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34 posts from March 2013

March 22, 2013

Day 1 in the Red Outback, checking out locations straight from the airport

NTA_0063SonnyphotosRecceWe head straight from airport after picking up 4WD hire car, left on Chamber Pillars dirt road to Ooraminna homestead, there was a red sand dune suggested to check out on the way there, but some idiots got their 4wd out and churned it all up, so not an attractive location with all the tyre marks all over the sand dune. So instead this rocky outcrop looks interesting NTA_0068SonnyphotosRecceThis has a nice desolate vibe about it as well NTA_0077SonnyphotosRecceApparently this is the remnants of a movie set, curious as to which movie was filmed here NTA_0080SonnyphotosRecceJacqui does a little pose in the shade NTA_0084SonnyphotosRecceThe happy couple, caught in a moment of not swatting at flies buzzing around their heads  :-) NTA_0088SonnyphotosRecceso it is definitely an interesting location for shoots but not this shoot NTA_0096SonnyphotosReccelove me a dead tree against the big open sky NTA_0106SonnyphotosRecceheading out to the next location now NTA_0110SonnyphotosRecceAnd this looks more interesting, the clay pans at Rainbow Valley

March 21, 2013

Sydney > Alice Springs

NTA_9950SonnyphotosIn Sydney for about 4-5 days and off again, just how we like it, one job to the next. Unfortunately only managed to get a 10 min surf in though, will have to wait till I get back from this job. Leaving Sydney on a grey rainy day, but as soon as we cross the blue mountains the clouds clear NTA_9956Sonnyphotosand we can see the great big land spread out in front of us NTA_9958SonnyphotosCobar, outback NSW NTA_9961SonnyphotosThe mighty Darling river, north of Tilpa NTA_9963Sonnyphotosoutback nsw, really starting to appreciate how BIG this country is NTA_9965Sonnyphotossalt lake in the shape of the top part of Australia NTA_9967Sonnyphotoswhen I see this countryside like this from the air, it makes me just want to get one of those rigged up 4WD and go for a 2 week drive outback :-) NTA_9970Sonnyphotosharsh, yet beautiful landscape NTA_9971SonnyphotosAround Sturt national park and Tibooburra NTA_9974Sonnyphotossomewhere down there is the Dingo Fence NTA_9980Sonnyphotosno towns out here NTA_9981Sonnyphotossomewhere near Moomba Moomba, the begining of the Strzelecki Desert NTA_9986SonnyphotosLake Miraditchie, but what the hell are all those lines about, I mean, there are no towns down there, bugger all people, so who created those lines and why, they are in a grid pattern and not perfectly straight probably because of thr contour of the land, anyone  ? NTA_9988Sonnyphotosfrom top Coorie Coorie Gillie, then Lake Coogiecooginna and at the bottomw lake Bulpanie NTA_9989SonnyphotosSo I just had a close look at Google earth, and their sat pics are dated 2006 and this grid pattern is not to be seen in this exact same spot ( to the west of Lake Coogiecooginna ) but there are visible in areas near here on google earth NTA_9994SonnyphotosI really super curious now NTA_9999Sonnyphotos
Sturt Stoney Desert NTA_0004SonnyphotosI'm guessing somewhere near the Gibber plains NTA_0007Sonnyphotosthe lakes ( with water after last years rain ) to the east of simpson's desert NTA_0015Sonnyphotossimpson desert, big red sand dune kind of place NTA_0017Sonnyphotosrows and rows of sand dunes NTA_0019Sonnyphotoszoomed in, would love to get down there one day, but then, like I said, in a fully equiped 4WD with all the bells and whistles, portable fridge, lots of refreshments , and if possible dust free inside hehehe NTA_0025Sonnyphotosso big, just goes for, well as big as a big european country probably NTA_0031Sonnyphotos140 km as the crow flies from Alice Springs NTA_0034Sonnyphotosand, my first time out here, was expecting it all to be flat, but instead, I see quite a lot of mountain ranges NTA_0035Sonnyphotosjust look at that colour ! ! ! NTA_0037Sonnyphotoswoauw, and the line you see in the top right of the photo is the Hale River ( which is probably dry for most of the year ) NTA_0038Sonnyphotoszoomed in, woauw !!, look at that colour. I hope I get to come here while in Alice Springs NTA_0042Sonnyphotosthe geography & geology is just incredible, I think that is an out ring of the East MacDonnel ranges NTA_0048Sonnyphotosthe road from Alice Springs to Chamber Pillars, and soon we will be on this road as in the center of this photo is one of the proposed locations Ooraminna homestead NTA_0050Sonnyphotosdescending down to the airport now ( well we have been for a bit already ) NTA_0052Sonnyphotosone of the many dry creek beds round Alice Springs, airport is about in the middle of the photo NTA_0053Sonnyphotosrailway line crossing creek NTA_0055SonnyphotosHatt Road NTA_0059Sonnyphotosnot the airport as I first thought, but a race track and the dust in the distance is a truck on the dirt road to Chambers Pillars, we will be on there in about 40 min and get blinded by that same dust of a truck speeding past us :-)

