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January 12, 2007

Dolly Office

I was supposed to meet up with Charlotte at lunch today, but after picking up my mail, I checked the waves and ended up going for a surf. Naughty me, so I was like 2-3 hours late...oooops.
So meeting up to do a quick look at the pictures we took yesterday, not only that but Charlotte had a print out ready for me to see of the first draft layout of the shoot we did at the end of November with Dappled cities,straight after I got here from Dubai. Looks great, everybody is happy with it. I gave the files really , as I thought it could look goodprinted yellow, butthen I was worried it might come out wrong with the printers, so I got a bit paranoid about the colour, but to my relief , it looks great


November 22, 2006

Gareth & Dana

After driving for 2 hours back to the villa,unpacking the car then start packing my suitcases, and now Dana comes over to go over the pictures we took yesterday, both her and Gareth make a selection, as I'm busy packing all the clothes again, as I leave early in the morning

September 04, 2006

meanwhile back at the office


Just had to pop in to give the art guys an extra image for another cover image, and they are busy working on the cover now and the layout. And Stephanie is the big star for this issue

August 31, 2006

Next day, at the editorial office


We go through the photos from yesterday, as we need to go to print this week, as it will already be in the shops on the 22nd of September, so quick turn around time


So we go through the shots on my laptop and the Art directors laptop, so that's Geert sitting with Herman the AD

August 30, 2006

Nice dinner


hehehe, that look in her eyes


Oh yum, I'm having New Zealand lamb in a restaurant in Ghent


And Steph's been craving for a steak with chips all day

August 27, 2006

Bobby pins


Model help each other out backstage


This model has had so much pulling and teasing done to her hair, then all pinned up with bobby pins, slowly pulling them all out


So then finally can run her fingers through her hair again


Aaaaaah, she sighs..finally



One of my favourites from tonight is ....well we are in Sweden,  actually a


typical blond swedish girl


August 26, 2006

The smile tells it all



After the show

It was time to get hose wigs off that these models have had on all afternoon/evening, plus the heavy lashes. So I follow Charlotte, also from Mikas models, as she takes of her wig, and lashes. It was nice to see that liberating effect it had on her as she took it off, when the show finished, the models were literally running to the backstage area to free themselves ( either that or they were keen rush of to go to a party ) Charlotte told me that the lashes were so big that the bottom lash had a tickling effect on her cheek all night, like butterfly kisses I ask her, yes, and all she wants to do is give her cheeks a good scratch.


July 14, 2006

Da Boss


AKA PaulPosse , while Kaboel is on the phone in the office, Paul is on the phone in hallway slash lounge area. Poor guy is receiving some bad news, one of his portable hard drives, on which he had just stored a whole shoot, just crashed, and it's now at the third technician ( the previous two had no luck either) and he's got the bad news Paul was dreading, all lost. so he has to do a re-shoot, but then on his costs, gawd, hope I never end up in a situation like that. So now you can see why Paul has that look on his face