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June 07, 2012

Big Storm has hit, biggest swell in 5 years

IMG_0925SonnyBefore taking the girls to school we pass by one of our favourite walks, Bangally headland, and it is an incredible sight to see the angry ocean unleash its fury on the rocks below. Then we drive to North Avalon carpark, the wind was so srong, check the video below but turn down your sound as the microphone just picks up the wind ( really noisy ) IMG_0928Sonnythen I check out South Avalon, that's Little Avalon just getting washed out by monster waves, now compare this scene to this post a few days ago when the ocean was like a lake, what a contrast, actually here is a photo of the above spot on that calm day IMG_0876Sonnywhat a contrast, actually, let's put the two side by side FlipI flipped it, click on photo for larger view IMG_0927Sonnymassive waves, breaking so far out a video from the headland, panning across ( noisy from wind ) no one swimming in the pool today, check out the white wash ( more like brown wash today ) just washing over the pool continuously another good view of the total wash out of Avalon beach, so much sand is getting moved around by these monsters, will be interesting to see what we are left with and how sand will be taken off the beach IMG_0930Sonny


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