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November 27, 2012

Totally un related to anything going on

Screen Shot 2012-11-25 at 12.16.31 AMBut am just loving this photo, found it on a music blog that posts hour long mixes, and am just drawn to this photo, love it, so just sharing

Check in at Hotel in Paris

HMEL0176SonnyAfter a day in Belgium, drove to Paris for shoot tomorrow HMEL0177Sonnyjust checked in hotel for the night and snap a few shots out of the window HMEL0178Sonny

HMEL0181SonnyI'm on the corner of the building , so I got some great vistas HMEL0185Sonny

HMEL0187Sonnybut strange to have this view of cemetery HMEL0189Sonny




HMEL0202SonnyMontparnasse HMEL0204Sonnyzoomed in Sacre Couer HMEL0207Sonny



London > Brussels

HMEL0105SonnyStill playing with the Nikon 135mm on the Canon body at London airport, waiting for my Brussels connection HMEL0106Sonny


on the plane now, looking out HMEL0112Sonny
run dmc " walk this way .. " :-) HMEL0114Sonny





such big planes HMEL0138SonnyHeathrow on take off HMEL0139Sonny

HMEL0141Sonnyback up in the clouds HMEL0146Sonny



HMEL0163SonnyLydd on Sea and Dungeness HMEL0164Sonny
even though England is still beneath, I can already see the French/Belgium coastline HMEL0167Sonnysomething tells me I should here on a sunny day one time HMEL0172Sonnywintery looking Belgium HMEL0173Sonnygood thing I brought a jacket on the plane with me HMEL0174SonnyDe Leuvense Vaart HMEL0175SonnyYeah Jacqui, Avalon is looking pretty good right about now :-)

After Fiji off to Paris

HMEL0013Sonnyloading up HMEL0014Sonny

HMEL0016SonnyI'm sitting in the lounge, snapping away a few shots with my old Nikon Fe series lens ( think 80's ) which I have mounted on my Canon using an adapter. So I'm playing around and liking to shoot a bit tighter, focus is still not perfect, but fun for now HMEL0019Sonnyshot of the skycam, taking off, Botany Bay underneath us, cloudy grey day HMEL0021SonnyKing George Bridge, Sylvania HMEL0022Sonnyrain drops on that skycam HMEL0024Sonny
clouds over the mountains HMEL0026SonnySandstone characteristics of the blue mountains poking through the clouds HMEL0030Sonnyso here is the reason why I put the old Nikon lens on the Canon camera, it's a 135mm, but a lot smaller than a Canon 135mm ( but as you can see in the next lot of photos not as sharp ) and I wanted to try and get some more composed shots of the landscape as opposed to the wider shots I have been taking in the past, I was looking for details, shapes, patterns ( would love to do a dayflight over the deserts and kimberley region, plus some of north west coastlines ) HMEL0031Sonny

HMEL0032Sonnyhaving issues also with the moisture in the atmosphere, so the colours are a little of and the contrast is not right either HMEL0033Sonnybut at least those trees I planted for Jacqui out past Bathurst have finally grown into the heart shaped that I had planned :-)



HMEL0040SonnyI'm no Yann Arthus-Bertrand, but if I had his equipment and access to the specially outfitted planes ( think special glass windows ) you would be see-ing a lot better quality :-) HMEL0042Sonny

HMEL0052Sonnylooks like maxi securiy prison HMEL0054Sonnycountry town HMEL0055Sonny
Dubbo, NSW HMEL0056Sonny
farm land outer new south wales HMEL0059Sonny

HMEL0060Sonnymy guess, part of the Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserves HMEL0066SonnyI'll go as far as to say that this is somewhere of the Warren-Carinda road ( it's a long road :-) HMEL0068Sonnywoauw HMEL0072Sonny

HMEL0077Sonnygetting the urge to do another outback road trip :-) HMEL0078Sonnyamazing HMEL0079Sonny


too dark to shoot the land now HMEL0099Sonnygetting too dark to shoot anything now, so this is where I have my little gripe about Alan Joyce now. You see, this un Australian chap is in charge at Qantas, and he scrapped a few flights of the schedule, including my favourite QF32, which arrived in Sydney in the evening, which meant you left Singapore in the morning and flew in daylight all over Australia ( and Bali ) so you would get the most amazing views of Australia and even some volcanoes in Indonesia. Now they are all nightflights, arrving at 6am, so not only do you miss out on enjoying these magical vistas of this unique landscape, but you are arrive at 6 in the morning, absolutely knacked and if you are a tourist you can't even check in your hotel yet till 1 or 2 pm. So it's all very un-australina and I say bring back QF32
right, time for a rest now :-)

