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July 30, 2012

Pick your own madarins at Wisemans Ferry, or, Mandarins on Poladroids

EUR_7532SonnySonny-polaAfter our visit to Kerrie and Dean's farm, we left Wollombi, but took a detour ( oh, and how the kids in the backseat juat loooove a detour ) down to St. Albans and Wiseman's Ferry EUR_7534SonnySonny-polaafter lunch at the St. Albans pub, we cross the river by ferry, and Jacqui reminisces of the time she came here with the kids to pick mandarins, so we take another detour to see if we can find the place again...we did EUR_7535SonnySonny-polaand it just happens to be the season right now for picking mandarins EUR_7537SonnySonny-polawe're all loving this of course EUR_7538SonnySonny-polathis one got missed a few times EUR_7539SonnySonny-pola



Another visit to Wollombi and see my mate Kezza :-)

EUR_7465SonnySonnySitting around a big campfire in the evenings EUR_7466SonnySonnyKerrie is down with her horses, about to give the kids a ride EUR_7468SonnySonnyyep EUR_7469SonnySonnylots of these around EUR_7472SonnySonnyKerrie's place up in the trees EUR_7473SonnySonnyand the paddock below EUR_7482SonnySonnyafter the kids first horse riding lesson we go to visit Dean " the earh mover " at his farm, as we have a lot of food left overs from last nights feast ( thanks for that Kerrie ) and we brought up some prawns and Dean tells us his pigs loves the prawn shells, perfect, don't want to waste them, so of we go EUR_7484SonnySonnyto Dean's place EUR_7486SonnySonnyto feed the pigs ! Hmmm, yum, bacon EUR_7490SonnySonnybig head EUR_7500SonnySonnyand whitey's eye EUR_7510SonnySonnymmmm, and lamb for dinner :-) EUR_7503SonnySonnyBelle picking out one to put in the over ( just kidding ) EUR_7512SonnySonny2 weeks old EUR_7517SonnySonny
EUR_7523SonnySonnythen there's these ladies to check out as well ( oops, and one bull ) EUR_7527SonnySonnyI asked the girls what they saw, as I said I saw a big fat juicy steak, well, they said they saw ice cream and chocolate :-)

A week back in Avalon

IMG_0997SonnyWinter time, and another impending rain storm coming IMG_0996Sonnybut clouds on the horizon generally forecasts an increase in swell IMG_1003Sonnynext day, no increase in swell, but beautiful winter's day, so we go for a walk on the rocks at south Avalon, never been here, so interesting to see the beach from another angle IMG_1004Sonny'd love to have a place on the headland there. IMG_1005Sonnysome great natural sculptures in the sand stone rocks formed by wind and salt spray. Battery died at this stage, so no more pics from the rest of our walk, but we will come here again in summer for a swim, as we found a nice little cove that would be good for swimming, one of those summer days when there is no swell IMG_1015SonnyWinter means nice roast dinners, about to pop this in the oven IMG_1021SonnyAnd Avalon, means , sitting at the round table at Cranzgots and eating yummy pizza's

July 24, 2012

Iggy Azalea Fan

July 20, 2012

Leaving Hobart, back to Sydney

EUR_7372Sonnyearly morning start at the Cottage ( w=or it is winter and sun comes up late :-) EUR_7382SonnyHobart International Aiport, that's right ! EUR_7386Sonnybut we're leaving ? EUR_7388Sonny
:-) EUR_7389Sonnyready for take off EUR_7391Sonnystraight after take off a lot of cloud so did not get to see anything, till now, Flinders Island I think EUR_7392SonnyYeah, Flinders Island, Emita beach EUR_7394Sonnythen it got all cloudy again EUR_7396SonnyJust make out australian coastline, my guess, near Marlo , Victoria EUR_7400Sonnyrather white cloud...that's no cloud, that's the snowy mountains, super ! EUR_7404Sonnygreat view of the whole range. where I placed the arrow ( click photo to enlarge )is the runs at Thredbo, and the circle roughly where Perisher-Smiggins resort is EUR_7405Sonnythe snowy mountains with lake Jindabyne EUR_7407Sonnyarrow marks the village of Jindabyne EUR_7412Sonnyreally make out the valley leading up to Thredbo from Jindy EUR_7420SonnyLake Eucumbene EUR_7431SonnyLake Burragorang, Sydney EUR_7434Sonnylove all the ranges all the way to horizon EUR_7437Sonnyback to civilization, well, sort of, The Shire hehehe EUR_7441SonnySouth Sydney, going in to land

