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January 25, 2013

Brussels > Stockholm ( via Helsinki ) Stockholm here I come :-)

SWE_9820sonnyphotosNot quite the same as the series of photos I took in Adelaide airport of these lines, but still, I like this graphic SWE_9824sonnyphotosTaxing in the snow to go to snow, Stockholm here I come :-) SWE_9825sonnyphotosBelgium winter landscape, west of Antwerp SWE_9827sonnyphotosThe mighty Schelde River heading to the north sea SWE_9830sonnyphotosand then the Oosterschelde in Holland SWE_9831sonnyphotosRotterdam's massive port SWE_9835sonnyphotosRotterdam at the bottom and Den Haag at the top SWE_9837sonnyphotosDen Haag SWE_9839sonnyphotosSchiphol, Amsterdam's airport SWE_9842sonnyphotosunder the rainbow circle, amsterdam SWE_9843sonnyphotosno idea where I am now, Germany, Denmark ? SWE_9844sonnyphotosSweden SWE_9848sonnyphotosFinland SWE_9849sonnyphotos
Full moon soon SWE_9851sonnyphotosapproaching Helsinki SWE_9852sonnyphotosFinnair HQ SWE_9854sonnyphotos




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