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June 10, 2012

A look at that swell ( that's now hitting Fiji as I type this )

AUS_8713sonnybig mounds rolling into Bilgola AUS_8714sonnybreaking waaaaaaay out AUS_8717sonny2 black things caught my eye out in the ocean as I drove past Newport, so I pull over, and it is 2 guys out kitesurfing now check the size of the kite sail and the size of the wave breaking AUS_8720sonnyyou can just make out the surfer, and this is one of the smaller waves AUS_8724sonnyon a reform AUS_8730sonnyon a bigger wave, but check the bombs way out back AUS_8733sonnybus size white wash hitting Bilgola AUS_8741sonnyI wanted to have a better look at what these guys are doing, so I head up to Newport headland AUS_8742sonny


AUS_8749sonnymight not look like much, but from where I am standing that's waves breaking way out from the reef, where I've never seen waves break before AUS_8750sonny





AUS_8765sonnyBilgola AUS_8771sonnyI have never seen a wave break taht far out at Bilgola. Keep in mind that on a low tide, waves break further out, and right now it is high tide AUS_8779sonny

AUS_8783sonnyso want to try out kite surfing AUS_8784sonny

AUS_8800sonnyafter check out a few more beaches, I check out a spot called brown water between collaroy and long reef, doesn't break very often, and am blwon away that no one is out there surfing these lefts AUS_8804sonnywith the headlands of Mona Vale, Newport and Whale beach in the background AUS_8809sonny

AUS_8814sonnyanother surprise, Dee Why point looking very angry and no one out AUS_8816sonnyLong Reef washing machine in the distance AUS_8826sonnynow this spot doesn;t get surfed often, Deadmans at Fairy Bower AUS_8827sonny
AUS_8841sonnywhy we love living north of manly AUS_8843sonnyok, time to go into town for my meeting


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wow, serious waves out there. they looked huge with the kite surfers. I'd love to try it one day, we should look at hiring one, or buying one to share. Never find time to go surfing at the best of times.

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