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December 19, 2012

Adelaide > Sydney

HMEL1224sonnyphotoJacqui, sans make up. Sory Jacqui, I know you look tired, but it is a content tired and I love the soft light.
Anyway, at Adelaide airport sipping a few before we head back to Sydney HMEL1232sonnyphotoNot our plane HMEL1236sonnyphotoAdelaide airport HMEL1240sonnyphotolove this shot with the line markings and shadow HMEL1245sonnyphotowalkway pulling back HMEL1249sonnyphoto

HMEL1258sonnyphotoAdelaide CBD at the end of the runway HMEL1260sonnyphotoup and away HMEL1265sonnyphotogood view of the salt crystallization plants at Greenfield, got some great photos there 3 years ago and we had planned to go there on late afternoon and get some sun set shots, but it did not happen this trip, next time HMEL1268sonnyphotoAdelaide suburbs around Magill HMEL1270sonnyphotocrossing the hills HMEL1276sonnyphotoClouds out north ( around here you would expect them more south, no ? ) HMEL1278sonnyphotofarmland beyond the hills HMEL1281sonnyphotonice colours this afternoon HMEL1283sonnyphotoMannum on the Murray HMEL1287sonnyphoto

HMEL1293sonnyphotoprints please !! HMEL1298sonnyphotoCircle Crop farming at Bowen Hill HMEL1305sonnyphotolove this with the dark cloud on top and cumulus underneath HMEL1312sonnyphoto

HMEL1320sonnyphotoapproaching the massive Murray Sunset National Park HMEL1324sonnyphotothat's about a 70km perfect border between farm land and national park HMEL1327sonnyphotopretty HMEL1329sonnyphotoEdge on the other side of the national park, about 25 km out of Hattah HMEL1338sonnyphotoFarm land ( not showing up on google earth ) near Liparoo HMEL1343sonnyphoto


HMEL1350sonnyphotoNarrung and Walderra Lake HMEL1354sonnyphotoIn NSW now HMEL1360sonnyphoto


HMEL1382sonnyphotohear it was cloudy and grey in Sydney, so we must be getting close HMEL1386sonnyphoto

HMEL1391sonnyphotonice shot HMEL1397sonnyphoto

HMEL1402sonnyphotofav, print please HMEL1405sonnyphotodescending down to Sydney HMEL1408sonnyphotodown HMEL1410sonnyphotodown HMEL1411sonnyphotodown HMEL1415sonnyphotosydney HMEL1417sonnyphotonice angle looking down the harbour with the bridge HMEL1418sonnyphotowoauw, never saw this before, big building, The Sydney College of the Arts, formerly Rozelle Hospital HMEL1419sonnyphotoCBD HMEL1420sonnyphotoCross Parramatta road , then land

December 18, 2012

Mc Claren Vale, Adelaide, South Australia

HMEL1127SonnyphotosNext day and we are off venturing again, after a surf at Onkaparinga Heads ( near Noarlunga - 20 min out of Adelaide ) pics to come once Micke has finished travelling around Australia :-), anyway, after that surf, we turn the car point it inland and not even 20 min later and we are at a winery, Penny Hills in Mc Claren Vale HMEL1128SonnyphotosI had seen some photos of this winery in a fashion mag, so I wanted Jacqui to try the wines at this one, so I could also get smoe shots HMEL1129SonnyphotosLove how you can go for a surf and lunch at a winery after, and visit wineries with sculptures ( although surf options in Adelaide are very inconsistent and weak- never saw surf the other times I visited ) HMEL1132Sonnyphotos

HMEL1136Sonnyphotosself portrait HMEL1137Sonnyphotos

HMEL1139SonnyphotosAfter visiting some wineries I wanted to check out Myponga Beach, about a 20 min drive away, never got down there last time we were here HMEL1144Sonnyphotos

HMEL1147SonnyphotosI wonder if these hills, pre-Adelaide, were covered with trees. I'm guessing yes-  Eva ? HMEL1149Sonnyphotos



HMEL1172SonnyphotosThe old Jetty at Myponga beach HMEL1175Sonnyphotosso this tells me that the old jetty got knocked off by a big swell HMEL1181Sonnyphotosso there must be waves here from time to time HMEL1184Sonnyphotos




