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August 08, 2013

Paul Nougé

Paul-Nougé-1929I stumbled upon this photo on the net today and fell in love with it, a quick search and turns out Paul was one of René Magritte closest friends, and founding member of the Belgian communist party. ( Explains why my grandfather loved René so much :-)
Loveisintheairtitled "love is in the air " Paul-nouge_theredlist

Paul_nougeMagritte and Paul on the right ( Belgium summer day 1929 :-) Paul-nougé_Le-bras-révélateurLes Bras Révélateur Paul-Nouge-Birth-of-an-Object-1930Birth of an Object Paul-Nougé-Coat-suspended-in-space-c.-1929-1930Coat suspended in space Paul-Nougé-Sans-Titre-ca.-1930

Here is some information on Paul I dug up on the world wide web :-)

Paul Nougé (February 13, 1895- November 6, 1967) was a Belgian poet and philosopher. He was one of the most influential members of the Surrealist school in Belgium. He was a friend and associate of fellow artists Louis Scutenaire, Marcel Mariën and René Magritte. His poetry influenced Magritte. A number of his poems have been translated into English by Robert Archambeau and Jean-Luc Garneau, and appear in Samizdat (poetry magazine).

Portrait of Paul Nougé by René Magritte 1927

A founder member of the Belgian Communist Party, Nougé brought an austere and trenchant intellect to the service of Surrealism, founding the review Correspondance in 1924 with Marcel Lecomte and Camille Goëmans and masterminding a collective strategy for the Brussels group, whose diplomatic deflection of Parisian influences fostered a deceptive blend of seeming modesty and occasional abrupt assertiveness. A biochemist by training, Nougé wrote aphoristically, producing tracts, open letters, and theoretical essays, gathered in Histoire de ne pas rire (1956). His assiduous commentaries on the surreal canvases of his friend René Magritte, printed as Les Images défendues in 1943, are as gnomic and provocative as the paintings.

"Paul Nougé, however, famously "vomitted Dada", and with the merging of Mesens and Magritte with the Correspondance group towards the end of 1926, Nougé assumed the leadership of the nascent surrealist group; Mesens' role was correspondingly reduced and the Dada influence was replaced by that of Parisian surrealism. Breton, Eluard and Morise had visited Nougé in Brussels in the summer of 1925 and, as a theorist and intellectual, he was clearly perceived by the Parisians as the leading figure of the Belgian group. The final issue of Marie - Adieu à Marie - therefore assumed a very different character, less Dadaist in tone, and rather closer to surrealism. As a purely Belgian, francophone production it marked a shift from the Dada cosmopolitanism of the previous issue and was more concerned with establishing a cohesive Belgian group. While the review also looks more serious, it nonetheless retains an air of Dadaist provocation, with Mesens staging a powerful pairing of images of menacing clenched fists (Comme ils l'entendent, et comme nous l'entendons, 1926) , photographed by Roland de Smet, using a simple process of inversion, where the same object, a knuckle-duster, is simply inverted. The result is a rather brutal and somewhat anarchistic message, further reinforced by Nougé's poem 'les syllables muettes', which begins: "Our mouth is full of blood. Our ears ring with blood. Our eyes light up with blood." [7]" From Neil Matheson's article ELT Mesens: Dada Joker in the Surrealist Pack.

David Sylvester, Magritte's biographer suggests that "The Theatened Murderer" and the 1927 "Girl Eating Bird" were scripted by René Magritte from a set of violent and erotic poes by Paul Nouge finally published in 1956. The poems were written circa 1926-1927 when both Magritte and Nougé were working together designing catalogues for Samuels, a fur company

July 10, 2013

Henrik Vibskov SS14 Men Fashion Show Paris












April 06, 2013

Love me a council clean up

_AP_0733sonnyphotosO our way to check out these home extensions, I saw 4 big wooden ladders being thrown out, including a straight one with wooden rungs I been looking for to hang from the kitchen ceilinso we can hang our pots and pans of it with some butcher's hooks. But these big A frame ladders are a score I feel. So happy with my find, imagine if they made it to the garbage truck and were destroyed. SO we set these up in the garden and had some fun _AP_0737sonnyphotos

