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August 24, 2012

Reef Cruise out to the Barrier Reef

EUR_9226sonnySo this is the reason we had to go up early the next day, as we had to be at the marina the crack of dawn, ok, maybe not quite crack of dawn, as we had enough time to grab a take away coffee in the morning ( and for me to leave my phone behind, only to retrieve it 2 days later-thanks for your honesty guys ) Anyway, so here we are, sitting on the deck of the boat we hired, well it sleeps 11 so there;s a german couple with their daughter and her aussie boyfriend, and an american with his younger daughter, and sailing out to the barrier reef. I been to the barrier reef before, but that was on one of those ferry type boats along with several hundred other people, this is different, less people, plus we stay over night on the reef ( in the boat, not camping on the reef :-) So excited, been wanting to do this for a while, but it was a bit out of our budget range, but this time we thought, stuff it, let's do it, we will love it and great experience for the kids as well EUR_9227sonnyas we leave Cairns behind us EUR_9230sonnyEvan about to go for a snorkel, and yes, you are right, what happend, that does not look like the barrier reef ! Unfortunatly, after that last photo was taken, we got a bit more out into the sea ( and not quite the open sea yet ) and there was a fierce seabreeze blowing ( howling ) so whilst we still had protection from the mainland heading out, it was already getting rather bumpy, and we all retreated to the back of the boat, as there were too many waves splashing over the nose, and getting whipped across deck by the wind. So we were advised to make a decision, either we head out and it will get a lot rougher, or we seek shelter at Fitroy Island. Upside, no vomitting over board and calmer water, downside, no barrier reef, damn, as of course making it to the reef and seasick would be no fun either EUR_9232sonny this will be our spot for the next 30 hours EUR_9233sonnysnorkel of the island it is EUR_9236sonnyBelle's ready ( after a rather bumpy journey for her :-( EUR_9237sonnyeven though we have the protection of Fitzroy Island, you can still make out a bit of the swell coming into here EUR_9240sonnyand the swell passing our boat EUR_9241sonnyand looking towards the mainland, so not quite the outer reef experience we were expecting EUR_9244sonny we had hoped to bring you amazing photos of aquablue water, with no land in sight and instead the shallow waters of the barrier coral reef, and some underwater photos of us snorkelling amongst the colours of the coral reef, instead we are stuck here on Fitzroy Island, and spent a small fortune to do so , when we could have just caught the ferry out here :-( EUR_9245sonnythe boat is even decked out for scuba diving, so with my go-pro I would have gotten some great footage of the reef, but...not to be EUR_9247sonnyso instead, I went for a little snorkel with the Olympus camera, had a feeling of been there done that, instead I swam back to the boat to see if they could take me ashore with their little run about, but the gears just broke on their engine, so had to wait while they borrowed another from someone on the island, so then I could go ashore and take some idyllic island beach shots EUR_9251sonnyIsland life :-) EUR_9254sonnyEvan walking back to the jetty EUR_9258sonnyIndia and Jacqui on the Jetty, about to get a ride back to the boat EUR_9261sonnyI head out to Nudie beach to get some shots in this nice afternoon light EUR_9262sonnyand as you can see, this is not a sand beach, but a broken up bits of coral beach, as the island has what they call a fringe reef, not the same as the outer reef, but still it has some coral growing on it EUR_9268sonnyour boat EUR_9271sonnyFitzroy Island beach EUR_9276sonnywalking along the boulders to Nudie beach with out boat in the background EUR_9278sonnyand like the creeks in the Daintree the sea is crystal clear here too EUR_9280sonny



EUR_9295sonnyI can see everyone on the boat is getting ready for some sunset drinks EUR_9296sonnypretty little beach, the size of a small bedroom EUR_9304sonnyNudie beach EUR_9307sonny
pretty EUR_9320sonnywith Mt Bartle frere in the background EUR_9328sonnybig drift wood EUR_9332sonny




EUR_9351sonnywould be nice to be on that boat, with a cold on ein your hand, hang on, hold that thought :-) EUR_9367sonnylooking south south west EUR_9373sonnyhere comes my ride back to the boat EUR_9381sonny

EUR_9384sonnydrink, dinner, star gazing...good night


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