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June 14, 2013

Cloudbreak again for another session, and seasnake as an extra guest

P4260271sonnyphotoswent to surf cloudbreak again ( will post a video soon, once I get around to editing it )but this time just with Kenny, no kids and no girls
And the great thing was there was no crowds like lasttime when there was about 50 guys out. Me, Kenny and 3 hawaiians P4260273sonnyphotosKenny went back to the boat for a rest while I surfed on, and we had an extra guest on board, a poisonous seasnake P4260275sonnyphotosWhile I was out in the water still, I could see some sort of commotion going on, Kenny standing on the seat and getting a broom ( why there was a broom on this small boat beats me ) and scopping it up to get it overboard again P4260277sonnyphotosback in its natural habitat P4260283sonnyphotosthe look on one contented man, his first surf out at Cloudbreak and heading back to the mainland P4260300sonnyphotoslater that night, Kita gets her hands on the camera and takes some photos when we are out at Tomlu's for dinner P4260311sonnyphotos


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