_AP_0748sonnyphotossharing is caring. Time for a drink as we wait for the sun to go down and do some photos with the fairy lights _AP_0751sonnyphotos



_AP_0778sonnyphotossome gif fun _AP_0784sonnyphotos

_AP_0795sonnyphotosnearly the whole family _AP_0801sonnyphotos

_AP_0803sonnyphotosaah, but we have the timer on the camera _AP_0804sonnyphotosthere we are, cat and all _AP_0810sonnyphotosmore gif fun _AP_0822sonnyphotosfairy light time _AP_0825sonnyphotosJacqui visibly impressed with my long exposures hehehe _AP_0831sonnyphotos

January 28, 2013

Exhibition Opening Tonight At Berns Hotel Stockholm

To be held in the grand room at Berns Hotel SWE_9932sonnyBrought to you by Bon and Peroni SWE_9937sonny

SWE_9940sonnyThe photos in between the chandeliers SWE_9937sonny

SWE_9951sonnyAbove the bar SWE_9954sonnyreflections of the room SWE_9960sonny



The pictures are over a meter tall, but look so small in this grandiose room :-)


January 26, 2013

Photo Exhibition at Berns Salonger Hotel

IMG_1647sonnyphotosWhen I arrive at Berns hotel, there's already a big box waiting for me, can;t tell but box is 1 meter by a meter and a half IMG_1648sonnyphotosnice big poster prints mounted on 10mm polyboard inside the box. Now trying to work out which photo to put where, 10 of these photos will be hung inside the main restaurant which is a beautiful old room with massive chandeliers IMG_1649sonnyphotosyou can see the room in the mirror a little, but yeah, crappy phome cam photos, was too busy to gt camera from room, as we were on a time limit to set up the photos before lunch service starts, all good :-) IMG_1651sonnyphotosFirst photo is up, thanks to the fast help of Omar the hotel maintenance guy IMG_1652sonnyphotosright on queu jus as we finish putting up the 10 photos, another 10 prints arrive for inside the lobby and reception area of Berns Hotel IMG_1653sonnyphotoswoauw, this print turned out so well, thanks to Andreas from Stockholm's pro center printing IMG_1654sonnyphotosBig print, little man in mirror :-) IMG_1657sonnyphotosZuzanna wearing Dolce near the elevators IMG_1655sonnyphotosOne isde of the restaurant, will come back later and take some real photos

August 30, 2012

Sydney Biennale at Cockatoo Island

EUR_0746sonnyJacqui has been wanting to take me and the kids to Cockatoo Island for a while, to see the exhibtion on there as part of the Sydney Biennale. So of we went, and lucky for us, they have a free ferry running from Walsh bay ( easier parking for us ) to Circular Quay and onto Cockatoo Island, and looping around like that every 45min or so EUR_0752sonnylove our bridge EUR_0756sonnyand opera house EUR_0762sonny

EUR_0763sonnysuch amazing winter weather we are having in Sydney these past days, just awesome blue sky days, but no surf to go with it unfortunatly EUR_0768sonnyLeaving Circular Quay EUR_0770sonny


EUR_0778sonnySpunk alert EUR_0785sonnyon the island, Cockatoo Island was a naval shipbuilding yard, so lots of cranes and wharehouses around here EUR_0788sonny

EUR_0791sonnysome of which house exhibitions like this one EUR_0792sonny

EUR_0796sonnyawesome day EUR_0799sonnyawesome girl in tunnel EUR_0801sonnythis was one of the most popular pieces with young and old, a fine water mist EUR_0802sonny



