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July 15, 2013

Hong Kong > Sydney

CLD_8773SonnyQuick Shower and steamed bun and off again CLD_8776Sonnynot familiar with Hong Kong, but I guess this must be that new airport on an island of Hong Kong CLD_8777Sonnystill a lot of apartment buildings CLD_8781SonnyDiscovery Bay CLD_8786Sonnyhong kong's disney land CLD_8790SonnyAp Lei Chau with Lamma Island, so if I was sitting on the left hand side I would get a great view of Hong Kong I guess CLD_8792SonnyAberdeen marina, with what looks like an amusement park CLD_8791Sonnyzoom in, yes, Hong Kong Ocean Park CLD_8795SonnySouth China Sea CLD_8801Sonny


CLD_8810Sonnysomewhere around the Phillipines or Indonesia CLD_8812Sonnyland ahoy, that would be Australia CLD_8814Sonnyon the right, Croker Island , just of the Northern Territory in the Arafura Sea CLD_8815SonnyThese Islands, just near Croker Island, the big one is called Mc Cluer Isladn and the small one I can't find a name for, but anyway, thse islands, even though they are in a sea as opposed to an oceam , appear to have the possibility for surf, maybe not often, but still CLD_8817Sonnyzoomed in, and that's definitly waves hitting the outer reef CLD_8818Sonnythe group of Islands of Croker Island CLD_8821Sonnyno wonder it was so hazy CLD_8826Sonnyremote part in the north, Arnhem Land at Junction Bay CLD_8827Sonny copywoauw, and look at the path of the river :-) CLD_8827Sonnyzoom in Arnhemand a screen grab from google earth CLD_8828SonnyLiverpool river near West Arnhem CLD_8830SonnyEdward Island in the Gulf of Carpenteria CLD_8832Sonny
Maria Island CLD_8833Sonnywest tip of west Island CLD_8834Sonny
West Island CLD_8836Sonnybeautiful, but wary of crocodiles, also, would be lots of crabs CLD_8838Sonnythe ridged backs of crocodiles formed million years ago in the landscape CLD_8842Sonnyand another day draws to a close CLD_8844Sonnya few hours out of Sydney. At least on this flight, as opposed to all of Qantas flights now, I am arriving in the evening, and not at the un godly hour of 5 or 6 in the morning ( depending on daylight saving ) And as well as now not being mr zombie jet lag all day, I got to see some amazing australian landscapes, have some dinner and go to bed :-)

London > Hong Kong

CLD_8741Sonnyof we go again CLD_8742SonnySomewhere near Poland I think CLD_8743SonnyThe way the windows are set up, or rather the seats in Cathay Pacifics 747 is so annoying, I really have to stretch and contort my body to try and look out the window CLD_8747SonnyRussia CLD_8749Sonnygoing into night time CLD_8752Sonnychina CLD_8754Sonny

CLD_8759Sonnynearing Hong Kong CLD_8763Sonnynever been to Hong Kong ( transiting Hong Kong airport does not count ) and I guess there are a lot of Islands around Hong Kong CLD_8771Sonnyand lots of boats

July 14, 2013

Brussels > London

The Schelde River making its way through Belgium into Holland and North Sea CLD_8732SonnyThe bend in the river schelde at Antwerp CLD_8731Sonnycloser look, anyone living in Antwerp will know exactly what we are lloking at here CLD_8733Sonnyfurther down river, Doel CLD_8734SonnyFrom one smoke stack in Doel to another in one of London's suburbs, although this is more disaster looking, looks like a house fire CLD_8737Sonnygreat shot of London CLD_8736Sonnyzoom in CLD_8739Sonnyanother look at that fire CLD_8738Sonnyhope everyone involved are alright

July 09, 2013

Milan > Paris

CLD_4569Sonnyphotosnice summer colours on this departure day CLD_4570Sonnyphotoslove this shot CLD_4575Sonnyphotos like a challenge :-)
CLD_4576Sonnyphotoslove it CLD_4579Sonnyphotosone of the many lakes outside Milan at the foothills of the alps CLD_4582Sonnyphotossnow and melting lakes CLD_4583Sonnyphotossee-ing more of the Alps as opposed to on our way over to Milan CLD_4584Sonnyphotos




CLD_4596Sonnyphotoswe were descending to land, and as I looked out the window, I thought , why is the captain accellarating to land ? And off we went again CLD_4597Sonnyphotostht plane you see in front there, well, it was taking a bit too long to take off for this captains liking, adn he felt it un safe to land, when it was still on the tarmac , slowly taking off, so he did a TATA, turn around try again CLD_4599SonnyphotosWill be going there soon for Raf Simons show at the Bourget Airport, where Gagosian has anb art galery set up CLD_4600Sonnyphotoswell , with this Tata, get to see Paris CLD_4602Sonnyphotosdisney world

