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July 18, 2012

Griffith > Sydney

_EUR2814SonnyJust left Griffith after another one of our re-fuelling stops _EUR2819Sonny
a lot more water in here now, Wyangla dam and Grabine State Recreation area



_EUR2828Sonnylove these big windows _EUR2829Sonny

_EUR2839Sonnycoming to the blue mountains _EUR2840Sonnynarrow neck at Blue Mountains _EUR2845Sonny

_EUR2847Sonnyclearly see the trail to narrow neck here _EUR2858Sonnyand the famous 3 sisters from Katoomba. Ross Anderson, our pilot, was not even asked to give us a scenic flight, he just knew that I love taking pics from planes, so while still taking a most direct course back to Sydney, he also opted for the more scenic one _EUR2863Sonnylast stretch of Blue Mountains before hitting Sydney's outer suburbs _EUR2872SonnySydney on " the nose " _EUR2873Sonny
turning to Bankstown _EUR2879SonnySydney in the distance _EUR2878Sonny
zoom in _EUR2876Sonnylining up _EUR2880Sonnyready to land.
So as I said in previous post can;t reveal, yet, where we were and what we shot, have to wait till september ( not too long to go ) but all I'll say is that I'm super happy with the "Hero" shot, will look awesome, so sty tuned

January 07, 2012

Jozette for Mirella Shoot

SonnyOne of the shots I did of Australian Ballet dancer Vivienne Wong for Mirella. I just did another shoot with Jozette for Mirella, but can't show the shots yet, so I show this one which is the previous one I did. And I must say, always a joy to work with professional dancers. Allows for some great composition and shapes, thanks for your hard work Vivienne.

November 28, 2010

Early morning view from my room at Soho Grand

_OZI7161sonnyphotos love looking out of the window at the room at Soho Grand, and yeah, after yesterday mornings early start , I was up early again this morning from habit _OZI7163sonnyphotos beautiful sunrise _OZI7165sonnyphotos early morning, no matter, surely is the best part of the day, well one of them, sunset would be the other :-) _OZI7168sonnyphotos about 30 minutes later and the reflection of the Soho Grand lights up the buildings against the sunrise

August 19, 2009


Meeting up with the lovely Abbie Muntz from Fauxpink to go over the editorial shoot I did for KAREN mag with Rachel Rutt, and Abbie is in the middle of retouching. I'm blown away at all the layers, I think I'm being nifty with photoshop when I have a image open and working on three layers, Abbie is in the double digits, blows my mind

August 05, 2009

Jozette for Mirella

After the David Jones show I head to Pyrmont, where the office for Bloch International is located, to meet up with Bob and go through his selection of the shoot we did on Saturday with Vivienne Wong , and leave him the high res shots. Just had to show you guys out there, the horrible view Bob has from his desk, hehehe, not .!IMG_3390
So this is Bob's first selection, just quick print outs. As in , no work done on the photos yet, and I'm really excited about the ideas Bob has for the hero shot and what he plans to do in photoshop, as he is thinking along the same lines as I am. Can't wait to see the resultIMG_3391
In the meantime, we can just enjoy the grace and elegance of Vivienne

August 03, 2009

Oyster Magazine

After the shoot pop into Oyster to drop of the photos from the Antwerp Academy shows last month. But Oyster has moved office, they are now on Foveaux Street Surrey Hills

January 16, 2009


I'm taking in all the photos from the shoot to the office of Bloch today, and what a great location for an office, although it is soo hot today, any office would be bad to be in a day like today, it is sooo a beach today, but yeah, some of us do work ( occasionally :-) 060120091207 let's have a closer look at that view, nice

December 21, 2008


Dropping of some files at Oyster, and everyone is really busy trying to get the last issue of to the printers before the Chrissy break. Rachael, busy on her 'puter

May 11, 2007

Charlotte Stokes

Been behind the computer and on thephone nearly all day and still had to meet up with Charlotte to go through the photos we did at Wollombi on Tuesday. So she proposed to meet at Mona Vale , saves me a trip into the city, awesome. And I finally got to give her hat back, which we used way back in January when we did the shoot with Fabienne

Going throught the shots

May 08, 2007

First shot

And look at that smile