EUR_0825sonnylove the look of these old cranes against the blue sky EUR_0828sonnyback to our beautiful bridge. I keep saying our, as I have a little gripe about the fact that we are still paying a toll to cross the bridge, and a rather high toll. Back inmy day...it used to be 20cents, then went up to a dollar, then a dollar twenty, at the time it was said that this was need to pay of the bridge, built in 1932, a lot of loans were invloved and the toll was used as a way to pay of this load and then State Premier came out with the big announcement some time in the late 80's that the "bridge was ours " as the loan was repayed. So, great, we all though, no more need for the tolls ( which slows traffic down a lot ) but no, now we are paying more than double, up to 4 in peak hour ( they now introduced different tolls for different times ) So yeah, if it is ours, why we still paying( more than double ) for it EUR_0830sonnyjust had to get that out sorry EUR_0831sonnyback at Walsh bay, there was still something to see as part of the biennale at wharf 2 as well EUR_0835sonny
spot the fam EUR_0838sonnyIndia trying to be taller than Jacqui EUR_0842sonnytime to head home, thanks Jacs for insisting we go ( even though I wanted to stay home and work in the vegie patch :-) It was a nice outing :-)

June 26, 2012

Ever wondered what Diane Pernet looks like without her trademark glasses ?

_EUR1112DianaSonnyI'm guessing you, like myself, are blown away by this photo. A lot of bits and pieces we do not know about Diane Pernet ( that will change in a year or so :-) _EUR1114DianaSonnyI'm at the opening of an exhibtion put together by Cristiano Seganfreddo( for more info, go to Diane's blog ) _EUR1125DianaSonnyHusband #2 . . .what ! I thought you were married only once, wait, what...there was a third ? Does this mean there might even be some kids running around somewhere Miss Pernet ? :-) _EUR1129DianaSonnybefore Diane had her own label she used to do a lot of photography as well _EUR1106DianaSonnyWith Cristiano Seganfreddo at the official opening, will be open till September so if in Milan , check it out, Via San Spirito at Mauro Grifoni's shop/showroom

June 17, 2012

Visit to Wim & Hilda's and the new apple tree

IMG_0946SonnyAnd they have been busy IMG_0948Sonnythere was a violent storm a while back, knocked down one of their apple trees, but it survived and grows albeit horizontally now IMG_0951Sonnyso Hilda turned into a sculpture with some wood she happen to have lying around :-) IMG_0955SonnyI love it, would like to construct one of these at the beach IMG_0953Sonny

June 15, 2012

Tabitha Osler Antwerp Academy 2012 Graduate










May 23, 2012

Melbourne Graffiti Alleyway and lane ways

_AUS7475SonnyPicking up the thread again after finishing off fashion week, back to the road trip, we finished of our breakfast at the Bloomfield hotel and have a long drive ahead of us to get close to the border. But not without first visiting the Melbourne famous street art. _AUS7478SonnyKenny has one of these inked on his body _AUS7479SonnyIt seems that the good people of Melbourne don't have objections to all this art, especially as we are just off the main CBD streets off Flinders and Collins street. Click here to see where they are all located _AUS7481SonnyMother of Christ , save me from this toxic city full of parasites _AUS7485SonnyWe're all appreciating it _AUS7488SonnyIf you are into street art, and in Melbourne next, you might consider doing a guided tour of these painted alleyways _AUS7490Sonnyso much colour _AUS7496Sonnyeven a sculpted face on one of the graffiti'd walls _AUS7498Sonny




_AUS7507SonnyWhen Politicians go home at night they like to pull out a few weeds so they feel they've accomplished something positive for the day _AUS7512Sonnycuteness amongst the colour _AUS7516Sonny


_AUS7518SonnyThe Arts are a proven platform for enriched and positive understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.
This painting demonstrates the power of a title to reflect our reading of a picture ------------ son of a bitch.
More cameras greater security    means     I won't be doing this for much longer.

_AUS7526Sonnylove it _AUS7527Sonnylove it even more.
For more info check out this site about all the laneways and some more photos.