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April 21, 2013

Bless'ed Are The Meek SS13/14 Fashion Show Sydney Backstage










Bless'ed Are The Meek is the label I just went out to Alice Springs for thanks to Northern Territory Tourism and shot an amazing campaign for them ( pictures coming soon ) In the meantime, you should check out these two posts again with pictures taken from the flight over to Alice and then back to Sydney from Alice Springs. And a quick look behind the scenes from the shoot......and this video Oliver Heath and Fin just put together from the shoot. 

April 06, 2013

Alice Springs > Sydney flight back

NTA_2049sonnyphotosand yet another glorious blue sky day in the N.T. :-) NTA_2052sonnyphotostake off, and I see the ranges and gaps I visited yesterday NTA_2057sonnyphotosmust be Emily or Jessie's gap on the left NTA_2065sonnyphotosdid not see that before ( the green rectangles ) NTA_2066sonnyphotosnot even 5 minutes into the flight and I'm already like woauw NTA_2067sonnyphotosamazing, love it, get me back there !! :-) NTA_2068sonnyphotoszoomed out NTA_2069sonnyphotosagain, woauw, I need a few weeks and a serious 4WD and I promise I will produce some awesome photos NTA_2071sonnyphotosI mean, looking at it from up here, it's like our version of grand canyon, just looks so spectacular NTA_2072sonnyphotosif you look close, you will see the river bed on the rigth is still green NTA_2073sonnyphotosSaint Teresa, some 80km from Alice Springs in South Easterly direction. See-ing that know, wish I had spent an extra day ( or 4 ) driving south east :-) NTA_2075sonnyphotosbecause just before Saint Teresa you have those shots preceding the shot before saint teresa and then after saint teresa you get this, big snaking caterpillar NTA_2077sonnyphotoslook close and you could imagine a mars landscape NTA_2079sonnyphotoslooks like the flight is taking us exactly the same way as we flew in  NTA_2080sonnyphotosjust can't get over how awesome it looks down there NTA_2082sonnyphotos

NTA_2085sonnyphotosand then the Simpson desert starts NTA_2087sonnyphotos

NTA_2091sonnyphotos100's of kilometers of red sand NTA_2093sonnyphotosgive you an idea of where I am NTA_2095sonnyphotosyep same path as flight in NTA_2099sonnyphotos

NTA_2105sonnyphotosI wonder at what stage the Simpson is no longer and becomes theStrzelecki Desert NTA_2109sonnyphotos


NTA_2113sonnyphotosthere are those lines again, can anyone shed light on what they are NTA_2115sonnyphotos


NTA_2145sonnyphotosband of cumulus clouds NTA_2156sonnyphotos




NTA_2207sonnyphotostopof Australia lake NTA_2216sonnyphotos

NTA_2224sonnyphotosDarling river NTA_2234sonnyphotosone cloud NTA_2236sonnyphotostwo clouds NTA_2248sonnyphotosflying past Cobar again NTA_2258sonnyphotos

NTA_2261sonnyphotosgetting closer to the eastern seaboard NTA_2267sonnyphotos

NTA_2275sonnyphotosmust be cloudy day in Sydney today NTA_2283sonnyphotosthat's bush fire smoke amongst the clouds, somewhere in the blue mountains NTA_2284sonnyphotosairport in the middle of the photo where Jacqui took me for my birthday acrobatic flight NTA_2290sonnyphotosdescending NTA_2293sonnyphotosSydney in the clouds NTA_2296sonnyphotosBotany Bay and cronulla NTA_2302sonnyphotosbeach in sydney south national park I been wanting to go to for a while now ( one day ) NTA_2311sonnyphotosport hacking NTA_2322sonnyphotossand mining at Kurnell just before landing

April 03, 2013

Last Day in the Alice and surrounds ( all 300kms of it :-)

_AP_0714sonnyphotosASPJust 10-12km out of town and we get to Emily's gap and I love this tree and you see how important these trees are in the summer to give some much needed shade from the blistering sun _AP_0718sonnyphotosASPjust amazing landscape, these long snaking mountain range, and then you get these gaps where water would flow through after the rains _AP_0719sonnyphotosASPand as you can see by the dry river bed, no rain in a while _AP_0726sonnyphotosASPOllie & Fin, the video crew, stayed on with me for an extra day as well ( the rest of the crew flew back today )  to get some more location/landscape shots/footage NTA_1849sonnyphotosASPwould like to be here now one day when the water is flowing NTA_1855sonnyphotosASPCaterpillar Dreaming Rock painting at Emily's Gap, an aboriginal story about the three caterpillars NTA_1857sonnyphotosASP


