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June 15, 2013

Last day in Fiji and we finally visit the Sigatoka Black Sand Dunes

DSCF0937sonnyphotoslong climb up to the top :-) DSCF0942sonnyphotoswe've heard/read about the dunes system and beach with surfing below. Although for surfing, it does get very windy most of the time, not today. And when I talked to the guy who runs a surf camp behind the sand dune in the village, where you can rent boards etc... he told me the surf does get good, and that not everyone that surfs gets bitten by a shark, and then he runss through the list of injuries surfers have suffered, yeah, the Japanese guy got bitten on the hand, but its ok, he did not lose all his fingers, the Brazillian guy went back to brazil with a piece missing from his leg, and on he went, really selling the place he was. The clincher, but don;t worry if you want some protection from the shark, for an extra 10 dollars, you can "rent" one of my cousins who will come out the surf with you, and act as "bait" to distract the sharks while you surf, over his shoulder I could see about 3-4 of his cousins drawing straws to see who gets the short straw. But I did not need a souvenir of Fiji that badly :-) DSCF0943sonnyphotosam content with just watching the view from up here instead DSCF0947sonnyphotos

DSCF0949sonnyphotosKing of the castle DSCF0958sonnyphotosgo knock him of his perch girls DSCF0953sonnyphotos

DSCF0954sonnyphotosqueen of the dunes :-) DSCF0962sonnyphotosmy first time on black sand beach, ever since I saw the movie Piano, I always wanted to go and shoot on a black sand beach DSCF0969sonnyphotosloving how the colour pops against the black sand DSCF0975sonnyphotosI like, as a photographer, how some people see different things, like in this case, Jacqui saw the black sand sticking to the bottomw of the kids feet. DSCF0976sonnyphotos


thanks Fiji. Off to the airport now.
And night time flight, so won;t be boring you with countless cloud photos.

A visit to Kula Eco Park Sigatoka

DSCF0871sonnyphotosbut first lunch at one of our favourite little indian restaurants on the way to the park DSCF0877sonnyphotos

DSCF0879sonnyphotossmiles all round DSCF0884sonnyphotos

DSCF0888sonnyphotosnew hed piece :-) DSCF0889sonnyphotos

DSCF0891sonnyphotosLove the colour on this snake, golden brown DSCF0892sonnyphotos






Rainy Sigatoka Day

DSCF0856sonnyphotosbut still lots of colour DSCF0855sonnyphotos

DSCF0859sonnyphotosyou get the feeling that rain does not dampen the Fijians spirit DSCF0866sonnyphotos


Earth Day at Shangri-LA Fijian Resort

DSCF0766sonnyphotosFred i think was his name DSCF0768sonnyphotos

DSCF0772sonnyphotosOni from the Fijian Marine center, making sure everyone has signed in DSCF0774sonnyphotosand the local students come down to help plant seedling to create a new mangrove section on the lagoon side of the resort DSCF0778sonnyphotosseedlings, waiting for a new home on the low tide DSCF0779sonnyphotos

DSCF0780sonnyphotoslots of volunteers today as well DSCF0781sonnyphotos


DSCF0786sonnyphotosMoses, from the marine center,  shows how it is done DSCF0788sonnyphotosgirls get into it DSCF0795sonnyphotos




DSCF0813sonnyphotosgroup shot DSCF0825sonnyphotosback on the lawn, presentation, where Belle DSCF0827sonnyphotos & India get a certificate for all the volunteer work they have, not just this trip, but everytime we come here ( planted mangroves before and built the coral houses for new fish to colonise ) DSCF0829sonnyphotos

celebration time DSCF0817sonnyphotosEarth day, because there only one !

We Love Tom Lu's restaurant in Fiji

DSCF0734sonnyphotosAbd Jacqui loves her lobster ( but not hands on ) DSCF0736sonnyphotosIndia loves her too ( hands on ) DSCF0735sonnyphotosI opt for the mudcrab DSCF0738sonnyphotoshands on :-) DSCF0737sonnyphotosyummy

June 14, 2013

A day at the Shangri-La Fijian




FIJ_6420sonnyphotosNemo FIJ_6438sonnyphotosCoco FIJ_6464sonnyphotosIndia has a new friend FIJ_6480sonnyphotos

FIJ_6489sonnyphotosKenny checking out Nemo FIJ_6495sonnyphotos



FIJ_6533sonnyphotosinquisitive minds, love it FIJ_6564sonnyphotosso many fish FIJ_6575sonnyphotosKenny watches on as Kristy finally musters up the courage to put some goggles on and have a peek under water FIJ_6627sonnyphotoslater tht afternoon, Jacqui returns from her Stand up paddle session FIJ_6631sonnyphotos