Corinda Cottages Hobart

EUR_7302SonnySo after arriving yesterday late afternoon, this far south it did not take long for nightfall, so we headed to the Salamance area to find somewhere nice to dine, lots of places, but must say, with all this seafood around and amazing Tasmanian produce, we were a bit let down culinary speaking. But our cute cottage made up for that. We got up, erm, relatively early in Jacqui speak EUR_7304Sonnylots of great still life to shoot in our cottage EUR_7305Sonnygreat little kitchen, complete with enough goodies supplied by the owners for a nice breakfast EUR_7310Sonny

so many things to see, like a little museum EUR_7313Sonny

attention detail keeps coming up when you mention Corinda Cottages EUR_7315Sonny



EUR_7327Sonnyoutside our window, a pigeon home EUR_7334Sonnyour cottage for the week end EUR_7340Sonny'morning EUR_7347Sonnysome lovely old houses in this area EUR_7352Sonny


EUR_7357Sonnynice pathway, I like EUR_7358Sonny
so our main reason for visiting ( besides Jacqui's birthday ) was to pop in to the MONA museum. this thing was cool ( there were so many cool and old things to see, but I did not feel like walking around photographing everything ) So it shoots out streams of water that form words EUR_7361Sonny

EUR_7363Sonnyafter MONA we had some cheese and salami boards ( and glass of white of course ) we headed inland, a sI have never been to Tasmania, just had to go for a drive, so up the hill we went to check out some wineries, turns out this time of the year a lot of them are closed, Home Hill wasn't so we checked it out. Coller climate, so a bit more sweetness in the flavours. After Home Hill we drove through Huonville, and onto Woodstock ( of course ) which runs along this Huon river EUR_7364Sonnynot going to get many more shots as it is getting dark very quickly and have not reached the sea yet, bugger ( will have to come back again in summer ) EUR_7368Sonny
Glaziers Bay, with snow covered mountain top in the background

July 19, 2012

Sydney > Hobart, Tasmania

EUR_7175SonnySo, to re-cap, flew in from London, straight on to a turbo prop off to shoot campaign in outback location, arrive back and here I am next morning on a plane again. But not work related this time. A surprise trip to Hobart for Jacqui's birthday, planned this quite a while ago and told the kids about and impressed they managed to keep it a secret from her. Plus they made a card, well they tricked Jacqui into thinking it was a welcome card for me, and they then insisted she give it to me as soon as Jacqui picked me up form the airport. When she had not giving it to me yet as we were on our way to Bankstown airport I kept asking so how's Evan, and how is Belle and India, Finally she told me that she thought it was strange but India and Belle really insisted on getting this card to me, so just before getting on our turbo prop at Bankstown airport Jacqui gave me the card , which I then gave straight back to her as it was a birthday card for Jacqui and lettin gher know that 3 days later she will be on a plane to Hobart. So here we are in the tarmac, ready to go to Hobart EUR_7176Sonnyalso waiting to take of, this plane, which looks more like the plane we were supposed to have a few days ago, but there were some last minute changes ( this plane would have been a bit faster and less stopping to refule -if at all ) EUR_7178Sonny
ready to take off EUR_7181Sonnythe other run way and Port Botany in the background EUR_7184Sonnylooks like fun, haven't done that in a while EUR_7185Sonnyone big sand dune turned into one mass of water, such a shame, to think there used to be such beautiful sand dunes, so close to Sydney, for all to walk through and enjoy EUR_7190Sonny
boat harbour EUR_7194Sonnywing, rainbow, cloud, plane shadow EUR_7201Sonny

EUR_7205SonnyHoney comb rocks just off Port Kembla, Wollongong EUR_7210SonnyBass Point Reserve EUR_7215SonnyThe long stretch of beach from Culburra to Currarong at Jervis Bay EUR_7217SonnyThe entry to Jervis Bay EUR_7221SonnyJervis Bay Nature Reserve & Booderee National Park EUR_7223SonnyEast Boyd State Forest, and Green Cape at the top of the photo EUR_7224SonnyDisaster Bay and Wonboyn Beach EUR_7227SonnyNadgee Nature Reserve EUR_7229Sonnydraw a line down the middle of the photo from the top, through the left side of the those sand dunes, and you pretty much have the NSW - Victoria state border, so left Nadgee Nature Reserve, right Croajingolong National Park. The Island is Gabo Island EUR_7233SonnyGabo Island, and we just can't see Mallacoota, where we were back in Easter, beautiful place, shame I could not see it from the plane EUR_7234Sonnyjust ocean now EUR_7237Sonnyflying over Bass Strait EUR_7244SonnyLand, first time I see Tasmania ! Pretty sure that's a place called Chain of Lagoons and Seymour at the top EUR_7249Sonnyso many beaches to explore EUR_7250Sonnyband of cloud,north of Spring bay EUR_7253SonnyCan just make out Maria Island top right EUR_7254SonnyTriabunna at Spring Bay EUR_7257SonnyProsser River, Orford EUR_7260SonnyWoodvine Nature Reserve, Carlton river and Norfolk Bay EUR_7268SonnyTranquil looking norfolk bay EUR_7272SonnyNorfolk Bay, Carlton River and Primrose Sands beach EUR_7277SonnyCremorne and Lauderdale, getting close to Airport now EUR_7280SonnyFrederick Henry Bay EUR_7285SonnySingle hill EUR_7286Sonnyand landing , crossing Seven Mile Beach EUR_7290SonnyWelcome to Hobart

