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June 28, 2013

Lisbon > Dubai > Male

TOM_8337SonnyphotosSurfShackLisbon airport, so after yesterday's surf lesson, it's of to the Maldives today with a very excited crew TOM_8342SonnyphotosSurfShackand we are off TOM_8350SonnyphotosSurfShackflying over Portugal TOM_8356SonnyphotosSurfShackinto Spain TOM_8366SonnyphotosSurfShack

TOM_8368SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, check it out, dam on top of mountain ? TOM_8370SonnyphotosSurfShackthis is looking familiar, yes, it is Gandia, half way between Javea and Valencia TOM_8373SonnyphotosSurfShackand yes, there we have it, the distintive mountain Montgo de Toscamar and Javea TOM_8376SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, looks so small from up here, can see the main beach, and the area my parents live TOM_8379SonnyphotosSurfShackleaving Sapin behind TOM_8384SonnyphotosSurfShackoh, but first the Island Sant Francesc de Formentera that sits alongside Ibiza ( can't see Ibiza as we are right over it ) TOM_8386SonnyphotosSurfShacklooks like we won;t be getting many more photos now TOM_8388SonnyphotosSurfShackwe did fly along the coastline of Algeria and Libya, so I got to see some of it , but too dark to take any photos TOM_8391SonnyphotosSurfShackwe landed at Dubai at 4 in the morning, so now, 5 hours later ready to take of to our destination, the Maldives, exciting, never been TOM_8394SonnyphotosSurfShackSharjah, just suburbs north of Dubai TOM_8396SonnyphotosSurfShackgroup of man made islands of Jumeirah, Dubai, which will look like a map of the earth once done, so if youhave the money, you can literally buy a country as an island TOM_8397SonnyphotosSurfShackaaah, Dubai TOM_8401SonnyphotosSurfShackJumeirah beach and the famous Burj Al Arab TOM_8405SonnyphotosSurfShackouter suburbs of Dubai TOM_8407SonnyphotosSurfShackcrazy how much development goes on here TOM_8408SonnyphotosSurfShacksand dunes turned into mini cities, complete with high rise building and villa's with lush green grass TOM_8409SonnyphotosSurfShackand another sub divisionm ready to go TOM_8410SonnyphotosSurfShackbut looks like some time has passed between asphalt and first brick TOM_8411SonnyphotosSurfShackroad to Oman TOM_8413SonnyphotosSurfShacknear Hatta TOM_8415SonnyphotosSurfShackcoast of Oman TOM_8416SonnyphotosSurfShackflying over the Arabian sea for a few hours and then we should be there TOM_8418SonnyphotosSurfShackand yes, after a few hours first Atoll sighting TOM_8424SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, Atolls everywhere, and the colours TOM_8430SonnyphotosSurfShackamazing even in overcast and rain TOM_8434SonnyphotosSurfShackwonder if that's our boat for the week TOM_8436SonnyphotosSurfShackfast forward landing, customs control, baggage collection, meeting Jacqui ( yes, she flew over from Sydney day before and met us at airport ) buy sim card and now we are on our Dhoni boat to meet up with our boat for the week TOM_8439SonnyphotosSurfShackeveryone is excited to get onto our boat, but we are all also very tired, the anticipation is keeping us awake TOM_8440SonnyphotosSurfShackand there she is TOM_8451SonnyphotosSurfShackclouds start to break up in time for our first sunset, we were all a bit dampened by the arriving in a downpour of rain, wondering if we would see any sun on this trip, but this sunset is a promising sign


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