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May 06, 2013

After the party there is always the fun back at the hotel room


April 06, 2013

Surf Sessions at Bilgola Beach

Had some footage on go pro needing to be edited and published, so here's a 2 min clip of 2 sessions at Bilgola beach, one in Jan 2013 and then March. I don't surf that often at Bilgola, but the bank has been fun out there.

March 11, 2013

Abbey Lee has been absent from the shows

  That's because she's been keeping busy with her band

Good short interview with Tim Blanks about street photography


February 07, 2013

I thought I'd never find this again, yeay for internet

See if you can spot me :-)

hahaha, had so much doing this on the day. It was the cat from the Australian Olympic team, so was an awesome day sailing. and got paid for it, but damn it, now that I remember, I reckon I got ripped off, 450 bucks minus agency fees hahaha.

April 04, 2012

Not just a surf movie, a movie about surfing !

Trailer for Jack McCoy latest movie. IMG_0744sonnySaw film maker Jack McCoy at the post office earlier today ( Aloha ) and he told me his movie was extended by a few days at the local cinema at Avalon. So I told him I would pop down later tonight to come see it IMG_0745sonnyAnd I'm glad I did, Jack gaves us a little intro and background information on his movie. ( wouldn't that be nice everytime you go to see a movie you get a little talk before hand from the film maker ) Jack is known for his many surf movies, but this was more a movie about surfing. So if you get the chance to see it , do it, and see how a young hawaiin princess a century or so ago influenced this whole global culture.


March 29, 2012

Have you ever tried handfeeding a seagull ?

I have, several times now, but this time I got a video of it :-)

January 27, 2012

Atelier Versace Haute Couture Show Paris Backstage

Playing the Diva soundtrack, which is from one of my all time favourite movies, with the most haunting soundtrack
Was so happy to hear this track again
I know I should not post about movies during a haute couture show, but
you just have to see this movie and here is the Aria, the only time you will actually will hear me say I like this opera piece, as normally I don't like opera, except this one and then you can't go past this beautiful piano song, all time favourite, trying to get Belle to learn how to play this on Piano next 

January 05, 2011

Tim Bonython's Surf Movie Festival blasts of later this month

if screen no good, click here for youtube link
( yep, only shows half screen on blog, so click above link ! )

June 05, 2010

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Stanley Just saw this on Diane's website, I tried to get the embedded code of youtube, but it has been disabled, so click here instead which will take you to the post on Diane's site, then click on watch on youtube,  ( or click here to go straight to youtube) as it is a 5 part series. So put about 40 min aside and watch this look into Stanley's private world at this estate, and all his boxes, fascinating stuff