HMEL1201sonnyphotoRivermouth at Myponga ( one day I will surf a 4 foot left out here, I just know it ) HMEL1202sonnyphoto

HMEL1203sonnyphotoheading back up the hill HMEL1206sonnyphotowith great view of Silver sands beach and Adelaide suburbs beyond that HMEL1209sonnyphoto



Lake Bumbunga, again and again

HMEL1040SonnyphotosThis is my 4th time to this spot, just love coming here, and everytime we do it is a totally different experience. Today was not as nice as there was what felt like a 40knot wind blowing across the dry lake HMEL1041SonnyphotosFirst time was back in 2009 after doing a shoot at Arkaba Station, then again in 2010 showing it to Jacqui for the first time, and then again last Easter holidays with the kids HMEL1044Sonnyphotosfunny thing is, when you say to any Adelaidians you meet that you are planning to go to Lake Bumbunga again, they all are like,  " ? ... where " HMEL1048SonnyphotosNorton before his hat got blown off and Micke nearly ran the full lenght of the lake chasing it, strange how there is no sign of it in the photo, but it was sooo windy HMEL1051SonnyphotosI prefer it here when there are all those fluffy white clouds in the sky, they're all blown away today :-) HMEL1053SonnyphotosHaving gotton so many great landscape shots before, I focus instead on shapes HMEL1054Sonnyphotosform HMEL1055Sonnyphotos
and details HMEL1065Sonnyphotos



HMEL1072Sonnyphotosand now for some with the macro lens HMEL1075Sonnyphotos
as there are som many shapes and details to bewonder up close HMEL1078Sonnyphotoswhat amazes me is the shape, even though it is so windy, you would expect the salt to be rounded and smooth from wind erosion HMEL1081Sonnyphotos
but no HMEL1082Sonnyphotoslook closely, I'll zoom in HMEL1084Sonnyphotosthe salt crystallises into perfect rectangle shapes, amazing HMEL1087Sonnyphotos








HMEL1113Sonnyphotosheading back to the car and try the other side, see Lochie and if it is not as windy there, as it is not much fun for the swedes with this howling biting wind HMEL1116Sonnyphotos

HMEL1121SonnyphotosThere's Lochie ( although she was not intact and I had to fix her head back upright ) HMEL1125SonnyphotosNasty spikey thistle but amazing colour. And yep, was just as windy on this side, I wanted to walk out a little but got distracted stumbling upon an old dump site and found about a dozen old glass bottles, some from the 40's and some older, sadly loads of broken glass from what would have been some awesome old bottles. And then it was time to go as Jacqui & co were not enjoying standing in the cold as I went bottle fossciking :-)

December 17, 2012

Clare Valley, Adelaide, South Australia

HMEL0993SonnyphotosNext day, after Kirsty's birthday party, we head north HMEL0995Sonnyphotosnorth-south, in adelaide it does not take very long in either direction before you are in wine region HMEL0998SonnyphotosJacqui's swedish friends, Micke and Ellis, join us for a road trip with their kids Norton and Aprillia HMEL1000Sonnyphotosnaturally we pop into a few wineries, and we opt for some of the smaller boutique ones like this one just outside Auburn, Eyre Lake winery, Jacqui is first in the door :-) HMEL1001Sonnyphotos

HMEL1005Sonnyphotosand I check out the massive bull ants nest HMEL1008Sonnyphotos

HMEL1009SonnyphotosClare is up higher than all the hay country surrounding, and we are going to go back down, so we can visit Lake Bumbunga again, at Spring Gully there is a look out where I was hoping to see the salt lake in the distance, but can't HMEL1015Sonnyphotos
get's very dry up here HMEL1017Sonnyphotos

HMEL1027Sonnyphotosgetting on the road to Blythe HMEL1033Sonnyphotosbit not without stopping and getting some photos of the landscape HMEL1036Sonnyphotosas you can see, very dry in the summer months HMEL1037Sonnyphotos

