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November 18, 2012

Flight back to Sydney from Nadi, Fiji

HMEL9584sonnyabout to say bye to the lush greenery HMEL9585sonnytake off HMEL9587sonnyNadi river HMEL9589sonnyJetty were we meet Ian from Fiji surf to go to Tavarua and Namotu for our surftrips HMEL9592sonnythe open water that would be in front of us as we head to said surf spots HMEL9597sonny
and there they are Tavarua and Namotu, not in frame yet is cloudbreak, which is just to the left of the picture HMEL9600sonnyand there she is, cloudbreak. I had the good fortune of surfing it yesterday, no photos to show of it unfortunately, as I did not take water camera with me, and Jacqui's neck was too sore from all the hard work the day before, so bumpy boat ride might was not a good idea.  I had got some great 3-5 foot waves out there, perfect introduction, not small, not too big, and not too windy HMEL9599sonnyjust like this, a perfect left breaking of the reef HMEL9605sonnyI'll be back for sure HMEL9607sonnylove me that colour HMEL9608sonnysun's rays beaming through the clouds above ( plane still climbing ) HMEL9609sonny

HMEL9614sonnyjust clouds now as we head to Oz HMEL9620sonny



HMEL9649sonnyfrost on the window HMEL9651sonnyfirst glimpse of Sydney HMEL9654sonnyzoom in, Bonid Beach in the middle and you can see opera house as well :-) HMEL9656sonny

HMEL9659sonnycontainer boat leaving Botany HMEL9660sonny

HMEL9670sonnycoming in to land now HMEL9674sonnywith a final fly over Kurnell, not best photo because of reflection of inside cabin


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