FIJ_6676sonnyphotosand the kids still in the pool FIJ_6690sonnyphotossweet memories from a fun holiday FIJ_6698sonnyphotos

Cloudbreak again for another session, and seasnake as an extra guest

P4260271sonnyphotoswent to surf cloudbreak again ( will post a video soon, once I get around to editing it )but this time just with Kenny, no kids and no girls
And the great thing was there was no crowds like lasttime when there was about 50 guys out. Me, Kenny and 3 hawaiians P4260273sonnyphotosKenny went back to the boat for a rest while I surfed on, and we had an extra guest on board, a poisonous seasnake P4260275sonnyphotosWhile I was out in the water still, I could see some sort of commotion going on, Kenny standing on the seat and getting a broom ( why there was a broom on this small boat beats me ) and scopping it up to get it overboard again P4260277sonnyphotosback in its natural habitat P4260283sonnyphotosthe look on one contented man, his first surf out at Cloudbreak and heading back to the mainland P4260300sonnyphotoslater that night, Kita gets her hands on the camera and takes some photos when we are out at Tomlu's for dinner P4260311sonnyphotos

Some watercam shots - Fiji days


P4210150sonnyphotoslove this shot, they spent so much time in this pool in between snorkelling in the sea P4230180sonnyphotosaaahh....cloudbreak P4230184sonnyphotoswhile I'm out surfing , the girls try to ctch a few on the side P4230187sonnyphotos

P4230189sonnyphotosBelle's paddling out :-) P4230190sonnyphotosThis is when India was going out on the jet ski to come get me, " as long as you go slow" she said to the driver P4230191sonnyphotoshehehehe, as if :-)

P4230194sonnyphotospoor Bellie, little whitey that she is can;t stay in the sun too long P4230202sonnyphotosafter surfing and snorkelling most of the day, it's time to head back to the mainland P4230209sonnyphotos

P4240228sonnyphotosback at the resort, straight back in the water to check out this awesome fish, was a big one P4240239sonnyphotosand further belwo, deadly stone fish P4240244sonnyphotos

P4250252sonnyphotosdeadly sea snake, but don't worry, they have tiny mouths P4250259sonnyphotosback in the pool, the other Vandevelde's Kita & Kenny P4250265sonnyphotosoh my gawd, its the KKK, KennyKitaKristy ( funny colour is the colour pop setting on watercamera, i know , bit o.t.t. ) P4250266sonnyphotos

P4250269sonnyphotosscary dude in the water P4250270sonnyphotos

Planting with OISCA at Sigatoka Special school

FIJ_6204SonnyphotosAs well as our holiday activities, we like to get involved in other things, like planting some needed trees at the local school FIJ_6205Sonnyphotosand get veggie garden going as well FIJ_6208Sonnyphotosthe resort we stay at is very involved in the local community FIJ_6209Sonnyphotosfor every room that is booked at the resort a fee of 10 fijian dollars is already in coporated into the roomcharge, which goes directly back into the local community for projects like this one, supporting the locals schools FIJ_6211Sonnyphotos

FIJ_6212SonnyphotosThe students listen to one of the representatives from OISCA Japan  ( The Organization for Industrial Spiritual and Cultural Advancement International ) FIJ_6219Sonnyphotos



FIJ_6226SonnyphotosEvan finds a good spot for his tree seedling FIJ_6227Sonnyphotoswell just looking at it is not gonna do anything Evan FIJ_6228Sonnyphotos

FIJ_6230Sonnyphotosholidays = new friends FIJ_6236Sonnyphotosand not having to worry about the cleaning :-) FIJ_6239Sonnyphotoserm... Evan ? FIJ_6250Sonnyphotos








FIJ_6330Sonnyphotosgroup photo FIJ_6336Sonnyphotos

Oni FIJ_6359Sonnyphotostime for the balloon dance :-)

June 13, 2013

Sigatoka Markets, Fiji

FIJ_6172Sonnyphotosthe all important Kava FIJ_6174Sonnyphotosthat'll last for a few ceremonies FIJ_6180Sonnyphotos

FIJ_6184SonnyphotosEvan just loves going shopping with girls, especially souvenir shopping hehehe FIJ_6185SonnyphotosThe broken railway bridge that used carry the trains transporting all the sugar cane, shame they did not fix it, a lot more charm watching the sugar cane train roll past, as opposed to the trucks boom past on the road FIJ_6194Sonnyphotosback at the resort in time for another sunset FIJ_6197Sonnyphotosspot the fruit bat FIJ_6202Sonnyphotos