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August 25, 2012

Good Bye Sailboat Hello Port douglas

EUR_9596sonnyI booked a 3 bedroom apartment at Port Douglas, and in hindsight, glad I did after that little disaster of the boat trip, back to creature comforts, like a real toilet and proper shower :-) EUR_9598sonnyand spacious warm , cosy beds ( with more than just a bedspread as cover :-) EUR_9604sonnyand Jacqui and I have our own bath in our room EUR_9606sonny


EUR_9609sonnywill be a comfy sleep tonight EUR_9613sonnyhas its own water feature and plunge pool ( should have seen the smile on the kids faces when they saw where we were staying, and not that I thought it was possible but it di, their smile became even bigger when they saw we had our own plunge pool ) EUR_9617sonny

EUR_9622sonnyand we have a view of the Daintree national park, now time to find a good seafood meal for dinner, all this time up here and we have not eatern seafood yet :-)


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