June 28, 2013

Paris > Milan

DSCF1314sonnyphotosand we're off again, so many planes diDSCF1321sonnyphotosthis time Milan for the men's shows DSCF1322sonnyphotosLugano airport, there wasn't much to see of the Alps this time, covered in clouds DSCF1323sonnyphotosLugano and lake Lugano. Did you know that part of Lake Lugano belongs to Switzerland DSCF1324sonnyphotosheading down to Milan DSCF1325sonnyphotos




Lisbon > Dubai > Male

TOM_8337SonnyphotosSurfShackLisbon airport, so after yesterday's surf lesson, it's of to the Maldives today with a very excited crew TOM_8342SonnyphotosSurfShackand we are off TOM_8350SonnyphotosSurfShackflying over Portugal TOM_8356SonnyphotosSurfShackinto Spain TOM_8366SonnyphotosSurfShack

TOM_8368SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, check it out, dam on top of mountain ? TOM_8370SonnyphotosSurfShackthis is looking familiar, yes, it is Gandia, half way between Javea and Valencia TOM_8373SonnyphotosSurfShackand yes, there we have it, the distintive mountain Montgo de Toscamar and Javea TOM_8376SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, looks so small from up here, can see the main beach, and the area my parents live TOM_8379SonnyphotosSurfShackleaving Sapin behind TOM_8384SonnyphotosSurfShackoh, but first the Island Sant Francesc de Formentera that sits alongside Ibiza ( can't see Ibiza as we are right over it ) TOM_8386SonnyphotosSurfShacklooks like we won;t be getting many more photos now TOM_8388SonnyphotosSurfShackwe did fly along the coastline of Algeria and Libya, so I got to see some of it , but too dark to take any photos TOM_8391SonnyphotosSurfShackwe landed at Dubai at 4 in the morning, so now, 5 hours later ready to take of to our destination, the Maldives, exciting, never been TOM_8394SonnyphotosSurfShackSharjah, just suburbs north of Dubai TOM_8396SonnyphotosSurfShackgroup of man made islands of Jumeirah, Dubai, which will look like a map of the earth once done, so if youhave the money, you can literally buy a country as an island TOM_8397SonnyphotosSurfShackaaah, Dubai TOM_8401SonnyphotosSurfShackJumeirah beach and the famous Burj Al Arab TOM_8405SonnyphotosSurfShackouter suburbs of Dubai TOM_8407SonnyphotosSurfShackcrazy how much development goes on here TOM_8408SonnyphotosSurfShacksand dunes turned into mini cities, complete with high rise building and villa's with lush green grass TOM_8409SonnyphotosSurfShackand another sub divisionm ready to go TOM_8410SonnyphotosSurfShackbut looks like some time has passed between asphalt and first brick TOM_8411SonnyphotosSurfShackroad to Oman TOM_8413SonnyphotosSurfShacknear Hatta TOM_8415SonnyphotosSurfShackcoast of Oman TOM_8416SonnyphotosSurfShackflying over the Arabian sea for a few hours and then we should be there TOM_8418SonnyphotosSurfShackand yes, after a few hours first Atoll sighting TOM_8424SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, Atolls everywhere, and the colours TOM_8430SonnyphotosSurfShackamazing even in overcast and rain TOM_8434SonnyphotosSurfShackwonder if that's our boat for the week TOM_8436SonnyphotosSurfShackfast forward landing, customs control, baggage collection, meeting Jacqui ( yes, she flew over from Sydney day before and met us at airport ) buy sim card and now we are on our Dhoni boat to meet up with our boat for the week TOM_8439SonnyphotosSurfShackeveryone is excited to get onto our boat, but we are all also very tired, the anticipation is keeping us awake TOM_8440SonnyphotosSurfShackand there she is TOM_8451SonnyphotosSurfShackclouds start to break up in time for our first sunset, we were all a bit dampened by the arriving in a downpour of rain, wondering if we would see any sun on this trip, but this sunset is a promising sign

June 25, 2013

After a day in Belgium is off Again, Brussel > Madrid > Lisbon

TOM_8024sonnyphotosleaving the darkness behind TOM_8029sonnyphotos

TOM_8035sonnyphotosafter an hour of big blanket of cloud, Spain TOM_8036sonnyphotosloving the patterns TOM_8037sonnyphotos

