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April 13, 2010

Duomo, Milan, Italy

IMG_6356SonnyPhotos-pola love that you can just walk on the roofIMG_6359SonnyPhotos-pola so much to see up hereIMG_6360SonnyPhotos-pola gargoyle's , a favourite wordIMG_6361SonnyPhotos-pola the design ! the build, incredible. In todays age, it would be impossible, which is weird when you really start to think about itIMG_6362SonnyPhotos-pola detail detail everywhere you lookIMG_6363SonnyPhotos-pola
18th century porn on church roof ?IMG_6365SonnyPhotos-pola column after colum, but on every pinacle a different pattern, object or face and so manyIMG_6371SonnyPhotos-pola
IMG_6373SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6374SonnyPhotos-pola everywhere you look , so many little ( or big ) detailsIMG_6375SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6377SonnyPhotos-pola row after row after row, and like I said, ever corner, feauture, a different detailIMG_6382SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6387SonnyPhotos-pola there was air coming out of his mouthIMG_6385SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6386SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6388SonnyPhotos-pola how awesome, a rare clear blue sky day and you can see the snow covered alps from the Duomo roofIMG_6391SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6392SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6393SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6394SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6395SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6397SonnyPhotos-pola Chillin' on the roof.
This is all thanks to Iekeliene, who explored this roof last season with Peter, and suggested I do it as well, and glad I did. Here I am sitting on the roof in the sun, totally relaxed, letting the sun's rays warm me up after the long cold days of shows in Milan, listen to Pantha Du Prince on Iphone, totally chilled !IMG_6400SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6401SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6402SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6404SonnyPhotos-pola little gecko'sIMG_6405SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6409SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6410SonnyPhotos-pola
after exiting the Duomo and having just taken the above pic, I thought it was funny to be confronted by this poster from one of the local politiciansIMG_6412SonnyPhotos-pola

Car Free Sunday in Milan ( yeah right ...as if )

IMG_6353SonnyPhotos For the past few days, there's been this murmur about sunday being a car free day in all of Milan. The hotel clerk told me that yeah, all of Milan, which sucks for him as he has an hour tram ride to work on sunday. But after one of the shows, you can see that obvioulsy not everyone got the memoIMG_6355SonnyPhotos even though signs had been posted ( and still are ) that it is a car free day. ( I'm on a bus )

Milan on Roids

IMG_6323SonnyPhotos-pola Just going through some random photos from Milan Fashion Week, behind the scenes, here we have Lazzaro wrapping up for Sean after MoschinoIMG_6328SonnyPhotos-pola
Matt Holloway from Women Management with Mirte MaasIMG_6329SonnyPhotos-pola Matt looking after his girlsIMG_6330SonnyPhotos-pola Moschino room post showIMG_6331SonnyPhotos-pola Sara, off to the next showIMG_6332SonnyPhotos-pola Travis Balcke and Eugene, on their way to create more hair master piecesIMG_6335SonnyPhotos-pola post showIMG_6336SonnyPhotos-pola
backstage at Marni

March 15, 2010

Roberto Cavalli AW10 Collection

_MIL6315RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Siri_MIL6332RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Hanne_MIL6338RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Elsa_MIL6342RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Sigrid_MIL6344RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Natasha ( when she smiles, man ! she looks great ! )_MIL6356RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Siri Tollerod_MIL6371RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Shu Pei_MIL6383RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Mirte_MIL6388RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Lais Ribeiro_MIL6391RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn Jablonski_MIL6406RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Ginta Lapina_MIL6413RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Aline Webber_MIL6416RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Sasha Pivovarova_MIL6422RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Diana Farkhullina_MIL6429RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Sigrid Agren_MIL6434RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Julija Steponaviciute_MIL6439RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Tati Cotliar_MIL6443RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Valerija Kelava_MIL6451RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Joan Smalls_MIL6454RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Magdalena Frackowiak_MIL6466RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Liu Wen_MIL6479RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Constance Jablonski_MIL6484RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Alex Sandor_MIL6492RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Iris Strubegger_MIL6499RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Marina Peres_MIL6510RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos MariaCarla & Natasha_MIL6519RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Elsa Sylvan

March 13, 2010

Roberto Cavalli Beauty AW10

_MIL6260RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Belikova_MIL6273RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos as in Anabela_MIL6276RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Katie Fogarty_MIL6290RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Sylvan_MIL6299RobertoCavalliSonnyPhotos Elsa Sylvan