NTA_1867sonnyphotosASPEmily Gap from the other side NTA_1880sonnyphotosASPon our way to the next gap, spotted this NTA_1883sonnyphotosASPone could say it is funny, but one could also say, please, take your rubbish with you after you finish your big adventure, if every Euro tourist did this, well, then yeah, it would be a tip wouldn't it NTA_1900sonnyphotosASPJessie's Gap NTA_1902sonnyphotosASPOutback pyramid at Jessie's Gap NTA_1905sonnyphotosASPvastness to the south, I guess about 100-150km and you would be at the edge of the simpson desert NTA_1908sonnyphotosASPbroken up caterpillars ? NTA_1914sonnyphotosASPgot to love the outback and taking shots NTA_1916sonnyphotosASPand the strange thing is I'm trying to cram in so much in one day when you should really spend a good big week out here exploring NTA_1918sonnyphotosASPbut be wary at dusk of wild life NTA_1921sonnyphotosASProadkill NTA_1926sonnyphotosASPon the wide open road NTA_1928sonnyphotosASPCorroboree Rock, a sacred Aboriginal site NTA_1940sonnyphotosASPThe rock itself is an outcrop of dolomite from the Bitter Springs Formation originally laid down in salty lakes 800 million years ago. Dolomite is a soft sedimentary fine grained rock. It is very similar to limestone except magnesium carbonate is the dominant compound rather than calcium carbonate. At the base of the rock you can see dark grey and light grey streaky blobs of 'dalmation rock'. A ring of low ground surrounding the rock makes it look like an obelisk. NTA_1944sonnyphotosASPit's incredible how thin it is, and I read how this is pushed up by years of seismic activity NTA_1946sonnyphotosASPafter a beer at the Ross River resort, we were on our way to a ghost town, the friendly bar keep told us to check out the Sphinx, same rock formation as corroboree rock NTA_1950sonnyphotosASPand this one too is super skinny ( I know not in this shot of course ) NTA_1959sonnyphotosASPI became a horse whisperer for about 5 minutes, but this is as close as I got, I did have more luck with a donkey, who actually walked up to me NTA_1960sonnyphotosASP

NTA_1974sonnyphotosASPon our way to Arltunga Historical town, now a ghost town, some say it is the birthplace of the outback, a gold rush here in the hills prompted the South australian government to invest in this area before Alice Springs existed, and now reversal of fortune so to speak NTA_1977sonnyphotosASPthe colours NTA_1982sonnyphotosASPone the few remaing buildings, the police station and jail :-) NTA_1985sonnyphotosASPearly airconditioning unit NTA_1987sonnyphotosASPas we drive on, I spot this seam of white gleaming rock up on a hill, not too far off the road, I pull over and see if the boys care to join me for a trek up the hill, they opt out, but I'm intrigued and head up, not soon after, it feels like I'm walking along fields made up of broken quartz NTA_1989sonnyphotosASPso much of it, and I'm curious as to how/why NTA_1990sonnyphotosASPthe higher I walk the bigger the Quartz NTA_1993sonnyphotosASP

NTA_1996sonnyphotosASPtill finally, at the top. And these blocks are the size of an apartment block NTA_2001sonnyphotosASPincredible NTA_2005sonnyphotosASPand it runs through the hill, incredible. It did look more magical with the sun reflecting on it from the road NTA_2008sonnyphotosASPyou can see it carry on through the hills NTA_2012sonnyphotosASPglad I walked up here to check it out, as I am impressed NTA_2044sonnyphotosASPon our way back to Alice, I love the hues in the desert skies from the outback

Couple of Quick behind the scenes shots of my production in the Northern Territory

_AP_0681sonnyphotosASPPacking up at Glen Helen, love the rugged shapes of the rocks around in the ranges here _AP_0690sonnyphotosASPlater that afternoon, a few shots later, we are heading to a very special and spectacular location at Rainbow Valley and all hands on deck with helping out carrying a piece of equipment ( thanks guys ) _AP_0696sonnyphotosASPjust incredible rock formation ( as this is shot with my new 14mm - read, very wide angle- you don't get the enormity of these formations in this shot ) _AP_0704sonnyphotosASPStill life on the claypan _AP_0710sonnyphotosASPwhat a great outdoor tiling on the verandah this would make :-)

Day 2 in the Red Outback, checking out more locations

NTA_0122SonnyphotosMt Nancy, just on the outskirt of the main part of town NTA_0134SonnyphotosJacqui putting it in proportion, location & model NTA_0142SonnyphotosJust 30km north from Alice Springs we have the Tropic of Capricorn NTA_0150SonnyphotosBlue, black, green & red NTA_0165Sonnyphotosstop looking at those legs, this shot is about that blue sky NTA_0171Sonnyphotos


NTA_0188Sonnyphotosone side of the road vast expanse of red dirt ( and the yellow grass is left over from all the rain they got in the middle of last year)
NTA_0206Sonnyphotosand dark volcanic looking rock on the other side of the road NTA_0219Sonnyphotosbest bit of red dirt we spotted so far at the Alice Springs sports airfield NTA_0225Sonnyphotoscomplete with termite hills NTA_0231Sonnyphotos
Time to head back and meet the rest of the crew that should have arrived form Sydney by now. And we will already get a shot in this afternoon. Stay tuned.

March 22, 2013

Day 1 in the Red Outback, checking out locations straight from the airport

NTA_0063SonnyphotosRecceWe head straight from airport after picking up 4WD hire car, left on Chamber Pillars dirt road to Ooraminna homestead, there was a red sand dune suggested to check out on the way there, but some idiots got their 4wd out and churned it all up, so not an attractive location with all the tyre marks all over the sand dune. So instead this rocky outcrop looks interesting NTA_0068SonnyphotosRecceThis has a nice desolate vibe about it as well NTA_0077SonnyphotosRecceApparently this is the remnants of a movie set, curious as to which movie was filmed here NTA_0080SonnyphotosRecceJacqui does a little pose in the shade NTA_0084SonnyphotosRecceThe happy couple, caught in a moment of not swatting at flies buzzing around their heads  :-) NTA_0088SonnyphotosRecceso it is definitely an interesting location for shoots but not this shoot NTA_0096SonnyphotosReccelove me a dead tree against the big open sky NTA_0106SonnyphotosRecceheading out to the next location now NTA_0110SonnyphotosRecceAnd this looks more interesting, the clay pans at Rainbow Valley