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July 29, 2013

Over all this Pop shit music on Triple Jay at the moment, wait ... I mean the past 10 years

Just stumbled upon this little number on the Beatz & Carrots music blog. I mean, I would not want to listen to this everyday, but it is sooooo much better than this continues pop bullshit over on my x beloved Jay airwaves. Gone are the days when I would stay up late at night listenening to the jays, tape recorder in ready record mode in case something new came on ( and which it did frequently ) I still have all these tapes, and they all shit on the current jays playlist

July 12, 2013

DJ Mike Nouveau Upstairs at the BAckstage Of Damir Doma's show

While the models were getting ready/waiting for the show to start in this nice grungy looking garage in Paris. I spotted Mike loitering backstage, so I grabbed him upstairs for a quick B&W portrait session.
you like ?

March 14, 2013

WORK - Iggy Azalea

I so wish for Iggy to make it big in L.A. And flabbergasted as to why Australia's Triple Gay radio network is not picking up on this Aussie Talent !!!

March 11, 2013

Abbey Lee has been absent from the shows

  That's because she's been keeping busy with her band

November 20, 2012

love !!


August 06, 2012

6Ft. Hick @ The Annandale Hotel

EUR_8230sonnyyep, next night, and back at the Annandale Hotel, no kidding, this is a first. EUR_8241sonnyBut when you go out with a die hard fan, you go. Not that I mind, these guys put on a great show, but, I decided to stay at the side of the stage, prefer not to have ciccadas ringing in my hear when I go to sleep later tonight EUR_8248sonnyenjoy the photos Patrice EUR_8249sonny

















Def wish Cast @ the Annandale Hotel

EUR_7952sonnyDJ act warms up the crowd :-)
Been working with Def Wish on a film clip, and shot some footage at on our their gigs before I went to Europe, so when he told me they had another gig on at The Annandale, thought I'd better get donw there and get some more video footage EUR_7954sonnymesmerized crowd EUR_7955sonnysome Beatbox-ing EUR_7956sonnymeanwhile EUR_7960sonnyupstairs EUR_7963sonnygetting ready for their gig EUR_7969sonnygetting into his rhymes :-) EUR_7971sonnybut poor old Simon has a cold and is worried about his vocal cords, fair enough EUR_7976sonny15 seconds of fame :-) EUR_7977sonnyok, here we go, time to switch to video :-)

July 18, 2012

This looks cold, great wave, but damn it, that just looks too cold for me


March 19, 2012

Zuid Afrika In Da House

I appreciate this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like it a lot, great video.
First time I heard this song was when Die Antwoord performed this song on David Letterman show, and yes, not a peep from Paul Schaffer, managed to shut that fucker up for a change ( I could never stand all his stupid comments ) and the expression on David's face, priceless :-)
I know my dad is gone love this song, ...not

January 12, 2012

Dun Proppa - Def Wish Cast new video clip

Mi mate Def Wish and Def Wish Cast have just brought out their new clip Congrats Simon, rockin ' :-)