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January 26, 2013

Helsinki > Stockholm

IMG_1635sonnyphotosboarding plane on sunset ( note tarmac usual black is frosted over white ) IMG_1636sonnyphotosDon;t think I saw any other airline's planes IMG_1637sonnyphotostwilight take off IMG_1639sonnyphotosbye Finland IMG_1642sonnyphotosHello Sweden IMG_1646sonnyphotosFlying over Stockholm to land at Arlanda

January 25, 2013

Brussels > Stockholm ( via Helsinki ) Stockholm here I come :-)

SWE_9820sonnyphotosNot quite the same as the series of photos I took in Adelaide airport of these lines, but still, I like this graphic SWE_9824sonnyphotosTaxing in the snow to go to snow, Stockholm here I come :-) SWE_9825sonnyphotosBelgium winter landscape, west of Antwerp SWE_9827sonnyphotosThe mighty Schelde River heading to the north sea SWE_9830sonnyphotosand then the Oosterschelde in Holland SWE_9831sonnyphotosRotterdam's massive port SWE_9835sonnyphotosRotterdam at the bottom and Den Haag at the top SWE_9837sonnyphotosDen Haag SWE_9839sonnyphotosSchiphol, Amsterdam's airport SWE_9842sonnyphotosunder the rainbow circle, amsterdam SWE_9843sonnyphotosno idea where I am now, Germany, Denmark ? SWE_9844sonnyphotosSweden SWE_9848sonnyphotosFinland SWE_9849sonnyphotos
Full moon soon SWE_9851sonnyphotosapproaching Helsinki SWE_9852sonnyphotosFinnair HQ SWE_9854sonnyphotos



January 16, 2013

Leaving Milan fro Paris

very wet and dreary outside PAR_5918sonnyphotos

taking a long time to break through the clouds PAR_5922sonnyphotos
once we do, it's still cloudy PAR_5925sonnyphotos
if you look hard enough you can see the Alps PAR_5927sonnyphotos

looks like it's been snowing all over France PAR_5930sonnyphotos

turning, and clearly I'm sitting on the wrong side of the plane PAR_5934sonnyphotos

PAR_5937sonnyphotosstill a light dusting of snow as we descend to the paris airport

January 11, 2013

Paris > Milan

MIL_1837sonnyphotosabout to leave MIL_1838sonnyphotosbackig out MIL_1840sonnyphotostaking off and about to leave the grey skies MIL_1842sonnyphotos
nad blue skies here we are MIL_1853sonnyphotoswas not much to shoot till we get to the Alps, and what's that on the left, zoom in MIL_1854sonnyphotoswouaw, some sort of a statue ? zoom in more MIL_1855sonnyphotoshmmm, intersting, anyone know what it is MIL_1865sonnyphotos









tomorrow, men's fashion shows :-)

London > Brussels

IMG_1609sonnyphotoscrossing the channel IMG_1607bsonnyphotosslapped these two shots together to show you how close France and England really are at this point IMG_1610sonnyphotos



HMEL1768Sonnyphotostake off HMEL1775Sonnyphotoscloudy day over sydney after that hot scorcher HMEL1777Sonnyphotosam sure a few people down there are enjoying the cloud cover HMEL1779Sonnyphotos
















December 19, 2012

Adelaide > Sydney

HMEL1224sonnyphotoJacqui, sans make up. Sory Jacqui, I know you look tired, but it is a content tired and I love the soft light.
Anyway, at Adelaide airport sipping a few before we head back to Sydney HMEL1232sonnyphotoNot our plane HMEL1236sonnyphotoAdelaide airport HMEL1240sonnyphotolove this shot with the line markings and shadow HMEL1245sonnyphotowalkway pulling back HMEL1249sonnyphoto

HMEL1258sonnyphotoAdelaide CBD at the end of the runway HMEL1260sonnyphotoup and away HMEL1265sonnyphotogood view of the salt crystallization plants at Greenfield, got some great photos there 3 years ago and we had planned to go there on late afternoon and get some sun set shots, but it did not happen this trip, next time HMEL1268sonnyphotoAdelaide suburbs around Magill HMEL1270sonnyphotocrossing the hills HMEL1276sonnyphotoClouds out north ( around here you would expect them more south, no ? ) HMEL1278sonnyphotofarmland beyond the hills HMEL1281sonnyphotonice colours this afternoon HMEL1283sonnyphotoMannum on the Murray HMEL1287sonnyphoto

HMEL1293sonnyphotoprints please !! HMEL1298sonnyphotoCircle Crop farming at Bowen Hill HMEL1305sonnyphotolove this with the dark cloud on top and cumulus underneath HMEL1312sonnyphoto

HMEL1320sonnyphotoapproaching the massive Murray Sunset National Park HMEL1324sonnyphotothat's about a 70km perfect border between farm land and national park HMEL1327sonnyphotopretty HMEL1329sonnyphotoEdge on the other side of the national park, about 25 km out of Hattah HMEL1338sonnyphotoFarm land ( not showing up on google earth ) near Liparoo HMEL1343sonnyphoto


HMEL1350sonnyphotoNarrung and Walderra Lake HMEL1354sonnyphotoIn NSW now HMEL1360sonnyphoto


HMEL1382sonnyphotohear it was cloudy and grey in Sydney, so we must be getting close HMEL1386sonnyphoto

HMEL1391sonnyphotonice shot HMEL1397sonnyphoto

HMEL1402sonnyphotofav, print please HMEL1405sonnyphotodescending down to Sydney HMEL1408sonnyphotodown HMEL1410sonnyphotodown HMEL1411sonnyphotodown HMEL1415sonnyphotosydney HMEL1417sonnyphotonice angle looking down the harbour with the bridge HMEL1418sonnyphotowoauw, never saw this before, big building, The Sydney College of the Arts, formerly Rozelle Hospital HMEL1419sonnyphotoCBD HMEL1420sonnyphotoCross Parramatta road , then land

