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August 30, 2012

First hours in Belgium with phone cam

IMG_1144sonnyand already sourcing a location for a shoot IMG_1146sonnythe new train line from Airport to Antwerp IMG_1151sonnycould be interesting around here IMG_1152sonnyloving these colurs IMG_1153sonnywood stack IMG_1154sonny

IMG_1155sonnythis could look good IMG_1156sonny

IMG_1157sonnylater on, sky turns grey again, that's the thing about Belgium, several seasons in one day IMG_1159sonny:-)
ok, got to pack some boxes now

London > Brussels

EUR_0885sonnyAnother terminal , another plane EUR_0886sonnyM25 EUR_0888sonnyKing George, Staines & Queen Mary Reservoirs EUR_0891sonnysome one near Oxshott EUR_0895sonnyinteresting circle formation of houses at Epsom and bordering Ashstead Common forest EUR_0896sonnyLondon, surrounded by suburbs EUR_0897sonnyLondon in the distance EUR_0901sonnyThames heading out to sea EUR_0903sonny


EUR_0907sonnyLeaving England to cross the Channel, EUR_0908sonnyWhite Cliffs of Dover ( but probably Ramsgate in this case ) EUR_0911sonny

EUR_0912sonnyBelgium coastline and Oostende airport EUR_0915sonnyThe mighty Schelde river EUR_0920sonnyFort Breendonk, which was used during the second world war by the germans as a prison, better term would be concentration camp, not like the bigger ones in Germany and Poland, but many unfortunate ones ( about 3500 ) got deported from here to the worse concentration camps, many to never return, but one of my grandparents was locked up here, shipped out and did manage to make it back. I remember my grandmother telling me the story ( several times as grandparents do ) how he never wanted to talk about what he saw and happend, so one day he said to my grandmother, ok, I will tell youthis one time what happend but then after that I never want to talk about it again. So one can only imagine the profound effect it would have had on people, witnessing the horros of nazism EUR_0923sonnyon a lighternote, Zennegat, great place for an afternoon beer EUR_0924sonnyBelgian sky EUR_0927sonnyzoomed in the photo to show what I believe to be Wim & Hilda's place in their somewhere, what you think Wim ?

Sydney > Singapore > London

EUR_0844sonnyA380 , 2 gang ways, upstairs and downstairs EUR_0845sonnyok , lets go EUR_0847sonnyready for take off EUR_0848sonnyrunway north west EUR_0849sonnySutherland EUR_0850sonnyWestern Suburbs EUR_0851sonnyBlue Mountains EUR_0852sonnylate afternoon light EUR_0854sonnynight sky EUR_0855sonnyand about another 4 hours or so to go till we land in Singapore EUR_0856sonnyfast forward 10 or 12 hours and as luck would have it, this shot is taken at the very front of the plane, as in the the first door as in , someone got himself an upgrade to first class. Such a great surprise when you go to board your plane and as they scan your ticket , the handler gets a warning to check the boarding pass again, prints out a new one, and you look and it says first class, woauw, first time for me, so loving it, a proper bed was made up for me after dinner was served, so first time I actually had a proper sleep, not a long one but a real one EUR_0863sonnySo I had a lot of space and privacy, 3 windows, 2 screens and a big table plus another space for me to put my laptop, so I got a bit of work done as well EUR_0865sonnyearly morning light over Germany/Poland EUR_0866sonny

EUR_0869sonnyloving the colours EUR_0871sonnyI been on top of stairs a few times, and was always keen/curious to have a sticky beak down the stairs to have a look, but thought not to as it would be in appropriate to do so, and now that I am down here in return it feels in appropriate to go up the stairs :-) EUR_0873sonnysunrise over London as we circle to land EUR_0874sonnyand I can see all this on the big screen in front of me with the skycam EUR_0877sonny

EUR_0878sonnyHeathrow up ahead EUR_0880sonnyzoomed out EUR_0881sonnytouch down, and our Captain today, Carlyle Bruce, thanks for a smooth flight

Last days in Sydney with phone cam

IMG_1116sonnyJacqui, again, serves up another yummy dish IMG_1118sonnyLunch at Franks Bar IMG_1119sonny

IMG_1121sonnyRichard at Fransk Bar makes a wicked iced coffee, no ice cream and add your own milk IMG_1124sonny

IMG_1125sonnylast night in Avalon, and awesome colours in the sky IMG_1130sonnyJacqui and I came down here to enjoy a glass on sunset, no surf and as soon as that sun was gone it got pretty chilly, yup, not summer yet, no by a good 15 degrees :-) IMG_1133sonnyloving the dessert at Qantas lounge IMG_1134sonnya mini pavlova in a glass, so delicious IMG_1136sonnyHere comes my plane for flight to London, with Sydney CBD in background IMG_1137sonnythe mighty A380

Sydney Biennale at Cockatoo Island

EUR_0746sonnyJacqui has been wanting to take me and the kids to Cockatoo Island for a while, to see the exhibtion on there as part of the Sydney Biennale. So of we went, and lucky for us, they have a free ferry running from Walsh bay ( easier parking for us ) to Circular Quay and onto Cockatoo Island, and looping around like that every 45min or so EUR_0752sonnylove our bridge EUR_0756sonnyand opera house EUR_0762sonny

EUR_0763sonnysuch amazing winter weather we are having in Sydney these past days, just awesome blue sky days, but no surf to go with it unfortunatly EUR_0768sonnyLeaving Circular Quay EUR_0770sonny


