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April 06, 2013

Alice Springs > Sydney flight back

NTA_2049sonnyphotosand yet another glorious blue sky day in the N.T. :-) NTA_2052sonnyphotostake off, and I see the ranges and gaps I visited yesterday NTA_2057sonnyphotosmust be Emily or Jessie's gap on the left NTA_2065sonnyphotosdid not see that before ( the green rectangles ) NTA_2066sonnyphotosnot even 5 minutes into the flight and I'm already like woauw NTA_2067sonnyphotosamazing, love it, get me back there !! :-) NTA_2068sonnyphotoszoomed out NTA_2069sonnyphotosagain, woauw, I need a few weeks and a serious 4WD and I promise I will produce some awesome photos NTA_2071sonnyphotosI mean, looking at it from up here, it's like our version of grand canyon, just looks so spectacular NTA_2072sonnyphotosif you look close, you will see the river bed on the rigth is still green NTA_2073sonnyphotosSaint Teresa, some 80km from Alice Springs in South Easterly direction. See-ing that know, wish I had spent an extra day ( or 4 ) driving south east :-) NTA_2075sonnyphotosbecause just before Saint Teresa you have those shots preceding the shot before saint teresa and then after saint teresa you get this, big snaking caterpillar NTA_2077sonnyphotoslook close and you could imagine a mars landscape NTA_2079sonnyphotoslooks like the flight is taking us exactly the same way as we flew in  NTA_2080sonnyphotosjust can't get over how awesome it looks down there NTA_2082sonnyphotos

NTA_2085sonnyphotosand then the Simpson desert starts NTA_2087sonnyphotos

NTA_2091sonnyphotos100's of kilometers of red sand NTA_2093sonnyphotosgive you an idea of where I am NTA_2095sonnyphotosyep same path as flight in NTA_2099sonnyphotos

NTA_2105sonnyphotosI wonder at what stage the Simpson is no longer and becomes theStrzelecki Desert NTA_2109sonnyphotos


NTA_2113sonnyphotosthere are those lines again, can anyone shed light on what they are NTA_2115sonnyphotos


NTA_2145sonnyphotosband of cumulus clouds NTA_2156sonnyphotos




NTA_2207sonnyphotostopof Australia lake NTA_2216sonnyphotos

NTA_2224sonnyphotosDarling river NTA_2234sonnyphotosone cloud NTA_2236sonnyphotostwo clouds NTA_2248sonnyphotosflying past Cobar again NTA_2258sonnyphotos

NTA_2261sonnyphotosgetting closer to the eastern seaboard NTA_2267sonnyphotos

NTA_2275sonnyphotosmust be cloudy day in Sydney today NTA_2283sonnyphotosthat's bush fire smoke amongst the clouds, somewhere in the blue mountains NTA_2284sonnyphotosairport in the middle of the photo where Jacqui took me for my birthday acrobatic flight NTA_2290sonnyphotosdescending NTA_2293sonnyphotosSydney in the clouds NTA_2296sonnyphotosBotany Bay and cronulla NTA_2302sonnyphotosbeach in sydney south national park I been wanting to go to for a while now ( one day ) NTA_2311sonnyphotosport hacking NTA_2322sonnyphotossand mining at Kurnell just before landing


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