PRADA AW10 Collection

_MIL0856PradaSonnyPhotos Samantha Gradoville opens Prada ( to the uninitiated, in the modelling world opening Prada is a big deal and good score )_MIL0872PradaSonnyPhotos Miss Stone_MIL0876PradaSonnyPhotos Miss Kroes_MIL0892PradaSonnyPhotos Ginta Lapina_MIL0899PradaSonnyPhotos Bianca Balti & Iselin Steiro_MIL0912PradaSonnyPhotos Barbara_MIL0921PradaSonnyPhotos Rasa Zukauskaite ( who some expected to open the show )_MIL0926PradaSonnyPhotos Anastasia Kuznetsova_MIL0951PradaSonnyPhotos Julija Steponaviciute_MIL0966PradaSonnyPhotos Patricia Van Der Vliet_MIL0968PradaSonnyPhotos Carla Gebhart_MIL0977PradaSonnyPhotos Sophie Srej_MIL0987PradaSonnyPhotos The lovely Kerr_MIL0989PradaSonnyPhotos _MIL1005PradaSonnyPhotos Jac_MIL1008PradaSonnyPhotos Catherine McNeill_MIL1021PradaSonnyPhotos Ylonka Verheul_MIL1041PradaSonnyPhotos Velerija Kelava_MIL1066PradaSonnyPhotos Carla & Miranda_MIL1068PradaSonnyPhotos Jac & Cat_MIL1077PradaSonnyPhotos Maria Carla_MIL1101PradaSonnyPhotos Ylonka & Samantha_MIL1108PradaSonnyPhotos Natasha & Tati

PRADA Beauty AW10

_MIL0768PradaSonnyPhotos Aussie Girl Miranda Kerr doing Prada, awesome_MIL0789PradaSonnyPhotos Barbara Palvin, looking great ( is she a Russel find ? )_MIL0793PradaSonnyPhotos Doutzen is back !_MIL0805PradaSonnyPhotos The Cat is back !_MIL0822PradaSonnyPhotos Bianca is back !_MIL0845PradaSonnyPhotos Add a little fresh dutchness in the way of Patricia Van Der Vliet_MIL0853PradaSonnyPhotos Mix in some amazingness that is Jac, and voila, Prada show ( all it needs is some awesomeness in the form of Iek ! )

Moschino AW10 Collection

_MIL2492MoschinoSonnyPhotos Hanne Gaby_MIL2502MoschinoSonnyPhotos Miss Kulikova ( ROCKS ! )_MIL2505MoschinoSonnyPhotos Vanessa Hegelmaier_MIL2524MoschinoSonnyPhotos The other rocker, Miss Moldovan_MIL2536MoschinoSonnyPhotos Anna Kuchinka_MIL2552MoschinoSonnyPhotos The two rockers together ( finalkly ) Diana & Irina_MIL2558MoschinoSonnyPhotos Bianca Balti ( having a great comeback season- well, she never really went away though did she )_MIL2561MoschinoSonnyPhotos Hannah & Dorothea_MIL2575MoschinoSonnyPhotos Anna, Regina Feoktistova & Alla_MIL2579MoschinoSonnyPhotos Marike Le Roux_MIL2590MoschinoSonnyPhotos Heidi_MIL2598MoschinoSonnyPhotos Kirby Kenny ( and the about to become super famous in Oz, Travis , stocking up in the background )

Missoni AW10 Collection

_MIL6539MissoniSonnyPhotos Ann Kenny & Alla Kostromicheva_MIL6546MissoniSonnyPhotos _MIL6550MissoniSonnyPhotos Ruby Aldridge_MIL6555MissoniSonnyPhotos _MIL6556MissoniSonnyPhotos Getting a bit annoyed with the incompetent production people, and it's not just me, Alla sums it up perfectly (then again, in her defense, you could pin the blame on Anna W. )_MIL6567MissoniSonnyPhotos Daiane_MIL6572MissoniSonnyPhotos Hannah Holman_MIL6579MissoniSonnyPhotos Ilvie Wittek & Antonella Graef_MIL6581MissoniSonnyPhotos Julia Nobis ( go Aussies ) and Jenny Sinkaberg_MIL6583MissoniSonnyPhotos Patricia & Ilvie

MaxMara AW10 Collection

_MIL1745MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Ramona Chmura_MIL1767MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Diana Dondoe_MIL1786MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Magdalena_MIL1811MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Lindsey_MIL1830MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Ramona_MIL1840MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Shu Pei_MIL1850MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Jac_MIL1862MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Dree Hemingway_MIL1877MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Elsa Sylvan_MIL1882MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Anja Rubik_MIL1894MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Dorothea_MIL1909MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Rose Cordero_MIL1928MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Karlie Kloss_MIL1949MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Rose_MIL1959MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Mirte_MIL1971MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Magdalena_MIL1973MaxMaraSonnyPHotos Lindsey