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May 23, 2012

Melbourne Graffiti Alleyway and lane ways

_AUS7475SonnyPicking up the thread again after finishing off fashion week, back to the road trip, we finished of our breakfast at the Bloomfield hotel and have a long drive ahead of us to get close to the border. But not without first visiting the Melbourne famous street art. _AUS7478SonnyKenny has one of these inked on his body _AUS7479SonnyIt seems that the good people of Melbourne don't have objections to all this art, especially as we are just off the main CBD streets off Flinders and Collins street. Click here to see where they are all located _AUS7481SonnyMother of Christ , save me from this toxic city full of parasites _AUS7485SonnyWe're all appreciating it _AUS7488SonnyIf you are into street art, and in Melbourne next, you might consider doing a guided tour of these painted alleyways _AUS7490Sonnyso much colour _AUS7496Sonnyeven a sculpted face on one of the graffiti'd walls _AUS7498Sonny




_AUS7507SonnyWhen Politicians go home at night they like to pull out a few weeds so they feel they've accomplished something positive for the day _AUS7512Sonnycuteness amongst the colour _AUS7516Sonny


_AUS7518SonnyThe Arts are a proven platform for enriched and positive understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.
This painting demonstrates the power of a title to reflect our reading of a picture ------------ son of a bitch.
More cameras greater security    means     I won't be doing this for much longer.

_AUS7526Sonnylove it _AUS7527Sonnylove it even more.
For more info check out this site about all the laneways and some more photos.


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