200 tourists take your photo every 15 minutes :-) _AUS7126Sonny




_AUS7142SonnyPaparazzi time _AUS7148Sonnynice shot of the travelling crew _AUS7154Sonny


_AUS7167Sonnyat the carpark, there's also a heliport for scenic heli rides, so love this shot of the windsock and arrows _AUS7181Sonnyall those shots I just took at the 12 apostles had a nice hazy feel to them, and this is why, as we drive on about 20 km further inland, we see this massive bushfire burning, pretty sure it was a controlled burn off though _AUS7188Sonnylast shot of the day near Johanna Beach

Train carriages as accommodation at Codrington gardens near Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia

_AUS6874SonnyJacqui has a hold of my new friend
_AUS6879SonnySo let me show this place we found on the internet called Codrington Gardens click for link
_AUS6899Sonnywhere there is some first class accommodation at budget prices _AUS6901Sonny

_AUS6905SonnyYour own lounge area _AUS6906Sonnywhich can also be an extra sofa bed ( Evan ) _AUS6909Sonnydoesn't that just look so comfy and original _AUS6911Sonnystill with all its furnishings intact _AUS6915Sonnyold rail carriages _AUS6917Sonnywhat a nice change from your normal run of the mill motels, we all loved it, originality and charm _AUS6920Sonnyupstairs _AUS6926Sonnydownstairs _AUS6928Sonnyand a verandah outside _AUS6935SonnyThe owners cottage on site as well is pretty cute _AUS6889Sonnynice detail on the old grain harvester _AUS6896Sonnyold grain harvester _AUS6891Sonny


_AUS6936Sonnyand of course there is Cocky _AUS6943SonnyMy new friend the Cockatoo _AUS6955SonnyI was a bit sad to say good bye, since a kid, I've always had Cockatoos around at the places I lived at, and would feed them nearly everyday. and never did I get to touch one, let alone have one ride on my shoulder for the morning :-)

Codrington Gardens, near Port Fairy

_AUS6839SonnyI'm up early, to get some pics of where we are _AUS6845SonnyI just made a new friend :-) _AUS6846Sonnynice collection of old bottles _AUS6849SonnyI'm not the only one up early _AUS6852SonnyMeet horse, and wouldn't he just make an awesome jacket _AUS6854Sonny

_AUS6863SonnySo round and fluffy, would be great if he could get shorn in one go and make a jacket _AUS6869Sonny

Meet my new friend Cocky

I SO WANT ONE ! ! ! ! !
Battery ran out on the video camera, otherwise would have shown you lots more footage :-) He just stayed me with me for ages, as I walked all around the property, back inside the rooms, get all the bags, pack the car, he just sat there on my shoulder the whole time. I so want one now ! ! !

Crossing over

_AUS6808SonnySouth Australia that way _AUS6812SonnyVictoria this way
I must say, there is a lot to see and do in south Australia, and we only scratched the surface, but the salt lake is a highlight for sure. Hope to be back to explore more soon _AUS6814Sonnyon the border here, a lot of pine forest plantations right up to the sand dunes, and you can see the salt spray blowing over the dunes _AUS6817Sonnybet you there's some good surf spots around here _AUS6826Sonnygetting closer to our accommodation for the night _AUS6837Sonnylovely twilight colour