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August 24, 2012

Mardja Botanical Walk, along Cape Tribulation road, Daintree

EUR_9098sonnySo many varieties of moss and ferns EUR_9101sonnyFig Tree EUR_9102sonnySo we been told, that in the old days, Aboriginals called this the tree with many windows ( I did not think Aboriginals had windows, see-ing they did not really build homes, doors, so ...windows ? anyway ) and it would look out on to the world, many souls. So they used to bury their dead inside, prop them up with sticks, so they would stay upright. So after a while it would just be a skeleton inside the tree, fast forward a few hundred years and the white man arrives, encounters deadly snakes and crocodiles, then to top it off, they see this tree with a skeleton inside, which totally freaked them out, reporting back to their boat or base, that there are man eating trees in the jungle :-) EUR_9106sonny

EUR_9109sonnythe beginning of a fig tree taking hold of its host tree EUR_9111sonnyinteresting looking tree roots EUR_9119sonnythings grow on things grow on top of other things :-)


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