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September 03, 2011

Exhibition at Tribeca Grand , opening this Thursday night

GLBACKSonnyPhotos This year it is a little different, because not only do you get my photos, but you also GLFrontSonnyPhotos get my friend, Candice Lake's photos as well.
so come down on the big night if in town

February 28, 2010

The Vine Now reports from backstage with my pics

TheVine Mirte at Preen, click here for the report Melanie Hick wrote for the Vine

February 25, 2010

In the snow after Derek Lam

IMG_6230 Alana, still in make up , trying to get a cab to go to her next showIMG_6231 I love the snowIMG_6232 Tommy ton, doing his thing, he got this great shot of Abbey and Freja ( click ) and I got this one ( his is better )IMG_6235 Abbey Lee & FrejaIMG_6236 IMG_6237 IMG_6239 My assistant for the week, Patrick in the background with my case, and Matvey after another show, and this is so much better than rain

February 24, 2010

Some more

IMG_6222 Love this building, one day I'll make it inside as opposed to always going past it in between showsIMG_6227 Charles, on the metro , showing me tattoo he did last night

Some shots from last week still , just got them off the camera

IMG_6180day 2 after the "storm " I use that word lightly, as opposed to the news channels ( Fear, it is a storm , aaahh )IMG_6181IMG_6182Jason Lloyd Evans out side his hotel room ( nice colur Jays ) ready for another day of showsIMG_6183Mark Cobrasnake doing his thingIMG_6184IMG_6187One of my New York Angels, Tommy Saleh, up there with Miguel and GrahamIMG_6189Lee Carter and Kelly CutroneIMG_6191BryanBoy and LeeIMG_6192Peter MiszukIMG_6193BryanBoy with Justine Cullen, Avalon girl, that's right Av girl in New York. Justine is the editor from an ACP magazine called Shop Till you Drop ( how's that for a title )IMG_6194Show the love ( this one is for the girls at STYD that were left behind :-)IMG_6195 And this is . . . this is New York, which is like an Island on the East Coast and LA would be the Island on the West Coast, and it is just a crazy right wing religious wilderness in between

Zero + Maria Cornejo AW10 Collection

_NYA4997ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Diana Moldovan_NYA4999ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos _NYA5013ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Hyoni_NYA5019ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Chantal Stafford-Abbott_NYA5030ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Cole & Timoxa_NYA5046ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos _NYA5051ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Sara & Ann Kenny_NYA5053ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Egle & Lisanne_NYA5056ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Diana_NYA5087ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Diana & Marina_NYA5099ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Ann_NYA5102ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Cole_NYA5105ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Yuri_NYA5111ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Anastasia Kuznetsova & Yulia Leontieva_NYA5126ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Sara Blomqvist_NYA5131ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Ranya Mordanova_NYA5169ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Jeneil Williams_NYA5173ZeroMariaCornejoSonnyPhotos Reina Montero

William Rast AW 10 Collection

_NYA8257WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Heidi Verster_NYA8258WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Charles_NYA8263WilliamRastSonnyPhotos _NYA8268WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Alina Ismailova_NYA8273WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Christian Brylle_NYA8277WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Skye_NYA8286WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Katya Kulyzha_NYA8298WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Maria Kashleva_NYA8307WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Matvey_NYA8319WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Daniela Mirzac_NYA8334WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Mak_NYA8341WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Timoxa_NYA8348WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Chantal_NYA8361WilliamRastSonnyPhotos _NYA8370WilliamRastSonnyPhotos Mak_NYA8375WilliamRastSonnyPhotos attack_NYA8385WilliamRastSonnyPhotos


_NYA3389VPLSonnyphotos Madisyn & Lakshmi_NYA3393VPLSonnyphotos _NYA3397VPLSonnyphotos Anna_NYA3402VPLSonnyphotos Vlada & Anna_NYA3407VPLSonnyphotos Karolin & Georgia Hilmer_NYA3420VPLSonnyphotos Alla_NYA3425VPLSonnyphotos Naty & Azul Caletti_NYA3428VPLSonnyphotos Azul_NYA3431VPLSonnyphotos Bregje & Anastasia_NYA3455VPLSonnyphotos Marlena Szoka_NYA3460VPLSonnyphotos Danielle Zinaich_NYA3469VPLSonnyphotos Madisyn_NYA3504VPLSonnyphotos Alla_NYA3510VPLSonnyphotos Madisyn_NYA3527VPLSonnyphotos _NYA3529VPLSonnyphotos Georgina Stojilkovic_NYA3530VPLSonnyphotos Kristy Kaurova_NYA3533VPLSonnyphotos Georgie_NYA3542VPLSonnyphotos Danielle_NYA3550VPLSonnyphotos Jacquelyn Jablonski_NYA3559VPLSonnyphotos Anna Selezneva_NYA3565VPLSonnyphotos Vlada Roslyakova_NYA3579VPLSonnyphotos Vlada, Alla, Anna

Staerk AW10 presentation

_NYA4814VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4817VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4822VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4824VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4832VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4835VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4840VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4845VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4848VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4852VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos

Victor Glemaud AW10 Presentation

_NYA4749VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4751VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4754VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4757VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4760VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4764VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4767VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4772VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4776VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4779VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4781VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4785VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4790VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4794VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4797VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4803VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4806VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4808VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos _NYA4813VictorGlemaud&StaerkSonnyPhotos