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December 07, 2012

Jean Charles De Castelbajac + Rossignol Winter Shoot Behind the Scenes

_RAP9514SonnyphotosBenoit, our charming french male model for the day _RAP9515SonnyphotosMr Fenton, aka mr lightswitch _RAP9523SonnyphotosEveryone in the studio.
So this is the reason for jumping on a plane end November from Sydney to Europe and then checking into a hotel in Paris for the night. I was asked by the Castelbajac team to come and shoot his new campaign, was pretty stoked to be asked so off I went and here we are :-) _RAP9525SonnyphotosAlways alot more people involved in shoots like this as opposed to shooting an editorial _RAP9528Sonnyphotosall hooked up to ringflash and shooting direct onto laptop _RAP9534Sonnyphotos
Somewhere in there is our Russian model Katya _RAP9537Sonnyphotosmurmur murmur :-) _RAP9544SonnyphotosLucky for me, Katya had the energy I needed, and she lasted all day no problem :-) IMG_5062SonnyphotosKabouter Plop :-) IMG_5066Sonnyphotos2checking out the shots with Alexandra IMG_5067Sonnyphotos
IMG_5069Sonnyphotos2me & Jean Charles, hamming it up for the camera IMG_5072Sonnyphotos2that time of day when I like to go a little silly ( love the new jacket by the way ) _RAP9545SonnyphotosSetting up a shot with Jean Charles De Castelbajac in the picture as well, and ooops, I did not realize I was just tugging him into position like that ( bloody uncouth aussies :-) _RAP9546SonnyphotosI think this is when we telling Marc to hurry up and take the photo :-) IMG_5074Sonnyphotos2

IMG_5080Sonnyphotos2caught my flash, blown out IMG_5083Sonnyphotos2I really like that jacket on me IMG_5084Sonnyphotos2love this shot, funny IMG_5086Sonnyphotos2when I'm going, did you get the shot Marc ? _RAP9548Sonnyphotoslooks like everyone is pretty happy with the way its going _RAP9552Sonnyphotosstill prefer shooting without the laptop, mainly as I'm just used to lloking at the back of the camera, feels like it slwos things down this way, pros and cons _RAP9560Sonnyphotosnot sure if you can tell, but I'm jumping with the models as I shoot. So that's probably why Jean Charles has given me the nickname Super Sonic Sonny :-)


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nice outfit ( on you i mean)like the yellow shirt and the cool jacket, did you get it? who took the photos of you at work

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