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August 24, 2012

Bruce Belcher's Crocodile Tours, Daintree, Far north Queensland

EUR_9141sonnybeautiful ginger plant flowers in the garden from the carpark to the office EUR_9143sonnyand these hanging flowers, I first thought it was some pastic gimmicky thing, but no, it is an actual plant EUR_9144sonny

EUR_9147sonnystill one still in bud form EUR_9146sonny

EUR_9153sonnyMeet Bruce, our very informative and enthusiastic captain, tour guide, loving his job and passionate about the nature that surrounds him, good to see ( I hate the tour guide variety that are only in it to get your money, not this guy, love it ) EUR_9157sonnyof we go, and that is the mountain range form the Daintree rainforest we were just in EUR_9159sonnytime to spot a croc EUR_9161sonnyand it does not take Bruce long to spot the female croc ( did not bring any big lenses, only wide and 50 mm for this trip, so no close ups sorry ) EUR_9162sonnyawesome to see in the wild EUR_9165sonnya bit further up around a little Island in the river he finds the 40 or so year old male known as scarface EUR_9166sonny
big thing EUR_9167sonny

EUR_9168sonnyspot the baby EUR_9169sonny

keeping an eye on us EUR_9174sonny

EUR_9176sonnyagain, very lush around here EUR_9178sonnywe are not the only ones around here spotting crocs EUR_9180sonnybaby croc floating EUR_9182sonny

EUR_9184sonnyhow are the eyes EUR_9187sonnylove it EUR_9189sonnygold EUR_9190sonnyDaintree gold EUR_9195sonnywe opted for the sunset tour EUR_9197sonnywhich costs only a fraction more EUR_9200sonnybut we got two big plates of nibblies, cheeses, olives etc... plus Jacqui gets free sparkling with that, and I downned a beer or two, and the kids, well...Evan is probably soaking it up as well and drinking his 3rd can of lemonade EUR_9204sonnyso calm, no breeze, making for a beautiful reflection EUR_9210sonny


EUR_9221sonnyThanks for that Bruce for that. Now we have a good hour drive to Cairns, where we just booked a cheap room for the night as at the crack of dawn we need to be at the marina....


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