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July 13, 2013

Kerel Leemans Birthday party in the woods

CLD_8675SonnyAfter all that male fashion modelling stuff in Paris and Milan, I decided to skip the rest of the shows after the amazing Lanvin show ( finish on a high note I say ) and see-ing as Hedi Slimane will be doing his own backstage photos, I opted instead to drive back early to Belgium, just in time to get to Kerel's birthday party CLD_8673Sonny
Billy in front of the fire. I got there in time for the camp fire CLD_8677Sonny
Lucky Kerel was allowed to have 5 of his mates over for a sleep over, camping out in the woods near the camp fire CLD_8679Sonnygezellig CLD_8684SonnyBeing the person I am, I naturally took over fire duties and turned the camp fire into a fire that would last a little longer into the night. And damn, look how black I look, compared to the kids around the fire, I'm like the balck fella from the bush to these guys hehehe CLD_8688SonnyBirthday boy with one of his mates and sister CLD_8692Sonny

now imagine if you are 9-10 years old, how fun does this look CLD_8701Sonny


CLD_8701Sonnyroarin' fire CLD_8704Sonny

CLD_8710Sonnyway at the back of the garden, as it got darker, a special visit CLD_8724Sonny
and their friend, how cute


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