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January 13, 2012


Thelistmag 01Manu, my Belgium collaboratuer, has put out a new zine, www.thelistmag.com , where Manu creates a weekly list of contents that he finds inspiring, trawling the online world day and night to bring you the best. With a quaterly print version as well Thelistmag 02so with my backstage photos, Manu created this great list, the 50 defining backstage trends for summer 2012, click to see, he did an awesome job, love it Thelistmag 03

September 20, 2011

After all that Fashion and this is your favourite photo ?

O-matic01 Just as I was packing my bag in the hotel room, I took one last look out my window and saw this, and just loved the shadow and the light, beautiful sunlight, hard, but not as hard as Australian sun, I just love this photo, so simple, timeless O-matic2 could sit here for a bit longer and take more photos P9170595Sonnyphotos popped some colur in this one P9170599Sonnyphotos first one still my favourite, but some one will prefer this colour one :-)

New York New York Sept 11

P9100572Sonnyphotos Some pics form the big apple the past week.
Up again, nice and ealry, well not nice really, been trying to sleep in till at least 7 or 8 am, but I kept waking up at 4-5 in the morning P9110575Sonnyphotos view of the Hudson river in the afternoon from 8th floor at Milk Studios P9110576Sonnyphotos where we also get a great view of Diane Von Furstenberger's apartment P9120577Sonnyphotos just wouldn't be the same around here without you Travis P9120578Sonnyphotos
P9150579Sonnyphotos 400 rolls of film, that's film as in, what I prefer to shoot on but no one can pay me to do so , so I'm stuck with digital, this lucky bastard is allowed to go through 400 rolls of film to cover fashion week for the NEw Yorker magazine, one reason alone to buy it when it comes out, it's all shot on film !!! P9150581Sonnyphotos Elsa Sylvan having a quite moment P9150582Sonnyphotos away form the backstage hecticness of Proenza Schouler P9150583Sonnyphotos where I also spot what looks like a gnome hiding under a lit up black mushroom P9150584Sonnyphotos tanning ? P9160585Sonnyphotos early evening walking back to hotel on my last night in New York P9160587Sonnyphotos beautiful colours

Tommy Hilfiger SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage

NYC_9188TommyHsonnyphotos ... NYC_9230TommyHsonnyphotos Guess who's coming to dinner NYC_9246TommyHsonnyphotos Hanne Gaby, Arizona Muse & Zuzanna Bijoch NYC_9254TommyHsonnyphotos Zuzanna & Caroline Brasch Nielsen NYC_9258TommyHsonnyphotos Jac NYC_9265TommyHsonnyphotos Cora Emmanuel NYC_9271TommyHsonnyphotos Jacquelyn Jablonski NYC_9285TommyHsonnyphotos Karlie Kloss NYC_9301TommyHsonnyphotos Emily Baker NYC_9305TommyHsonnyphotos Maud Welzen NYC_9347TommyHsonnyphotos Karlie Kloss

Thakoon SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage

NYC_8894Thakoonsonnyphotos Anais Pouliot & Marique Schimmel NYC_8912Thakoonsonnyphotos Kate King NYC_8919Thakoonsonnyphotos Linnea Regnander NYC_8928Thakoonsonnyphotos Andie Arthur, Iris Egbers & Dempsey Stewart NYC_8940Thakoonsonnyphotos Juju Ivanyuk NYC_8956Thakoonsonnyphotos Xiao Wen Ju NYC_8962Thakoonsonnyphotos Katlin Aas NYC_9000Thakoonsonnyphotos Alana Zimmer NYC_9009Thakoonsonnyphotos Debora Muller NYC_9015Thakoonsonnyphotos Melissa Tammerijn NYC_9029Thakoonsonnyphotos Milou van Groesen & Linnea Regnander NYC_9049Thakoonsonnyphotos Shu Pei Qin, Karo Mrozkova & Anais Mali

Victoria Bartlett's VPL SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage

NYC_7215VPLSonnyphotos nice camera NYC_7204VPLSonnyphotos

Siki Im SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage


Rag & Bone SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage

NYC_5959RagandBoneSonnyphotos Emily Baker NYC_5968RagandBoneSonnyphotos Vika Falileeva & Monika Sawicka NYC_5974RagandBoneSonnyphotos Anabela Belikova NYC_5986RagandBoneSonnyphotos Bette Franke NYC_5997RagandBoneSonnyphotos Shu Pei Qin NYC_6008RagandBoneSonnyphotos Kaitlin Aas & Lina Sandberg NYC_6017ragandbonesonnyphotos Kinga Rajzak NYC_6037ragandbonesonnyphotos Julia Stegner NYC_6044ragandbonesonnyphotos Julia Nobis NYC_6045ragandbonesonnyphotos Arizona Muse & Bette Franke NYC_6067ragandbonesonnyphotos Marique Schimmel & Karolina Kurkova

Theysken Theory SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage

_NYT0100TheorySonnyphotos Kristina Salinovic _NYT0107TheorySonnyphotos Saara Sihvonen _NYT0119TheorySonnyphotos Yulia Kharlapanova _NYT0121TheorySonnyphotos Aymeline Valade _NYT0124TheorySonnyphotos Viktoria Kvalsvik _NYT0139TheorySonnyphotos Aiste Kliveckaite _NYT0170TheorySonnyphotos Anna Zanovello _NYT0181TheorySonnyphotos Colinne Michaelis _NYT0193TheorySonnyphotos Anabela Belikova _NYT0204TheorySonnyphotos Josephine Skriver & Patricia van der Vliet _NYT0273TheorySonnyphotos Krystal Gynn

September 19, 2011

Rad Hourani SS12 Fashion Show New York Backstage