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15 posts from November 2012

November 17, 2012

Last Day in Fiji

HMEL9472sonnya bit of an overcast day, but I'm positive this will turn into a great sunset HMEL9473sonny
Bilo Bar View HMEL9476sonny
Bilo Bar Drinks HMEL9477sonnyyummy HMEL9483sonny
went and sat down on this one for a great view HMEL9484sonnyputting my money on great sunset HMEL9488sonnyI figure this family must have just landed so they arepretty keen on that evening swim, and why not HMEL9494sonnyit's coming HMEL9496sonnyand Jacqui's also waiting for it HMEL9498sonny

loving this gold light HMEL9510sonny

HMEL9516sonnyamazing HMEL9521sonnyspot jacs HMEL9523sonnywas so worth the wait HMEL9527sonny




HMEL9553sonnyimagine this printed big HMEL9571sonny

HMEL9574sonnynice HMEL9583sonnygetting dark now, time for dinner

Tom Lu's, Cuvu Village, Fiji, for dinner

PB030177SonnyphotosJacqui's favourite, Kokoda ( pronounced Kokonda ) PB030178SonnyphotosLocal fish ( mako or is it maho ) with lots of fresh coconut and lime juice PB030181Sonnyphotoshappy couple with their bibs on, ready for what's to come PB030182SonnyphotosMud Crab, Tom Lu style :-) PB030185Sonnyphotosand Jacqui has the Lobster PB030187Sonnyphotosbon apetite PB030188Sonnyphotos

Some shots from Fijian coral coast

PB030003SonnyphotosWhen we were here in Fiji last year, april 2011, the kids made a coral home and it got planted out on the reef, now, some 18 months later, Jacqui and I get taken out by Moses, to check on the progress, on the way, Moses points out a young giant clam. PB030005Sonnyphotoscute, in all sizes PB030006Sonnyphotosour guide, Moses PB030008Sonnyphotosfound him PB030035Sonnyphotosand there's the coral house, the one with the yellow coral on it. There are others there as well, initially it was planned for them to be placed all over on the reef, but that did not turn out so well, as the fish were not really taking to it, so it was then decided to clump a whole bunch of them together, and that has been succesful PB030036Sonnyphotosthis is what it should look like in a decade or so PB030037Sonnyphotosanother young giant clam PB030038Sonnyphotos

PB030039Sonnyphotostook some go pro footage while I was down here, will have to do an edit now though ( TIme ) PB030042SonnyphotosBat Fish PB030049Sonnyphotosfound him again :-)

November 06, 2012

Sydney > Nadi ( Fiji )

HMEL8158SonnyphotosOff to Fiji we go and loving this view of Kuringai and the Hawksbury river opening out to the ocean, with the tip of Barrenjoey HMEL8162SonnyphotosGreat shot of the Northern Beaches HMEL8164SonnyphotosIf only I could hover here for a few minutes and pull out my zoom lens :-) HMEL8168Sonnyphotos copyI'd be getting shots of Avalon like this, only sharper HMEL8168Sonnyphotos
great with the central coast at the top, fading out as it gets to Newcastle, looks a lot closer this way HMEL8173Sonnyphotoslast shot of Australia :-) HMEL8178Sonnyphotoswas hoping to get some amazing cloud photos like I did when we flew to Fiji in April 2011 but judging by the dirty window, not so sure I will succeed HMEL8181Sonnyphotosplus the glass used on the airbus is different from the glass on Boeing planes, so get this wonky effect HMEL8184Sonnyphotos






HMEL8231Sonnyphotosthis is more like it HMEL8235Sonnyphotos






love love, one for the printer :-) HMEL8277Sonnyphotos


might have to print this one for Kenny's living room HMEL8305Sonnyphotos

or this HMEL8308Sonnyphotos


HMEL8322Sonnyphotoslook at the colour of that water !! Getting close now :-) HMEL8330Sonnyphotosand yes, there's the big reef, I recognise that reef straight away HMEL8333Sonnyphotosbeen to those reefs a couple of times now, and would love to be this another trip of many more :-) Bula ! HMEL8336Sonnyphotosso first up, we are looking at the back of in famous cloud break, with Tavarua Island and then Namoto and on outer left is the right hander at Wilkes passage HMEL8337Sonnyphotosgetting amped, hoping to get out there in a few days HMEL8342Sonnyphotos

HMEL8349Sonnyphotosleft looking good today HMEL8354Sonnyphotosand planning on getting some snorkel time in as well ( and eat me some mud crab at Tom Lu's ) HMEL8363Sonnyphotosmain land, and what's that, zoom in HMEL8364Sonnyphotoszoom in more HMEL8365Sonnyphotosnice, Bure's on the water, would love to check that out, not quite Tahiti but close HMEL8371Sonnyphotoswould be a nice place to stay maybe, looks a little barren and needs a few more trees, but hey, it's closer to Cloudbreak :-) HMEL8375Sonnyphotosmainland HMEL8376Sonnyphotosabout to land, Bula

November 04, 2012

Early morning in Qantas Lounge ( very early )

HMEL8150Sonnyphotosso early sun is not even up yet,HMEL8154Sonnyphotos just had a yummy breakfast, and Jacqui made it a champagne breakfast 
HMEL8156Sonnyphotosand just as the sun comes up we are ready to board