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June 25, 2013

Grande Real Villa Italia, Cascais, Portugal

TOM_8114sonnyphotosStaying in the wonderful hotel called Real Villa Italy, called this, as it was the residence of King in Exile , Humberto, from Italy, after Italy voted to become a republic in May 1946 TOM_8115sonnyphotosnow it is a fabulous hotel just across from the sea and a minute stroll to the port of Cascais TOM_8116sonnyphotoslovely

June 15, 2013

Urunga River near Nambucca Heads

DSCF1082sonnyphotoswhere the river meets the sea DSCF1084sonnyphotosand the mountains in the background, where we have the Promised Land and Never Never River running through it
DSCF1104sonnyphotosI came back to the beach here to see if the make shifts huts made will all the driftwood were still here, from when I discovered it back December 2011 DSCF1105sonnyphotosand nope, big storms have washed them all away, click here to go back to the post in December and see the difference. DSCF1110sonnyphotos
so much driftwood stil lying around, so I just need to get a willing crew of a dozen or more people wanting to get creative :-) DSCF1103sonnyphotosa big bin was washed up and some locals and or tourists made good use of it and collected a whole heap of rubbish DSCF1112sonnyphotos


DSCF1115sonnyphotos180 panorama DSCF1118sonnyphotos
still a few around on higher ground DSCF1119sonnyphotos


April 03, 2013

Day 2 in the Red Outback, checking out more locations

NTA_0122SonnyphotosMt Nancy, just on the outskirt of the main part of town NTA_0134SonnyphotosJacqui putting it in proportion, location & model NTA_0142SonnyphotosJust 30km north from Alice Springs we have the Tropic of Capricorn NTA_0150SonnyphotosBlue, black, green & red NTA_0165Sonnyphotosstop looking at those legs, this shot is about that blue sky NTA_0171Sonnyphotos


NTA_0188Sonnyphotosone side of the road vast expanse of red dirt ( and the yellow grass is left over from all the rain they got in the middle of last year)
NTA_0206Sonnyphotosand dark volcanic looking rock on the other side of the road NTA_0219Sonnyphotosbest bit of red dirt we spotted so far at the Alice Springs sports airfield NTA_0225Sonnyphotoscomplete with termite hills NTA_0231Sonnyphotos
Time to head back and meet the rest of the crew that should have arrived form Sydney by now. And we will already get a shot in this afternoon. Stay tuned.

March 22, 2013

Day 1 in the Red Outback, checking out locations straight from the airport

NTA_0063SonnyphotosRecceWe head straight from airport after picking up 4WD hire car, left on Chamber Pillars dirt road to Ooraminna homestead, there was a red sand dune suggested to check out on the way there, but some idiots got their 4wd out and churned it all up, so not an attractive location with all the tyre marks all over the sand dune. So instead this rocky outcrop looks interesting NTA_0068SonnyphotosRecceThis has a nice desolate vibe about it as well NTA_0077SonnyphotosRecceApparently this is the remnants of a movie set, curious as to which movie was filmed here NTA_0080SonnyphotosRecceJacqui does a little pose in the shade NTA_0084SonnyphotosRecceThe happy couple, caught in a moment of not swatting at flies buzzing around their heads  :-) NTA_0088SonnyphotosRecceso it is definitely an interesting location for shoots but not this shoot NTA_0096SonnyphotosReccelove me a dead tree against the big open sky NTA_0106SonnyphotosRecceheading out to the next location now NTA_0110SonnyphotosRecceAnd this looks more interesting, the clay pans at Rainbow Valley

January 28, 2013

Berns Hotel Stockholm, home for this week :-)

SWE_9916sonnyHappy with my room at Stockholm's Berns Hotel, reflection in mirror shows my little lounge area SWE_9919sonnyTV on the other side, so can watch tv while I'm in bed SWE_9921sonnyor I can spin it around and watch tv from the couch SWE_9924sonnywhich means I will be watching myself while sleeping :-) SWE_9922sonnybut this is where I will spend most of my time in the room, posting the pictures from backstage

December 11, 2012

Gasoline, Vespas & Bikes ( & soon muscle cars ) Sydney

HMEL9428SonnyphotosAfter meeting up with Toni, I popped in to see Jason who runs Gasoline bike shop, he had just finished doing this Vespa for a commercial client HMEL9429Sonnyphotosnice seat HMEL9430SonnyphotosAnyway, Jason And I had a good little catch up and might possibly even be able to work on something in the near future as well. Stay Tuned.

Toni Maticevski Sydney Showroom

HMEL9416SonnyphotosToni the past few days had his showroom set up in Sydney for his Sydney clients and media ( Toni is based in Melbourne ) HMEL9418SonnyphotosHe asked if I could pass by for a chat, and as Toni in my mind is up there with the best of the best Australian designers, because he is a real craftsmen, I naturally popped in to have a look HMEL9419SonnyphotosI think I covered just about everyone of his shows in New York ( Click here for AW10/11, then here for SS10 and AW11/12 ) HMEL9424SonnyphotosWe are looking at possible collaborating together in the new year, very excited to be a part of it if this project goes ahead :-)

October 25, 2012

Location Scouting for tomorrow's Status Jewellery Shoot

IMG_1320Sonnyphotostaking a late afternoon stroll to see how the ight will be this time of the day IMG_1321Sonnyphotosnot appropriate for tomorrow's shoot, but... IMG_1322SonnyphotosI can see myself shooting an editorial here IMG_1323Sonnyphotos

low tide IMG_1327Sonnyphotos
I can see me doing a shot here IMG_1330Sonnyphotos
loving the still water here, looks like an oil slick, so smooth and reflective IMG_1331Sonnyphotos

we will be starting up here on the dune though, and then work our way down to the water's edge as the sun gets lower IMG_1333Sonnyphotos

IMG_1335Sonnyphotosliking this little untouched section here

IMG_1337Sonnyphotoswould look nice with the model in here IMG_1340Sonnyphotosright, time to head back home for dinner

March 29, 2012

Think I just found a new location, stay tuned

IMG_0689SonnyphotosThese are taken with phone cam IMG_0691Sonnyphotosbut it has a perfect summer editorial feel about it IMG_0697Sonnyphotoslove it, and looking forward to shooting here.

December 19, 2011

Chanel Cruise Brisbane pre show

SYD_0031sonnyphotosSo flew to Brisbane to work on the chanel Cruise show, which is a private show held at the old governemnt house. won't be publishing any photos on my blog ( contractual obligations ) But just had to sneak in one shot to show the awesome location, righton the river and at the CBD. Staff here are preparing the seating for the show which will be later tonight.