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February 17, 2013

Meanwhile, back in Sydney

Jacqui has been bloggin up a storm as of late. what with all those personalised portrait shoots she's doing

and then coming along to my productions to be my behind the scenes photographer :-) Jacqui 01here she shoots model Sophie between my legs. Jacqui 02beauty and the beast alright.  This was done back in November for another Wish shoot I did, this time down in Goulburn. Jacqui has the full report here ( click ) with plenty of photos. Jacqui 03Jacqui's new love :-)

February 07, 2013

I thought I'd never find this again, yeay for internet

See if you can spot me :-)

hahaha, had so much doing this on the day. It was the cat from the Australian Olympic team, so was an awesome day sailing. and got paid for it, but damn it, now that I remember, I reckon I got ripped off, 450 bucks minus agency fees hahaha.

January 28, 2013

Exhibition Opening Tonight At Berns Hotel Stockholm

To be held in the grand room at Berns Hotel SWE_9932sonnyBrought to you by Bon and Peroni SWE_9937sonny

SWE_9940sonnyThe photos in between the chandeliers SWE_9937sonny

SWE_9951sonnyAbove the bar SWE_9954sonnyreflections of the room SWE_9960sonny



The pictures are over a meter tall, but look so small in this grandiose room :-)


January 26, 2013

Photo Exhibition at Berns Salonger Hotel

IMG_1647sonnyphotosWhen I arrive at Berns hotel, there's already a big box waiting for me, can;t tell but box is 1 meter by a meter and a half IMG_1648sonnyphotosnice big poster prints mounted on 10mm polyboard inside the box. Now trying to work out which photo to put where, 10 of these photos will be hung inside the main restaurant which is a beautiful old room with massive chandeliers IMG_1649sonnyphotosyou can see the room in the mirror a little, but yeah, crappy phome cam photos, was too busy to gt camera from room, as we were on a time limit to set up the photos before lunch service starts, all good :-) IMG_1651sonnyphotosFirst photo is up, thanks to the fast help of Omar the hotel maintenance guy IMG_1652sonnyphotosright on queu jus as we finish putting up the 10 photos, another 10 prints arrive for inside the lobby and reception area of Berns Hotel IMG_1653sonnyphotoswoauw, this print turned out so well, thanks to Andreas from Stockholm's pro center printing IMG_1654sonnyphotosBig print, little man in mirror :-) IMG_1657sonnyphotosZuzanna wearing Dolce near the elevators IMG_1655sonnyphotosOne isde of the restaurant, will come back later and take some real photos

November 22, 2012

Status Jewellery shoot, finished product

HMEL7721sonnyphotoshere are some of the shots from the shoot we did for Status Tiff_1sonnyphotos


Tiff_2sonnyphotosthanks Team
now get out there and buy the product ( that way I can shoot another one of these in a few months time :-)

October 24, 2012

Shooting with Eliza Humble today for "Me & Zozo "

JacquiTurner 01shooting at Paddington reservoir, with one of the nicest, kindest models in Sydney. Which is why Jacqui decided to come gate crash the shoot so she could get a few more shots of her favourite model. As Jacqui said to me 3 years ago " Who;s the pretty blond backstage, she's the only one that always smiles for me when I point the camera at her " JacquiTurner 02love mixing daylight with flash for my shoots. Click here to go to Jacqui's blog and see some more behind the scenes photos from this shoot and a few nice shots of Eliza as well :-) Mezozo01here's some more behind the scenes photos that Monia took as well Mezozo02

Mezozo03love this shot. Head over to Me & Zozo to see more.

here are some of the shots for the look book component I shot HMEL6930sonnyphotos









Eliza Humble natural light ( no flash ) HMEL7165sonnyphotosprplhpstill had 40 minutes up our sleeve so we shot some extra shots HMEL7183sonnyphotosprplhpyes, yes, I did do some "skin enhancement " but ever so minimal ( like, took me 15 min ) as Eliza really has flawless skin :-) HMEL7174sonnyphotosprplhp



October 12, 2012

Seriously, I hate it when I see this

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 8.48.12 AMA friend of mine just sent me this link from Club Monaco, a fasion retail company based in New York and subsidiary from Ralph Lauren, interesting shot they are using, hmmm, does it not remind of ....

the shot below


OstwaldThe cover of German Glamour of a shot I did for Fashion Brand Ostwald Helgason

now, why could they just not book me to shoot this for them, or at least contact me

so anyone out there, legally, where do I stand on this

or should I just go with Charles Caleb Colton quote " Imitation is the highest form of flattery "

September 27, 2012

My New York Times coverage of Rochas

for the full post on New York Times click here.

September 26, 2012

WISH summer 12/13 Campaign

Wish Atlantic Top Clarion Shorts
Back in Australia the campaign I shot for WISH has landed, was so excited about this shoot, when Todd called me back in June while I was shooting the mens in Milan and he asked if I would like to go back to the salt lakes to shoot his summer campaign I already said yes before my brain processed the information, of course, love the salt lakes, and the people at WISH are such a great bunch of people to work with as well, anyway, enough blah blah, here are the photos Wish Aztec Dress Clarion Dress

Wish Curio Tank Westward Pants

Wish Pinacolada Maxi

Wish Wonderland Jacket and Pants Promenade Top Hiatus Top Clarion Shorts

Wish Zealot Dress

Wish Sphere Dress Saloon Dress

September 25, 2012

My New York Times coverage of Roberto Cavalli

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