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May 29, 2013

Checking out our Reef houses with the kids and Moses at the Shangri-La

FIJ_5919SonnyphotosMoses, our Marine conservationist FIJ_5930Sonnyphotosafter our morning surf trip we race back to the hotel to meet up with Moses who will take us out onto the reef to check out how our Reef Houses are holding up FIJ_5931Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5935SonnyphotosThe reason there needs to be "reef houses " put on the reef is after all the years of damage from thousands of feet trampling the reef's ecosystem. So now little fish like these have a home again FIJ_5940Sonnyphotosnice new coral starting to grow on this one FIJ_5944Sonnyphotosand here is a baby clam shell, this will hopefully grow to be a massive clam shell FIJ_5947Sonnyphotosat first Moses put a reef house here and there, but they recently found out, the fish and coral takes better if they are placed together in formation FIJ_5949Sonnyphotos



FIJ_5962SonnyphotosLove this shot !! Starting to get dark though, Jacqui alrready has a concerned look on her face, time to go in :-) FIJ_5964Sonnyphotoshit and miss, but even the miss is interesting FIJ_5972SonnyphotosMoses's little Coral farm FIJ_5978Sonnyphotos

FIJ_6000Sonnyphotostime for a group shot, ready FIJ_6010Sonnyphotoshere we go FIJ_6017Sonnyphotos

makes me smile FIJ_6033Sonnyphotos


FIJ_6101Sonnyphotosa little while later, dried off, back at our balcony for sunset FIJ_6106SonnyphotosTime for some mudcrabs :-)

Another Day in Paradise, surfing Cloudbreak !

FIJ_5562Sonnyphotoshow our day starts in Fiji, breakfast, overlooking the coral reef at Yanuca FIJ_5564SonnyphotosFast forward 50min car drive and 30 min boat ride, and voila, Cloudbreak in the middle of the ocean, and great waves on offer today. FIJ_5565Sonnyphotos
peeling lefts, frothing, I want to go back again already hehehe FIJ_5566Sonnyphotosview from the boat FIJ_5568Sonnyphotosand we are not the only ones out here FIJ_5575Sonnyphotosafter what seems like only 20 min but was probably an hour and 20 min, I get picked up by India on the jet ski FIJ_5576Sonnyphotosthat's me behind India on my board. Surfing out here is awesome, epic, but for the kids, must be quite boring just bobbing up and down in a small boat. So time to go explore and do some snorkelling FIJ_5580Sonnyphotosstraight into it FIJ_5595Sonnyphotosas is Jacqui FIJ_5612Sonnyphotosthe gang of four, and no one else around except the captain on the boat FIJ_5636Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5659Sonnyphotoslegs FIJ_5667Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5741Sonnyphotoswhazup FIJ_5743Sonnyphotos



FIJ_5816Sonnyphotosmy girl FIJ_5820SonnyphotosThere is nothing better than being with your girl when she's happy, smiling and laughing :-) FIJ_5827Sonnyphotosand doesn't hurt if she's looking hot as well hehehe :-) FIJ_5829Sonnyphotoslove how the water, like space, just dissappears into darkness/nothingness FIJ_5835Sonnyphotoslove this photo of Jacqui, adjusting her goggles FIJ_5843Sonnyphotosview from the water of the surf boat FIJ_5847SonnyphotosIndia out front FIJ_5867SonnyphotosIf I did not tell you this was out in the ocean, you would think, looking at the colour, that it was in a swimming pool, stunning colour FIJ_5873Sonnyphotos


FIJ_5909Sonnyphotosone day, start saving, we will stay on this Island, so no need to commute from the mainland for a surf FIJ_5913SonnyphotosNamotu Island, next to Tavarua Island

No Updates

I know

no posts for a while

why is this


well, I been doing a lot of manual work, chopping down trees, cutting up all the trunks, mulching all the branches. Then doing some cementing and removing old tiles, getting a surf in still here and there, but basically when I had a chance to sit behind the computer it is to do work, checking emails, planning some productions ( exciting one coming up ) booking tickets, more emails, etc...
So then to sit down and do some blog posts when stomach is craving for food and body aching for a lie down, well, you know what happens, blog goes on hold

sorry about that





May 12, 2013

Next day, straight back into the water






FIJ_5300SonnyphotosZeus FIJ_5311Sonnyphotosafter abour 30-40 min snorkelling, the gang went back in nd India and I headed further out FIJ_5318Sonnyphotosway out of the resort :-) FIJ_5324Sonnyphotoslove this shot of India floating FIJ_5338Sonnyphotosand then this shot just as we near the beach again FIJ_5366Sonnyphotosand wht do we find on the beach FIJ_5376Sonnyphotosmy girl looking all movie star in her new swimmers. How's that somg go " .... she's got legs  .... " forgot the rest of thw words, but yeah, my girl looking great hot FIJ_5385Sonnyphotosfun times FIJ_5388Sonnyphotos
we love the water FIJ_5400Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5426Sonnyphotosspot of body surfing FIJ_5429Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5437Sonnyphotosgot one FIJ_5441Sonnyphotoslooking out for another wave ( we are in the rivermouth and it's not that consistent ) FIJ_5444Sonnyphotosall four of them FIJ_5449Sonnyphotosso nice to be back here again FIJ_5450Sonnyphotos


