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28 posts from October 2012

October 25, 2012

Uge took a shot this morning that perfectly illustrates why I could not live at Bondi


Location Scouting for tomorrow's Status Jewellery Shoot

IMG_1320Sonnyphotostaking a late afternoon stroll to see how the ight will be this time of the day IMG_1321Sonnyphotosnot appropriate for tomorrow's shoot, but... IMG_1322SonnyphotosI can see myself shooting an editorial here IMG_1323Sonnyphotos

low tide IMG_1327Sonnyphotos
I can see me doing a shot here IMG_1330Sonnyphotos
loving the still water here, looks like an oil slick, so smooth and reflective IMG_1331Sonnyphotos

we will be starting up here on the dune though, and then work our way down to the water's edge as the sun gets lower IMG_1333Sonnyphotos

IMG_1335Sonnyphotosliking this little untouched section here

IMG_1337Sonnyphotoswould look nice with the model in here IMG_1340Sonnyphotosright, time to head back home for dinner

October 24, 2012

Shooting with Eliza Humble today for "Me & Zozo "

JacquiTurner 01shooting at Paddington reservoir, with one of the nicest, kindest models in Sydney. Which is why Jacqui decided to come gate crash the shoot so she could get a few more shots of her favourite model. As Jacqui said to me 3 years ago " Who;s the pretty blond backstage, she's the only one that always smiles for me when I point the camera at her " JacquiTurner 02love mixing daylight with flash for my shoots. Click here to go to Jacqui's blog and see some more behind the scenes photos from this shoot and a few nice shots of Eliza as well :-) Mezozo01here's some more behind the scenes photos that Monia took as well Mezozo02

Mezozo03love this shot. Head over to Me & Zozo to see more.

here are some of the shots for the look book component I shot HMEL6930sonnyphotos









Eliza Humble natural light ( no flash ) HMEL7165sonnyphotosprplhpstill had 40 minutes up our sleeve so we shot some extra shots HMEL7183sonnyphotosprplhpyes, yes, I did do some "skin enhancement " but ever so minimal ( like, took me 15 min ) as Eliza really has flawless skin :-) HMEL7174sonnyphotosprplhp



October 19, 2012

Walk with the girls around North Avalon headland

IMG_1298Sonnyphotosloving all the erosion sculpted sand stone rocks IMG_1299Sonnyphotos
girls love coming for a walk around here and do some rock climbing IMG_1300Sonnyphotos
up you come IMG_1301Sonnyphotos


oooh what's down there ? IMG_1304Sonnyphotos



IMG_1311Sonnyphotosok, promise next time to take a real camera instead of this phone camera business :-) IMG_1314Sonnyphotosdo you see the fish ?

Suitcase full off . . . or, how to put a smile on kids face

IMG_1290SonnyphotosWould not be allowed back in the house otherwise :-) IMG_1292Sonnyphotoshmmmm, yum, close up of all the goodies

Back at Avalon First shot of beach at Sunset

IMG_1287Sonnyphotosanyone that seen me with my phone, knows I have a funly ornage "cassette tape " cover, hence the funky special effect IMG_1288Sonnyphotosloving those pink fluffy clouds, more of an autumn thing here on the beaches, but summer is just around the corner

October 12, 2012

Back in Sydney, straight out on the board, so I made a quick movie of it for a laugh


London > Sydney

PSS_6833SonnyphotoLeft London last night at around 10pm, so now, about 8 hours later somewhere in Asia PSS_6836Sonnyphoto

definitely tropical PSS_6848Sonnyphoto





PSS_6869SonnyphotoPulau Langkawi PSS_6871Sonnyphoto

slowly descending to Singapore for a stop over PSS_6877Sonnyphoto


10 or so hours later, 100km out of Sydney 05:55AM HMEL6887Sonnyphotomist in the valleys HMEL6889Sonnyphoto

Smeaton Grange, near Campbeltown HMEL6892Sonnyphotomoon still out HMEL6894Sonnyphoto
and sun about to come out HMEL6895Sonnyphoto

Botany Bay HMEL6898Sonnyphoto

Kurnell HMEL6902Sonnyphoto
South Sydney National Park HMEL6903SonnyphotoLanded and sun not up yet HMEL6904Sonnyphotohmmmm, stay tuned, that will be me & Jacqui on that plane in a few weeks

Seriously, I hate it when I see this

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 8.48.12 AMA friend of mine just sent me this link from Club Monaco, a fasion retail company based in New York and subsidiary from Ralph Lauren, interesting shot they are using, hmmm, does it not remind of ....

the shot below


OstwaldThe cover of German Glamour of a shot I did for Fashion Brand Ostwald Helgason

now, why could they just not book me to shoot this for them, or at least contact me

so anyone out there, legally, where do I stand on this

or should I just go with Charles Caleb Colton quote " Imitation is the highest form of flattery "

October 08, 2012

Some Phone snaps from the past month

IMG_1239SonnySoho Garden at Soho Grand Hotel IMG_1242Sonnyview from my room @ Soho Grand, with all the traffic below piling up for the tunnel to Jersey IMG_1243SonnyThe Freedom towers going up, see-ing this makes me shudder, imagine standing here on the morning of the 11th Sept 2001, and looking at the same view, how horrible a sight it would have been IMG_1246Sonny
Grandlife Aussie girls ( a couple of them, there's more :-) IMG_1249Sonny
Grandlife boys ( why so serious ) IMG_1250SonnyGrand Life car ? IMG_1252Sonnyno IMG_1255Sonnybut on my wish list to buy for Jacqui when I win the lotto IMG_1258Sonnyback in Belgium, Zeebaars for dinner ( sauce was a bit heavy for the fish I thought ) IMG_1263Sonnylove the architecture at Paris airport IMG_1264Sonny
including the car park IMG_1266Sonnynothing like a home cooked meal, especially after running around fashion shows for days on end IMG_1267Sonnythanks for the wonderful dinners Sydney & Martine IMG_1268Sonnyback to backstage, checking out the collection and the modesl before the show starts IMG_1270Sonnyview over the roof tops at Palais Des Beaux Arts IMG_1271Sonnywon't be missing this, driving in the rain on European highways ( Trucks are a worry ) IMG_1273Sonnybut in the defense of the cold, miserable , drizzly constant wet belgium weather, it does come with it's charm, even as I am driving along here, the thought is in my head, that soon, I will be inside, where it is nice and cozy and warm, and mainly the feeling of " gezellig ". Something you feel when you are with friends or family, sitting inside, and enjoying the company and forgetting about the miserable-ness outside IMG_1276Sonnyon my daily visit to Granny, sandwiches and coffee IMG_1278SonnyAutumn mornings IMG_1284Sonnylast Belgium dinner, horsemeat, was very tasty ( sorry for the horse lovers out there )