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November 24, 2012

After surfing Cloudbreak a swim with the Dolphins, Amazing !!

So we just surfed Cloudbreak, had a snorkel at Namotu, and then just as we starting heading back to the mainland we spot a pod of Dolphins. At first I jump in the water to try and get some footage swimming with them, but they scattered away, although you can see one dive deep as I jump in. But the most amazing part of that was hearing the Dolphins when I played the video, as I did not hear them while I was under water, but the video did ! Amazing


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Thanks. I thought you might have used the GoPro.

Hi Eva,

yes the go pro


Were you using your GoPro Hero for this footage Sonny? I STILL want to get one of those cameras! They released the GoPro Hero3 recently. The dolphin sounds are very cool, by the way!

what happens when you click on it
maybe your firewall settings are set too high
do you even see the youtube logo. if so , click on that
or right click and open in new window ?

how do we make it work, your clips never work for us!!

Love it, great to see you last night, Have a great shoot and see you in January. xxxxD

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