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June 17, 2006

Lunch with Christina


Only kidding, no, I'm just going through the photos, and am a bit busy at the moment, so every moment counts, so even while I have lunch I'm working. Nice tuna salad by the way

June 15, 2006

Leaving Holland


Driving back to Brussels


And Christina is crashed in the afternoon sun, reminds me of this pic from Marie

June 14, 2006



Wow, finally get to see the pictures published in Cosmo, I shot this story in February , south of Sydney with Ilona at Donna's place. The opening spread of these two shots looks nice, would have looked great when it first came out, and it was still cold and grey outside

June 07, 2006

So pretty


Another look at the set up from a different angle, we had to get special permits to get in here with our cars


No , not dogshit, because this is a big park, with lots of water, there is a huge colony of big fat geese, and they are everywhere, and so is their shit, it's everywhere, that 's the only downside of this location, the grass is covered in shit (maybe that's why the little margriet flowers grow so abundantly in this park )

May 25, 2006

After meeting


After sitting down and going through all the shots with Jason, I treted myself to a little treat


Probably doesn't look to exciting in this picture, but it was delicious

May 20, 2006



After a hot day out in the mountains, when your bed has been assaulted by heat,what do we do


Why deposit ourselves in a steam room ofcourse. Well Jason's idea anyway, I joined him and could handle it, but Jason's didn't last very long, he was giving up, either that or the pizzaman was about to arrive upstairs with two pizzas

May 18, 2006

Pu pu pu pu puter games


Working on selection of backstage shots from Sydney to then send to magazine

May 16, 2006

re touching


something I wished I never heard of, the magazines here expect you to do all the re touching, and i hate it, couldn't think of a worse way to spend the afternoon, behind a bloody computer, cleaning a girls skin, getting rid of the bits of tape showing from taping up the shoes, and people in the background walking in shot, boring

April 17, 2006

Wanna shoot here


Amongst all these constructions sites, they put up these big billboards, but before the billboard gets put up,they need to construct the structure that will hold the billboard, and I would like to use it as a backdrop for a shoot


March 25, 2006


After a shoot, I'm very hungry, so I ask Chris to take me to dinner


and I'm surprised I have never been to this restaurant before, has an organic feel to it, looks llike it is an old butcher and or cheese shop, right on the Kammenstraat in Antwerp, so many times I have been to cafe across the road for a coffee, it is so cool in here and yummy food. All I could think of was to take Freddy and Aglaia for dinner here one day, but Aglaia is vegetarian, and I didn't see much vegetarian on the menu, although it looks like the place that won't mind catering to a vegetarian


Close up of the bread board , portrait of the queen in the background, and the branch hanging up side down from the ceiling