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January 26, 2009

Hugo , Hugo Boss

Bruno Pieters designing fro Hugo Boss, and a little bit of a big deal, as this is the first time Hugo Boss is showing in Paris ( they usually show in Berlin ) and I have a feeling Bruno is largely responsible for that_BA39586
Detail of Bruno's sleeve, ready to do the final touches _BA39622 _BA39635
loving this look ( Bruno, feel free to dress me )_BA39660
Love the tie_BA39675 _BA39682 _BA39698 _BA39711 _BA39719 _BA39735 _BA39747 _BA39781 _BA39796 _BA39804 _BA39814 _BA39827 _BA39848 _BA39867 _BA39883 _BA39899 _BA39922 _BA39942 _BA39954 _BA39969
Finished, a successful show and a smiling Bruno


rehearsal _BA30993
me, in reflection, rugged up , unlike a few days ago_BA31020 line up_BA31025
Jacqui said it was about time I put some boys on my blog, after all those fashion models_BA31028 _BA31040 _BA31044 _BA31047 _BA31052 _BA31064 _BA31069 _BA31071 _BA31085 _BA31093 _BA31116
Designer Jean-Paul Knott ( have not seen him for a while, as he no longer does his own womans collection, but he does do a haute couture collection, and ofcourse this men collection for Cerruti )_BA31127 _BA31148 _BA31158

Rick Owens

One of the models doing the right thing while waiting for the show to start_BA30869
interesting hair cut_BA30873
I like it, but not for me ( can you imagine hehehe)_BA30894
Model & Rick_BA30905 _BA30923 _BA30937 _BA30939 _BA30948

Thierry Mugler

_BA30749 English gentlemen meets the red baron_BA30757 _BA30763 _BA30776 _BA30792 _BA30797 _BA30801 _BA30830 _BA30836 _BA30840


loving this jacket, it is actually grey, but with reflective material, so my flash has made it white_BA30693
nice accessory _BA30701
As well a the show, they are also shooting their lookbook, so I take advantage of the studio set up _BA30705 _BA30708
This cool outfit again, I mean it is ..grey, but if you were to ride your bike at night, this is what motorists would see, and if you look at the back of the camera, you can see that the flash from above is somehow not reflecting_BA30712 _BA30719
sorry, but I'm just fascinated_BA30722 _BA30730
Rogier from Holland

Dries Van Noten

always such a tickle to get backstage, and not just for me, so I should not take it personal_BA30415
The show is at this amazing place in Place Colonel Fabien, which seems to be some sort of Architectural study center_BA30422
And it being an architectural place, the floors are all on an angle, hence a few of these_BA30431 _BA30442 _BA30445 _BA30447 _BA30454 _BA30477 _BA30540 _BA30493 _BA30546 _BA30551

Veronique Branquinho

Veronique's men_BA30315 _BA30324
We have an Australian amongst Veronique's men, Perth boy, Albert_BA30332
hmmmm, Huis of Boon_BA30338 _BA30345 _BA30358 _BA30362 _BA30372 _BA30375 _BA30385

Jean Paul Gaultier

backstage beauty_BA30061
pre- show stress ?_BA30065
massage seems to be working_BA30088
remember Glen Martens, one of my favourite collections form the Antwerp Academy graduates, well he is now working for Gaultier_BA30092 _BA30098
Hannelore Knuts is in the show as well, have not seen her in ages, and for those who didn't know, she has designed her own handbag with Delvaux_BA30128
detail_BA30133 _BA30137 _BA30190
Hannelore and Glen_BA30195 _BA30207 _BA30285