EUR_0778sonnySpunk alert EUR_0785sonnyon the island, Cockatoo Island was a naval shipbuilding yard, so lots of cranes and wharehouses around here EUR_0788sonny

EUR_0791sonnysome of which house exhibitions like this one EUR_0792sonny

EUR_0796sonnyawesome day EUR_0799sonnyawesome girl in tunnel EUR_0801sonnythis was one of the most popular pieces with young and old, a fine water mist EUR_0802sonny



EUR_0825sonnylove the look of these old cranes against the blue sky EUR_0828sonnyback to our beautiful bridge. I keep saying our, as I have a little gripe about the fact that we are still paying a toll to cross the bridge, and a rather high toll. Back inmy day...it used to be 20cents, then went up to a dollar, then a dollar twenty, at the time it was said that this was need to pay of the bridge, built in 1932, a lot of loans were invloved and the toll was used as a way to pay of this load and then State Premier came out with the big announcement some time in the late 80's that the "bridge was ours " as the loan was repayed. So, great, we all though, no more need for the tolls ( which slows traffic down a lot ) but no, now we are paying more than double, up to 4 in peak hour ( they now introduced different tolls for different times ) So yeah, if it is ours, why we still paying( more than double ) for it EUR_0830sonnyjust had to get that out sorry EUR_0831sonnyback at Walsh bay, there was still something to see as part of the biennale at wharf 2 as well EUR_0835sonny
spot the fam EUR_0838sonnyIndia trying to be taller than Jacqui EUR_0842sonnytime to head home, thanks Jacs for insisting we go ( even though I wanted to stay home and work in the vegie patch :-) It was a nice outing :-)

Shooting Cosmopolitan today

EUR_0741sonnyAnd Charlotte, Fashion Editor, booked a room in the hotel close to location- we are shooting on the streets- with an awesome view of eastern suburbs Shot_1 136possible location outside of the hotel EUR_0743sonnyanyway, back to this view, love it. So we are doing a street style shoot and using fashion bloggers as models ( If only Bryan Boy was in town hey ) So our models today are Montarna from Intersection, Sara from Harper & Harley, Tash & Elle from They all hate us, Bel, Love more and finishing with Nicole warne from Gary Pepper Vintage. Was a fast succesfull shoot and guess have to wait now till end sept oct to see the results. TheyAllHateUsHere's a shot, I think Charlotte took it, of me shooting Tash & Elle

August 29, 2012

Townsville > Brisbane

EUR_9921sonnyTownsville airport EUR_9927sonnytake off EUR_9931sonnyBelle enjoying it as much as I do EUR_9932sonnyTownsville with Castle Hill and Mount Stuart behind it EUR_9933sonnyAirport, which is as big as it is due to it being pretty much a US Airforce base during WWII EUR_9940sonnyCroc territory, Ross River EUR_9944sonnyBowling Green Bay National Park foothills EUR_9946sonny












EUR_9990sonnyBrisbane EUR_9991sonnyso no photos from fligth to Sydney as it was night time flight and nothing to see IMG_1112sonnyexcept for these two munchkins getting an upgrade to business class, look at that smile :-) IMG_1114sonnyaaaah, the luxury :-)

Last Day in the Far North, driving back to Townsville

EUR_9887sonnysonnyView from our plunge pool at Pool Port Douglas early in the morning, up early as we have a 6 hour drive ahead of us EUR_9894sonnysonnylooking west EUR_9896sonnysonnygoing south, somewhere in between Port Douglas and Cairns EUR_9898sonnysonnya few hours later, after stopping at Innisfail to grab some supplies, we stop at Cardwell again for some lunch. EUR_9900sonnysonnybut this time at dead low tide, so beach does not look as inviting, hmmm, mud crabs ? EUR_9902sonnysonnyHinchinbrook Island National Park EUR_9903sonnysonny

EUR_9906sonnysonnywho doesn't like a palm tree EUR_9911sonnysonnyYasi damage, Ingham EUR_9912sonnysonnyQueenslanders EUR_9914sonnysonnylooks like you would want to hang out here on a lazy sunday afternoon EUR_9917sonnysonnyinteresting, this used to be a hospital EUR_9919sonnysonnyMagnetic Island National Park  just of Townsville, ok, off to the airport. Jacqui is catching up on her posts as well, and plenty of photos to go with her observations. In a nutshell, I do images, and she does words good, so check it out

August 27, 2012

Port Douglas late afternoon light

EUR_9841sonnyIn between the marinas EUR_9843sonny

EUR_9845sonnylet's go fishing EUR_9853sonny

EUR_9855sonnyevening trawling trip EUR_9864sonnyquite time no ? loving the view of the ranges as well EUR_9865sonny

EUR_9870sonnyMt Sorrow, Daintree EUR_9876sonny


Pool Port Douglas

EUR_9806sonnythat's what this place is called where we are staying, and it is called that because . . . . EUR_9809sonnythere are pools everywhere :-) EUR_9814sonnyand exotic tropical flowers EUR_9818sonnywith the Mossman Gorge and Daintre hills in the background EUR_9822sonny


EUR_9830sonnyspot my baby :-) EUR_9833sonnyso nearly each place opens up tp the pool, got to love that EUR_9837sonnyI would recommned this place, if you don;t need a hotel , with the regualr turn down service, and can handle self contained this place is perfect, and more economical than the nearby resort/hotels, and for us a great base to go exploring from. And, friendly people that run it also makes a difference.