December 13, 2012

Sydney > Adelaide

HMEL0828SonnyphotosJacqui has a fear of flying, but here we are again, lappin' it up in the first Class lounge at Qantas. Flying to Adelaide to visit Jacqui's friend, and we are on an international flight, even though we are only going to Adelaide, the plane then goes on to Simgapore therefore it is classed as an international flight. Bonus
Looking pretty relaxed for someone who has a fear of flying ( guess the chamapgne helps ) HMEL0842SonnyphotosBut I doubt we will be on one of the big birds HMEL0844SonnyphotosSydney's western suburbs, with Fairfield golfcourse smack in the middle HMEL0845SonnyphotosMassive Wetheril Park industrial area HMEL0848Sonnyphotosa lot of people live in Sydney HMEL0857Sonnyphotosaah yes, those funky airbus windows HMEL0860SonnyphotosWarragamba Dam Blue Mountains HMEL0862Sonnyphotos

HMEL0865Sonnyphotosfunky blue mountain sky shot HMEL0874Sonnyphotosa look out from the right side of the plane HMEL0880SonnyphotosThis is Australia :-) HMEL0881Sonnyphotosself portrait of fear of flying HMEL0887SonnyphotosFear ! what Fear ? looking pretty comfy to me :-) HMEL0890SonnyphotosCountry South Australia HMEL0891Sonnyphotos

HMEL0892Sonnyphotosthe bend in the mighty murray at Bow Hill HMEL0895Sonnyphotos5 corners HMEL0898Sonnyphotospatterns at Lenger Reserve HMEL0904SonnyphotosS.A. Sky HMEL0905Sonnyphotosnear Palmer, getting closer to the Adelaide Hills HMEL0906SonnyphotosTungkilo HMEL0909Sonnyphotos

HMEL0914Sonnyphotosvineyards coming into view near Forreston
HMEL0916SonnyphotosMillbrook reservoir HMEL0918SonnyphotosHoughton HMEL0921Sonnyphotosold Higbury quarry HMEL0923SonnyphotosHighbury HMEL0925SonnyphotosHope Valley Reservoir HMEL0928SonnyphotosNorth Adelaide, wait a sec, zoom in HMEL0929Sonnyphotos
yep, the Meridien Hotel we will be staying at ( again ) HMEL0933SonnyphotosAdelaide Oval with Adelaide behind it HMEL0938SonnyphotosNorth Adelaide Gold Course HMEL0940SonnyphotosHistoric Adelaide Goal HMEL0943Sonnyphotosa lot of construction going on just outside Adelaide C.B.D. HMEL0948Sonnyphotosabout to land HMEL0949Sonnyphotostouch down HMEL0952SonnyphotosLet the Fun begin

December 08, 2012

Singapore > Sydney

HMEL0326Sonnyphotossunrise somewhere over south west nsw, as soon as we left Singapore, I asked the stewardess to make my bed ( got to love upgrades ) so I did not have any dinner service, but damn I had a good sleep, and see-ing as I go straight into work mode when I arrive in Sydney felt it was pretty important to get a decent sleep. So it's nice to wake up to these colours HMEL0331Sonnyphotoslove this  fluffy mauve colour HMEL0333Sonnyphotos


sun's coming up HMEL0349Sonnyphotos




I can see some more prints coming up HMEL0373Sonnyphotos
how nice would it be to have one of those expensive printers in your garage HMEL0385Sonnyphotosto then just print up some of these nice and big HMEL0392Sonnyphotos



time to land HMEL0413Sonnyphotoshome :-)

London > Singapore

HMEL0217SonnyphotosSo after shooting Castelbajac yesterday, next day already back on the plane heading home. In Europe less than 4 days, crazy, but had to do it HMEL0224Sonnyphotosso just woke up about 9 hours into the fligth, was nothing to shoot as we left London in the evening, and we are now about 2-3 hours out of Singapore, was very cloudy, as in thick dense cloud, nothing to see, up till now HMEL0230Sonnyphotos
somewhere near Aceh HMEL0234Sonnyphotosbut this is wha tI was hoping to get, the sun reflection, gives me this great effect HMEL0242Sonnyphotos



HMEL0256Sonnyphotosamazing cloud photos if I can say so myself, I love that there are several layers of clouds in the one photo
HMEL0261Sonnyphotossun getting lower now, will be landing on sunset in Singapore HMEL0268Sonnyphotos


HMEL0277SonnyphotosRupat HMEL0282Sonnyphotos


HMEL0289Sonnyphotosgot to love frequent flyer programs, lucky me got an upgrade at the gate HMEL0290SonnyphotosI remember not so long ago, wondering if I would ever make it to the front of the plane, and here I am with my own little cubicle, feeling pretty lucky and loving the extra luxury, as in , I got to really sleep as opposed to just snooze HMEL0294Sonnyphotos
HMEL0297Sonnyphotoscoming in to land HMEL0303Sonnyphotossitting a bit away form the window so instead taking shots of the big screen and skycam HMEL0306Sonnyphotosheavy clouds HMEL0313Sonnyphotosboats of singapore harbour HMEL0319Sonnyphotosairport in sight HMEL0320Sonnyphotosrunway in sight HMEL0321Sonnyphotosabout to touch down HMEL0322Sonnyphotostouch down ( and camera movement ) HMEL0325Sonnyphotosparking,quick shower and then back on board and another good sleep hopefully