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August 24, 2012

Lunch on the beach at Cape Tribulation

EUR_9045sonnyspotted in car park EUR_9046sonnytwirly curly trees vines EUR_9049sonnyCan't find names for a lot of the beaches around here, but in the previous post I was on the beach at Cape Tribulation, and now we are on th eother side of the headland, so I guess this is also Cape Tribulation beach, lets call North Beach EUR_9052sonnyLiterally where the rainforest meets the sea EUR_9054sonnyand what an awesome right hand point break this would be if there was no Barrier Reef blocking the swell :-) EUR_9061sonnyMangroves right up to the edge of the Coral Sea EUR_9062sonny

EUR_9064sonnythat's Australian tropical Rainforest Jungle, and I love it :-) EUR_9065sonnyNorth Beach :-) EUR_9068sonnycareful where you put your hands on the railing EUR_9075sonnythis could look nice as a big photo print EUR_9076sonny



EUR_9095sonnylooking south through the rainforest at the pristine beaches, off to our next adventure


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