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December 19, 2012

Adelaide > Sydney

HMEL1224sonnyphotoJacqui, sans make up. Sory Jacqui, I know you look tired, but it is a content tired and I love the soft light.
Anyway, at Adelaide airport sipping a few before we head back to Sydney HMEL1232sonnyphotoNot our plane HMEL1236sonnyphotoAdelaide airport HMEL1240sonnyphotolove this shot with the line markings and shadow HMEL1245sonnyphotowalkway pulling back HMEL1249sonnyphoto

HMEL1258sonnyphotoAdelaide CBD at the end of the runway HMEL1260sonnyphotoup and away HMEL1265sonnyphotogood view of the salt crystallization plants at Greenfield, got some great photos there 3 years ago and we had planned to go there on late afternoon and get some sun set shots, but it did not happen this trip, next time HMEL1268sonnyphotoAdelaide suburbs around Magill HMEL1270sonnyphotocrossing the hills HMEL1276sonnyphotoClouds out north ( around here you would expect them more south, no ? ) HMEL1278sonnyphotofarmland beyond the hills HMEL1281sonnyphotonice colours this afternoon HMEL1283sonnyphotoMannum on the Murray HMEL1287sonnyphoto

HMEL1293sonnyphotoprints please !! HMEL1298sonnyphotoCircle Crop farming at Bowen Hill HMEL1305sonnyphotolove this with the dark cloud on top and cumulus underneath HMEL1312sonnyphoto

HMEL1320sonnyphotoapproaching the massive Murray Sunset National Park HMEL1324sonnyphotothat's about a 70km perfect border between farm land and national park HMEL1327sonnyphotopretty HMEL1329sonnyphotoEdge on the other side of the national park, about 25 km out of Hattah HMEL1338sonnyphotoFarm land ( not showing up on google earth ) near Liparoo HMEL1343sonnyphoto


HMEL1350sonnyphotoNarrung and Walderra Lake HMEL1354sonnyphotoIn NSW now HMEL1360sonnyphoto


HMEL1382sonnyphotohear it was cloudy and grey in Sydney, so we must be getting close HMEL1386sonnyphoto

HMEL1391sonnyphotonice shot HMEL1397sonnyphoto

HMEL1402sonnyphotofav, print please HMEL1405sonnyphotodescending down to Sydney HMEL1408sonnyphotodown HMEL1410sonnyphotodown HMEL1411sonnyphotodown HMEL1415sonnyphotosydney HMEL1417sonnyphotonice angle looking down the harbour with the bridge HMEL1418sonnyphotowoauw, never saw this before, big building, The Sydney College of the Arts, formerly Rozelle Hospital HMEL1419sonnyphotoCBD HMEL1420sonnyphotoCross Parramatta road , then land


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