HMEL1038SonnyphotosHay = Mice + Heat = snakes, lots of snakes

Adelaide Party Time

HMEL0956SonnyphotosLate afternoon sun HMEL0957Sonnyphotos
Sun still out and we are on our way out to a party HMEL0966SonnyphotosJacqui's friend from Adelaide, Kirsty, was having her big birthday party ( which is why we are in Adelaide-nice to be somewhere not for work for a change ) and one of her friends had set up a photobooth at her party ( have photobooth - will party ! ) complete with accessories , like this moustache being modelled by our model du jour. Not only was this fun, but I was impressed that this guy- Luke ( turns out he is a Qantas enginner ) had built the thing from scratch, built the booth, put in a light, hooked up a canon G9 to his computer,put the computer screen in as a monitor, and then also connected to his printer, plus, you had B&W or colour option button, well done Luke, anyway, enough talk, the photos.... IMG_1502sonny
yes, it was a fancy dress party IMG_1503sonnyLeen, remember that fighter pilot suit you had, and you told me to hang onto it in case I ever had to go to a fancy dress pary and you said I could go as a fighter pilot, and I dissed the idea saying I don;t do fancy dress party, well, I found the fighter suit a few days ago while going through some stuff ( yes, I'm cleaning up and throwing stuff away- a tiny bit ) and the theme was F, so perfect me as fighter pilot and Jacqui as a Fairy :-) ( So kids, always listen to your mum :) HMEL0970Sonnyphotosmy fairy HMEL0971Sonnyphotoswith those big lashes HMEL0972Sonnyphotos

HMEL0973Sonnyphotospeople in the photobooth HMEL0982SonnyphotosKirsty, birthday girl, open her present from Jacqui, a shot from Jacqui's " Adelaide, paintings in the sky" series HMEL0986Sonnyphotosoh no, not Raspberry and cream spilled on a Kym Ellery dress HMEL0990Sonnyphotos
always in the kitchen at parties

December 13, 2012

Sydney > Adelaide

HMEL0828SonnyphotosJacqui has a fear of flying, but here we are again, lappin' it up in the first Class lounge at Qantas. Flying to Adelaide to visit Jacqui's friend, and we are on an international flight, even though we are only going to Adelaide, the plane then goes on to Simgapore therefore it is classed as an international flight. Bonus
Looking pretty relaxed for someone who has a fear of flying ( guess the chamapgne helps ) HMEL0842SonnyphotosBut I doubt we will be on one of the big birds HMEL0844SonnyphotosSydney's western suburbs, with Fairfield golfcourse smack in the middle HMEL0845SonnyphotosMassive Wetheril Park industrial area HMEL0848Sonnyphotosa lot of people live in Sydney HMEL0857Sonnyphotosaah yes, those funky airbus windows HMEL0860SonnyphotosWarragamba Dam Blue Mountains HMEL0862Sonnyphotos

HMEL0865Sonnyphotosfunky blue mountain sky shot HMEL0874Sonnyphotosa look out from the right side of the plane HMEL0880SonnyphotosThis is Australia :-) HMEL0881Sonnyphotosself portrait of fear of flying HMEL0887SonnyphotosFear ! what Fear ? looking pretty comfy to me :-) HMEL0890SonnyphotosCountry South Australia HMEL0891Sonnyphotos

HMEL0892Sonnyphotosthe bend in the mighty murray at Bow Hill HMEL0895Sonnyphotos5 corners HMEL0898Sonnyphotospatterns at Lenger Reserve HMEL0904SonnyphotosS.A. Sky HMEL0905Sonnyphotosnear Palmer, getting closer to the Adelaide Hills HMEL0906SonnyphotosTungkilo HMEL0909Sonnyphotos

HMEL0914Sonnyphotosvineyards coming into view near Forreston
HMEL0916SonnyphotosMillbrook reservoir HMEL0918SonnyphotosHoughton HMEL0921Sonnyphotosold Higbury quarry HMEL0923SonnyphotosHighbury HMEL0925SonnyphotosHope Valley Reservoir HMEL0928SonnyphotosNorth Adelaide, wait a sec, zoom in HMEL0929Sonnyphotos
yep, the Meridien Hotel we will be staying at ( again ) HMEL0933SonnyphotosAdelaide Oval with Adelaide behind it HMEL0938SonnyphotosNorth Adelaide Gold Course HMEL0940SonnyphotosHistoric Adelaide Goal HMEL0943Sonnyphotosa lot of construction going on just outside Adelaide C.B.D. HMEL0948Sonnyphotosabout to land HMEL0949Sonnyphotostouch down HMEL0952SonnyphotosLet the Fun begin