July 18, 2012

This looks cold, great wave, but damn it, that just looks too cold for me


Griffith > Sydney

_EUR2814SonnyJust left Griffith after another one of our re-fuelling stops _EUR2819Sonny
a lot more water in here now, Wyangla dam and Grabine State Recreation area



_EUR2828Sonnylove these big windows _EUR2829Sonny

_EUR2839Sonnycoming to the blue mountains _EUR2840Sonnynarrow neck at Blue Mountains _EUR2845Sonny

_EUR2847Sonnyclearly see the trail to narrow neck here _EUR2858Sonnyand the famous 3 sisters from Katoomba. Ross Anderson, our pilot, was not even asked to give us a scenic flight, he just knew that I love taking pics from planes, so while still taking a most direct course back to Sydney, he also opted for the more scenic one _EUR2863Sonnylast stretch of Blue Mountains before hitting Sydney's outer suburbs _EUR2872SonnySydney on " the nose " _EUR2873Sonny
turning to Bankstown _EUR2879SonnySydney in the distance _EUR2878Sonny
zoom in _EUR2876Sonnylining up _EUR2880Sonnyready to land.
So as I said in previous post can;t reveal, yet, where we were and what we shot, have to wait till september ( not too long to go ) but all I'll say is that I'm super happy with the "Hero" shot, will look awesome, so sty tuned

July 11, 2012

From 5am landing at Sydney airport, straight to Bankstwon airport for next flight

EUR_7030sonnyNo, not here to see the police helicopter take off EUR_7034sonnyno, after my leg from Europe, it's straight into work mode ( love that landing somewhere and getting straight into production mode ) Super early in the morning, and we have Texas girl, Bay Berger, from Priscillas  EUR_7037sonnyMargaret Zhang from Shine By Three EUR_7036sonny
and Jacqui from Running Under The Sprinkler, all here early freezing their butts off this early in the morning as well as make up artist, designer and client ( can't tell you more at this stage, but all will be revealed when advertising campaign is ready to hit the streets ) EUR_7039sonnyloading our mode of transport, this will be the smallest plane Jacqui's been on, and probably some of the other crew as well. Fun, exciting, just need a coffee though to wake up :-) EUR_7040sonny
take off in golden morning light EUR_7041sonny

EUR_7043sonnybeauty about these small planes is that they have big windows to shoot out of :-) EUR_7045sonnyprospect reservoir EUR_7047sonnyclouds over the blue mountains EUR_7049sonnyThe Nepean river at bottom, going through the blue mountains heading towards Penrith lakes at the top of photo EUR_7050sonnytiny speck of cloud on horizon is from the Mt Piper powerstation just near Lithgow EUR_7055sonnythe lake Burragorang created by warragamba dam in the blue mountains EUR_7056sonny

the beautiful blue mountains, best spot for a good day of bush walking EUR_7070sonnythe grazing land beyond the blue mountains, still early and covered in patchy fog EUR_7072sonnya lot of fog actually EUR_7074sonnybeyond Bathurst EUR_7079sonnynice shot, and would be a nice shot down there as well EUR_7085sonnyIsland mountain top of the fog EUR_7090sonnyfog finally clears further west ( and to think I flew over all this coming from the other direction about 2-3 hours ago, when it was still pitch black ) EUR_7098sonnyheading down to land and re-fuel EUR_7100sonnyour very own plane for the next few days :-) EUR_7103sonnyJacqui trying to warm up in the sun, it gets a bit cold on these planes when you sit at the back ( heater in the front does not quite reach to the back ) EUR_7105sonnyre-fuelling the plane at Swan Hill, western N.S.W., just north of Victorian border. Now this is where I stop the post, we continue on flying and get there in time for late afternoon, but that's all I can say. We ended up doing some fantastic photos on an awesome location with a great team. Was awesome, but, we just going to have to wait as we do not want to spoil the surprise. So begin September the campaign will be released and I will post more flight photos, and both Jacqui and Margaret will post behind the scenes photos and videos. And will post end result, plus a great flight back to Sydney. So stay tuned.