TOM_8041sonnyphotosnearing Madrid TOM_8050sonnyphotosand look, June, summer time, and still snow on mountain tops near Madrid TOM_8052sonnyphotos





TOM_8064sonnyphotosI'm not sure that this is usual for this time of year TOM_8068sonnyphotos30 min at airport and off again, Lisbon bound TOM_8070sonnyphotosflying west TOM_8079sonnyphotosbig nose TOM_8085sonnyphotosspain portugal border TOM_8090sonnyphotosSetubal and Setubal bay, just south of Lisbon TOM_8093sonnyphotos

TOM_8096sonnyphotosLake Albufeira TOM_8098sonnyphotosKite Surfing at Caparica beach TOM_8100sonnyphotoslooks like some fun waves down there TOM_8105sonnyphotosmouth of the mighty Tejo river TOM_8106sonnyphotosPort Of Alges, Lisbon TOM_8108sonnyphotosold aquaduc, wonder if this is roman ? TOM_8109sonnyphotos

TOM_8110sonnyphotosabout to land
Lucky for me, client landed 30 minutes before me from Amsterdam, so we both rode to hotel together.
But must say, there is something about Portugese, they love to play tour guide and give us all the explanation and history, at first it was great, but then it became too trivial especially when we wer trying to have our own conversation lol

June 24, 2013

Helsinki > Brussels

CLD_7997SonnyPhotosan hour later and off again CLD_8000SonnyPhotoswoauw, check that Island out CLD_8001SonnyPhotoslooks more like in the tropics than scandinavia CLD_8004SonnyPhotos

CLD_8007SonnyPhotosDenmark CLD_8009SonnyPhotosOslo CLD_8012SonnyPhotosAlbert Canal , Antwerp CLD_8013SonnyPhotosThe ring around Antwerp CLD_8014SonnyPhotosA12, Kontich CLD_8017SonnyPhotosZengat in the distance CLD_8021SonnyPhotosE19, Rumst

Singapore > Helsinki

CLD_7922SonnyPhotossomewhere over Arabia CLD_7925SonnyPhotos

CLD_7930SonnyPhotosoil fields, with burn off glowing in the landscape CLD_7935SonnyPhotoshere comes the sun  

CLD_7954SonnyPhotosbig lake near Pskov CLD_7961SonnyPhotos

near Pskov CLD_7968SonnyPhotos



CLD_7978SonnyPhotosdescending down to Finland CLD_7982SonnyPhotosand a lot darker looking CLD_7985SonnyPhotosgoing down to darkness, woauw what a change CLD_7989SonnyPhotos

just of Helsinki

Sydney>Singapore part 2


I'm having a ball taking all these photos. Normally this flight departs at 4 ish in the afternoon, but Qantas changed the schedule, so now it is more of an afternoon flight so instead of half the flight being in darkness, all the way to Singapore is in daylight CLD_7776SonnyPhotosTimor sea

CLD_7779SonnyPhotosI have a feeling this is East Timor CLD_7782SonnyPhotosYEs, Timor, and this is near Wini, West of Dili CLD_7786SonnyPhotoslooks very lush down there CLD_7794SonnyPhotospretty cloud over the Savu Basin CLD_7795SonnyPhotos

CLD_7803SonnyPhotosFlores Region, Indonesia CLD_7804SonnyPhotosand looks like surf down there CLD_7809SonnyPhotoslooking across Flores and East Nusa Tenggara, lots of dormant volcanos down there CLD_7813SonnyPhotoswoauw, look at that Isalnd CLD_7814SonnyPhotoslooking at the active Volcano of Pulau Palu CLD_7815SonnyPhotosand this is apparently Pulau Sukun desa Semparong Kabupaten Sikka, with Sukun lake, like to add a visit to this island to my bucket list CLD_7817SonnyPhotos

CLD_7830SonnyPhotoslove those tropical cloud formations CLD_7839SonnyPhotos


CLD_7844SonnyPhotosmucking around with the curves on this shot :-) CLD_7843SonnyPhotos


CLD_7853SonnyPhotosKuala Pembang CLD_7861SonnyPhotos



CLD_7877SonnyPhotosas you can see, I am really enjoying this flight with all these wonderful sights to photograph CLD_7892SonnyPhotos

CLD_7895SonnyPhotosawesome colours CLD_7909SonnyPhotosBintan beach off Singapore CLD_7912SonnyPhotoslanding on sunset, perfect timing CLD_7914SonnyPhotosSingapore Strait CLD_7911SonnyPhotoshow I keep tabs of where I am when I take the photos ( and google earth )