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May 29, 2013

Another Day in Paradise, surfing Cloudbreak !

FIJ_5562Sonnyphotoshow our day starts in Fiji, breakfast, overlooking the coral reef at Yanuca FIJ_5564SonnyphotosFast forward 50min car drive and 30 min boat ride, and voila, Cloudbreak in the middle of the ocean, and great waves on offer today. FIJ_5565Sonnyphotos
peeling lefts, frothing, I want to go back again already hehehe FIJ_5566Sonnyphotosview from the boat FIJ_5568Sonnyphotosand we are not the only ones out here FIJ_5575Sonnyphotosafter what seems like only 20 min but was probably an hour and 20 min, I get picked up by India on the jet ski FIJ_5576Sonnyphotosthat's me behind India on my board. Surfing out here is awesome, epic, but for the kids, must be quite boring just bobbing up and down in a small boat. So time to go explore and do some snorkelling FIJ_5580Sonnyphotosstraight into it FIJ_5595Sonnyphotosas is Jacqui FIJ_5612Sonnyphotosthe gang of four, and no one else around except the captain on the boat FIJ_5636Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5659Sonnyphotoslegs FIJ_5667Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5741Sonnyphotoswhazup FIJ_5743Sonnyphotos



FIJ_5816Sonnyphotosmy girl FIJ_5820SonnyphotosThere is nothing better than being with your girl when she's happy, smiling and laughing :-) FIJ_5827Sonnyphotosand doesn't hurt if she's looking hot as well hehehe :-) FIJ_5829Sonnyphotoslove how the water, like space, just dissappears into darkness/nothingness FIJ_5835Sonnyphotoslove this photo of Jacqui, adjusting her goggles FIJ_5843Sonnyphotosview from the water of the surf boat FIJ_5847SonnyphotosIndia out front FIJ_5867SonnyphotosIf I did not tell you this was out in the ocean, you would think, looking at the colour, that it was in a swimming pool, stunning colour FIJ_5873Sonnyphotos


FIJ_5909Sonnyphotosone day, start saving, we will stay on this Island, so no need to commute from the mainland for a surf FIJ_5913SonnyphotosNamotu Island, next to Tavarua Island


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