March 14, 2013

Helsinki > Singapore

PAR_9743SonnyPhotosNorth Reef Island, off Smith Island, which is part of the chain of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and I'm now curious if this is a potential surf destination PAR_9748SonnyPhotosSo about 7 hours into flight from Helsinki, only taking photos now, as, well, everyone was sleeping all window shades were down, and even when I opened mine by about a centimeter it was like a big floodlight filling the cabin, so I was trying hard to be courteous to other passengers, but I could not hold out any longer when I saw tropical clouds forming over Islands PAR_9752SonnyPhotos

love this





PAR_9812SonnyPhotosKo Racha Yai Island to the left and the southern tip of Phuket PAR_9818SonnyPhotosKo Ra Wi & Ko A Dang PAR_9829SonnyPhotoslooks like snorkelling paradise and can already see all the lobster backs ( as in englsih tourist fried red from sun :-)

PAR_9834SonnyPhotosPenang PAR_9838SonnyPhotosLongest bridge in south east Asia, the second Penang bridge PAR_9842SonnyPhotosKuala Kurau PAR_9849SonnyPhotosKuala Sangga PAR_9853SonnyPhotosKuala Terong PAR_9855SonnyPhotosBagan Panchor PAR_9858SonnyPhotosLumut with the Island Pangkor PAR_9871SonnyPhotosBagan Datoh PAR_9877SonnyPhotosSungai Ayer Tawar PAR_9878SonnyPhotosmore farmland visible now at Bagan Sungai Besar PAR_9884SonnyPhotospretty, love me some tropical clouds seen from above PAR_9892SonnyPhotosnot the only ones up in the sky here, can you spot the plane PAR_9895SonnyPhotos

PAR_9898SonnyPhotospossibly heading to sungai Pakning Benkalis airport after it does a banking turn PAR_9907SonnyPhotoswe are preparing to land as well, heading down in between the clouds PAR_9909SonnyPhotoslove it PAR_9918SonnyPhotosafter some grey soup pop out near Se kupang- Batam PAR_9929SonnyPhotosso guess which airport PAR_9931SonnyPhotosmassive gold course, about5 more parts to it from what you see here, and did not see anyone playing golf PAR_9933SonnyPhotoslanded, but can't see my next ride yet ( its a Qantas A380 ) should be parked soon next to the 747 PAR_9936SonnyPhotosfast forward 8 hours now, about 40min out of Sydney PAR_9938SonnyPhotossuburban lights PAR_9939SonnyPhotoshighway down to Wollongong PAR_9942SonnyPhotosflight path PAR_9943SonnyPhotosbotany bay PAR_9948SonnyPhotos
landed, yeay, home after 2 months away

WORK - Iggy Azalea

I so wish for Iggy to make it big in L.A. And flabbergasted as to why Australia's Triple Gay radio network is not picking up on this Aussie Talent !!!

March 11, 2013

Abbey Lee has been absent from the shows

  That's because she's been keeping busy with her band

Good short interview with Tim Blanks about street photography


Lutz AW13/14 Private Fashion Show Paris Backstage











Valentino AW13/14 Fashion Show Paris Backstage















Jean Charles De Castelbajac AW13/14 Fashion Show Paris Backstage












Chanel AW13/14 Fashion Show Paris Backstage















as you can see ( count ) I posted a lot more images from what I usually do, and that is because A. there were som many models B. I had so many photos to choose from, so if still did not get your Chanel fix and need to see more, well you can, if you head to V magazine website, where they posted some more of my photos online, click here to go straight to the Chanel gallery at V .