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August 30, 2012

Shooting Cosmopolitan today

EUR_0741sonnyAnd Charlotte, Fashion Editor, booked a room in the hotel close to location- we are shooting on the streets- with an awesome view of eastern suburbs Shot_1 136possible location outside of the hotel EUR_0743sonnyanyway, back to this view, love it. So we are doing a street style shoot and using fashion bloggers as models ( If only Bryan Boy was in town hey ) So our models today are Montarna from Intersection, Sara from Harper & Harley, Tash & Elle from They all hate us, Bel, Love more and finishing with Nicole warne from Gary Pepper Vintage. Was a fast succesfull shoot and guess have to wait now till end sept oct to see the results. TheyAllHateUsHere's a shot, I think Charlotte took it, of me shooting Tash & Elle

June 26, 2012

Ever wondered what Diane Pernet looks like without her trademark glasses ?

_EUR1112DianaSonnyI'm guessing you, like myself, are blown away by this photo. A lot of bits and pieces we do not know about Diane Pernet ( that will change in a year or so :-) _EUR1114DianaSonnyI'm at the opening of an exhibtion put together by Cristiano Seganfreddo( for more info, go to Diane's blog ) _EUR1125DianaSonnyHusband #2 . . .what ! I thought you were married only once, wait, what...there was a third ? Does this mean there might even be some kids running around somewhere Miss Pernet ? :-) _EUR1129DianaSonnybefore Diane had her own label she used to do a lot of photography as well _EUR1106DianaSonnyWith Cristiano Seganfreddo at the official opening, will be open till September so if in Milan , check it out, Via San Spirito at Mauro Grifoni's shop/showroom

September 07, 2011

Likes Isaac again

O-matic Isaac, from Isaac Likes, came around to my hotel room ( no, no sheep love ) to do a preview of the exhibition, so he could do a little post for his blog, little Kiwi champ that he is, ended up writing a nice piece about me (oh the transtasman love ) read it here with more pics

September 05, 2011

Morning Coffee

P9050538sonnyphotos Labour day in America today ( oh how socialist of you to celebrate a day of the labourers :-) So streets very quite this morning and my favourite coffee place La Columbe is closed today, so I go to the place around the corner Annette and Todd took me to last november. So simple breakfast , coffee and chocolate croissant ( and no, not as good as La Columbe ) with bike chained to pole. Bryan wrote a good post today, read it .

August 28, 2011

Matt Shoots Sonny

Matts Matt gets his back after I shot him :-)

August 23, 2011

Surfing !!!

Just stumbled across this on one of my favourite blogs, and it just instantly hit a chord with me. Love love love this photo

May 08, 2011

Where are all the backstage pictures you may well ask

_AFW7705GaryBigeniSonnyPhotos Backstage at Gary Bigeni
Well, they are coming, yes, just with a slight delay as I have been so busy, up at 6am everyday, shoot 10 shows, don't get back to hotel till earliest 10pm, work till 2 - 3am, 3 hours sleep and then at it again. Not much food backstage ( if any ) so food intake has been low, thank gawd Jacs had some Vit B and multi vitamins for me to take, otherwise I would be totally run down more than I am now. Speaking of Jac, cracked the whip on her all week as well, and made her shoot some pictures for me as well, she has had a teeny weeny bit more time to upload some shots of the show on her blog, so while you wait for me to post my fashion backstage , check out her backstage prep shots

February 01, 2010

Wolfmother & Berns Hotel

IMG_5784SonnyPhotos So I arrived in Stockholm, check in to the hotel, call Dan who did some styling for me last time I was in Stockholm.Decide to go and grab a feed and remember a burger joint I went to around the corner with Lee Carter, and then in the hotel lobby I see a couple of guys, trying to work out where to go and grab a bite. Yes the hotel has a dining room, but there was a tragic swedish band called Avalon playing. So I tell these guys about the burger joint, and I'm talking to Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother ( for those who don't know, check out these two youtube clips - where eagles have been and joker and the thief and this one as well of course ) Anyway, so we head for a burger and I just love this shot of the snow lit up outside the burger joint.IMG_5787SonnyPhotos We head back to the hotel Berns for a nightcap, and yeah, un believable, they're playing here tomorrow night, stoked ! Andrew has started being a twit, so you can follow his Europe tour. So will hopefully make it to the show , I will then post some pics

September 07, 2009

My Exhibition in New York

Sonny invite 2

Peter Miszuk

After some more running around once I checked in, I finally meet up with Peter from Stylesightings for a quick dinner at JinIMG_4014

After Peter found out about how I had my G10 stolen last season in Paris, he's decided to shoot this season on those little throw away cameras, he's going to buy about 50 of them tomorrow, so if some one steals his camera, no drama, he'll have another 49