November 25, 2012

Le Chant Des Partisans

know this song well, as I got played on a regular place at my grandmothers, but I never had a copy or knew this existed on youtube ( silly me, what isn't these days on youtube ) So yesterday my uncle had it out on his Ipad and it found me to share with you guys now. This is a very emotional song for me, powerfull, as it means a lot to my grandmother, and everytime she hears it I can see the tears welling up in her eyes. so when I hear it i can almost feel her emotions. But one can never imagine. What an incredibly difficult period to have to have lived through. 

November 24, 2012

After surfing Cloudbreak a swim with the Dolphins, Amazing !!

So we just surfed Cloudbreak, had a snorkel at Namotu, and then just as we starting heading back to the mainland we spot a pod of Dolphins. At first I jump in the water to try and get some footage swimming with them, but they scattered away, although you can see one dive deep as I jump in. But the most amazing part of that was hearing the Dolphins when I played the video, as I did not hear them while I was under water, but the video did ! Amazing

November 22, 2012

Status Jewellery shoot, finished product

HMEL7721sonnyphotoshere are some of the shots from the shoot we did for Status Tiff_1sonnyphotos


Tiff_2sonnyphotosthanks Team
now get out there and buy the product ( that way I can shoot another one of these in a few months time :-)

Behind the scenes of Status jewellery shoot

Jacqui05Shooting locally ( which I love ) and using our place as the base. So here, on the verandah, Bex has hung up some of the outfits for the shoot. Friend from way back in the days of Frontier Aviators, Jeff Burnes, has started a new accessories company, Status, and he asked me to help him out with producing some images to market his new venture, naturally said yes.Jacqui06Bonnie does hair and make up on our model du jour, Phoebe Jacqui07Bex making good use of the kids ping pong table Jacqui08getting ready to head to location Jacqui09Bonnie does final touch up on location before I start shooting Jacqui10and we're off Jacqui11got to love that late afternoon light Jacqui12love this shot Jacqui snapped of Phoebe being photographed by me, thanks by the way Jacqui for all these photos Jacqui13change location Jacqui14

Jacqui15going through the shots ( and winning :-) Jacqui16awesome light Jacqui17The ever so talented Dan Young Whitford as my assistant, just going over the shots, to check up on my lighting ( he's a lighting guru !! ) Jacqui18While the model cahnges outfits Dan & I ham it up for Jacqui's camera Jacqui19beside the fun shot, how awesome is that light Jacqui20sunset as we wrap it up for the day. Statushere's a shot from Jeff's instragam site.
Thanks to Jacqui for all the amazing behind the scenes photos, more on her blog.

November 20, 2012

love !!


November 18, 2012

Flight back to Sydney from Nadi, Fiji

HMEL9584sonnyabout to say bye to the lush greenery HMEL9585sonnytake off HMEL9587sonnyNadi river HMEL9589sonnyJetty were we meet Ian from Fiji surf to go to Tavarua and Namotu for our surftrips HMEL9592sonnythe open water that would be in front of us as we head to said surf spots HMEL9597sonny
and there they are Tavarua and Namotu, not in frame yet is cloudbreak, which is just to the left of the picture HMEL9600sonnyand there she is, cloudbreak. I had the good fortune of surfing it yesterday, no photos to show of it unfortunately, as I did not take water camera with me, and Jacqui's neck was too sore from all the hard work the day before, so bumpy boat ride might was not a good idea.  I had got some great 3-5 foot waves out there, perfect introduction, not small, not too big, and not too windy HMEL9599sonnyjust like this, a perfect left breaking of the reef HMEL9605sonnyI'll be back for sure HMEL9607sonnylove me that colour HMEL9608sonnysun's rays beaming through the clouds above ( plane still climbing ) HMEL9609sonny

HMEL9614sonnyjust clouds now as we head to Oz HMEL9620sonny



HMEL9649sonnyfrost on the window HMEL9651sonnyfirst glimpse of Sydney HMEL9654sonnyzoom in, Bonid Beach in the middle and you can see opera house as well :-) HMEL9656sonny

HMEL9659sonnycontainer boat leaving Botany HMEL9660sonny

HMEL9670sonnycoming in to land now HMEL9674sonnywith a final fly over Kurnell, not best photo because of reflection of inside cabin