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May 29, 2013

Checking out our Reef houses with the kids and Moses at the Shangri-La

FIJ_5919SonnyphotosMoses, our Marine conservationist FIJ_5930Sonnyphotosafter our morning surf trip we race back to the hotel to meet up with Moses who will take us out onto the reef to check out how our Reef Houses are holding up FIJ_5931Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5935SonnyphotosThe reason there needs to be "reef houses " put on the reef is after all the years of damage from thousands of feet trampling the reef's ecosystem. So now little fish like these have a home again FIJ_5940Sonnyphotosnice new coral starting to grow on this one FIJ_5944Sonnyphotosand here is a baby clam shell, this will hopefully grow to be a massive clam shell FIJ_5947Sonnyphotosat first Moses put a reef house here and there, but they recently found out, the fish and coral takes better if they are placed together in formation FIJ_5949Sonnyphotos



FIJ_5962SonnyphotosLove this shot !! Starting to get dark though, Jacqui alrready has a concerned look on her face, time to go in :-) FIJ_5964Sonnyphotoshit and miss, but even the miss is interesting FIJ_5972SonnyphotosMoses's little Coral farm FIJ_5978Sonnyphotos

FIJ_6000Sonnyphotostime for a group shot, ready FIJ_6010Sonnyphotoshere we go FIJ_6017Sonnyphotos

makes me smile FIJ_6033Sonnyphotos


FIJ_6101Sonnyphotosa little while later, dried off, back at our balcony for sunset FIJ_6106SonnyphotosTime for some mudcrabs :-)


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