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September 08, 2009

Hannelore Knuts

Check out this great video presentation for Francesco Scognamiglio AW0910 collection , starring the one and only Hannelore

April 25, 2009


_MIL2970 _MIL2980 _MIL2984 _MIL2991 _MIL2995 _MIL2998 _MIL3002 _MIL3009 _MIL3011 _MIL3016 _MIL3019 _MIL3032 _MIL3044 _MIL3050 _MIL3060 _MIL3063 _MIL3071 _MIL3076

Bruno Pieters

Siri_MIL4952 Touch up on Siri_MIL4954 Siri beauty shot_MIL4965 Bruno checking the out fit on Dorothea Barth Jorgensen_MIL4967 Dorothea_MIL4977
Kamila Filipcikova_MIL4982 Iekeliene_MIL4986 Imogen_MIL4993Egle Tvirbutaite, Katie Fogarty Dorothea and Madisyn Ritland _MIL5001
Madisyn _MIL5007Imogen_MIL5029Myf
Anabela Belikova _MIL5047 Sophie Srej _MIL5059 Elsa & Myf _MIL5071 Dorothea _MIL5082 Iek _MIL5088 Kamila _MIL5101 Katie_MIL5151 _MIL5154 _MIL5157


Bless, as always, did an installation and morelike a sound installation, with all the models banging away on drums_MIL5686 The only one not drumming_MIL5695 _MIL5699 _MIL5701 _MIL5706 _MIL5710 _MIL5721 _MIL5728 _MIL5737 _MIL5745 _MIL5748 _MIL5754 _MIL5763 _MIL5777

April 24, 2009

Bernhard Willhelm

_MIL5933 _MIL5939_MIL5941
A reference to the housing bubble burst ?_MIL5959 _MIL5962 _MIL5967 _MIL5976 _MIL5988 _MIL5998 _MIL6006 _MIL6017 _MIL6035 _MIL6051 _MIL6055 _MIL6060 _MIL6082 _MIL6089 _MIL6110 _MIL6135

Antonio Berardi

Anastasija Kondratjeva_MIL1109 Tanya D._MIL1125 Russian greeting ( just kidding )_MIL1128 Diana Farkhullina_MIL1147 Iris Strubegger_MIL1151 Liu Wen_MIL1183 Kendra Spears_MIL1209 Valeria Dmitrienko_MIL1228 Iris_MIL1244 Tanya _MIL1251 Marina Peres_MIL1260 Sigrid Agren_MIL1289 Valeria_MIL1301 The man

Anne Valerie Hash

Iekeliene Stange_MIL4450 Alana Zimmer, Michaela Kocianova and Irina Kulikova_MIL4454 Alana and Irinia mucking around as the entry from the dressing area's doorway is really low_MIL4455 _MIL4457 _MIL4458 _MIL4462 _MIL4472
Jourdan Dunn_MIL4484 Iekeliene_MIL4486 _MIL4496 Alana_MIL4504 Natasa Vojnovic_MIL4511 Lindsay Ellingson_MIL4519 Anne Vyalitsyna_MIL4521 Jourdan_MIL4524 Bette Franke_MIL4530 Kim Noorda_MIL4545 Iek, with camera_MIL4562 Natasa_MIL4567 Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Ann Demeulemeester

Tasha Tilberg_MIL7619 Barbara Garcia_MIL7625 Ksenia Kahnovich_MIL7639 Tanya Dziahileva_MIL7650 Anna Paola Mendes_MIL7659 Iiiiieek_MIL7665 Tallulah Morton ( go Aussie )_MIL7670 Romina Lanaro_MIL7673 Siri Tollerod_MIL7678 Milana Keller

April 23, 2009

Alexander McQueen

What a show, but unfortunately no backstage this season, Yulia Kharlaponova_MIL1516 Hanna Rundlof_MIL1528
Hannelore Knuts ( New York, Milan and now McQueen, this girl is on fire again ! ! )_MIL1540 Georgina Stojilkovic_MIL1542 Georgina_MIL1544 Olga Sherer_MIL1563 Kamila Filipcikova_MIL1566 Sophie Srej_MIL1585 Hanne Gaby_MIL1599 Taryn Davidson_MIL1605 Maryna Linchuk_MIL1613 Sasha Pivovarova_MIL1621 Alyona Osmanova_MIL1628 Diana Farkhullina_MIL1642 Karlie Kloss_MIL1648 Vlada Roslyakova_MIL1651 _MIL1658 Charlotte Di Calypso_MIL1662 Metal mask fit for a queen_MIL1675 Sigrid Agren_MIL1680 Alla Kostromicheva_MIL1720 _MIL1736
Kasia Struss_MIL1749

Alena Akhmadulina

The Russian are here_MIL0809 Hmmm, similar shape, new trend, hoofs ?_MIL0812 _MIL0821 _MIL0829 _MIL0848 _MIL0852 _MIL0888 _MIL0893 _MIL0897 _MIL0905 _MIL0915