FIJ_5464Sonnyphotosfamily photo ? FIJ_5478Sonnyphotosso I said whoever makes the biggest splash running towards me gets an ice cream, yes, Jacqui clearly knows she does not need me when she needs and ice cream, and Belle is so like, that ice cream is mine :-) FIJ_5490Sonnyphotosphoto op FIJ_5491Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5495Sonnyphotoswoohoo, from here to eternity FIJ_5501Sonnyphotosheheheh, looks we just washed down by a big wave ( we didn't ) FIJ_5504Sonnyphotoswoohoo FIJ_5514Sonnyphotoslter that afternoon, Evan not feeling too good, stomach bug. So here he is crashed out in his room he's sharing with the girls FIJ_5516Sonnyphotosgood sized room FIJ_5521Sonnyphotosand connected to the kids room is our room FIJ_5532Sonnyphotostime for another sunset shot ( and a sunset drink :-) FIJ_5536Sonnyphotosglad we got these rooms FIJ_5539Sonnyphotoswe never got this view from the other rooms we always stayed in FIJ_5539Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5550SonnyphotosJacqui is getting a good sunset shot from the kids room as well FIJ_5551Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5557Sonnyphotoslast shot with a fruit bat flying past

May 06, 2013

End of our first day in Fiji




and tomorrow is another day :-)

Straight into it :-)





Sydney > Nadi, Fiji, yes, here we come

FIJ_5102Sonnyphotosoff to Fiji again for a holiday :-)


FIJ_5119Sonnyphotostropic zone :-) FIJ_5128Sonnyphotos



FIJ_5143Sonnyphotosafter 3 hour plus of ocean, land ahoy FIJ_5148Sonnyphotosclick on above image, it's one of my many favourite psots in fiji, the surfiung spots :-) FIJ_5154SonnyphotosNamotu & Tavarua FIJ_5162Sonnyphotosslightly obsessed hehehe FIJ_5172Sonnyphotosthe resort at the bottom right of the photo again ( showed it last time we flew across ) found out some more info about this trip, apparently government has halted work as there was some dodgy dealings going on with worker's uniion/retirement plans and insurance packages ( usual cash under table business ? ) FIJ_5187Sonnyphotosabout to land FIJ_5189Sonnyphotosas we fly past the jetty where boats leave for surfing Cloudbreak FIJ_5192SonnyphotosNadi !

Rooftop pool at the Pullman hotel Sydney

P4130009SonnyphotosNext morning after our Helium binge, before checking out we take a dip in the rooftop pool on this awesome autumn day. and I love the view, to the right you can see the opening to the ocean of the harbour P4130010Sonnyphotosand Sydney City and Hyde park to the left, great location P4130014Sonnyphotos



P4130019Sonnyphotosso many smiley faces, not because fashion week is over, or that we are in a rooftop pool...no , because we are about to board a plane and go on hoilday !! P4130023Sonnyphotosmother and son checking out the view P4130028Sonnyphotos

P4130032Sonnyphotospool reflections in the glass

After the party there is always the fun back at the hotel room


Hello Elle Australia !

MAC_4109HelloElleSonnyphotosElle magazine is coming out in Australia again , after a hiatus of more than 10 years, I'm happy it's coming back ( should never have left in the first place, but I think was more legal than economical back then as to the reasons why...anyway, let's celebrate .. ! ) MAC_4133HelloElleSonnyphotos




MAC_4223HelloElleSonnyphotosit was the last day of a long fashion week, so Jacqui takes a much deserved rest, and managed to find a great position backstage. She looks happy, should I be concerned about the look on Belles face as well ?? We snuck the kids in backstage with us, see-ing as it was not a designer show, but more of a luanch party for Elle magazine, showcasing some of the hightlights from Sydney Fashion Week MAC_4261HelloElleSonnyphotos

MAC_4276HelloElleSonnyphotosLydia shwoing some leg near my smiley face :-) MAC_4327HelloElleSonnyphotos








MAC_4451HelloElleSonnyphotosmake way for champagne girls MAC_4456HelloElleSonnyphotos