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June 28, 2013


ok, so I know have 6 days of footage of photos from our surfing trip to the Maldives.
But with no real internet on the boat and instead having to use the limited bandwidth to upload photos for Tommy Hilfiger, it did not leave me with much time to keep this blog updated ( ooops, sorry )

And now it is Paris men's fashion week, finished Milan already.
So my dear friends, I will put Maldives onhold for a second as there are a lot of you fashion fiends out there keen for some boys in clothes, as opposed to pics of me surfing in the Maldives

Chrispagebut I just can't resist putting this pic up Chris Page from MAgic Seaweed took of me surfing, just look at that backdrop !!
Thanks Jonathan for the loan of the fins by the way


Lisbon > Dubai > Male

TOM_8337SonnyphotosSurfShackLisbon airport, so after yesterday's surf lesson, it's of to the Maldives today with a very excited crew TOM_8342SonnyphotosSurfShackand we are off TOM_8350SonnyphotosSurfShackflying over Portugal TOM_8356SonnyphotosSurfShackinto Spain TOM_8366SonnyphotosSurfShack

TOM_8368SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, check it out, dam on top of mountain ? TOM_8370SonnyphotosSurfShackthis is looking familiar, yes, it is Gandia, half way between Javea and Valencia TOM_8373SonnyphotosSurfShackand yes, there we have it, the distintive mountain Montgo de Toscamar and Javea TOM_8376SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, looks so small from up here, can see the main beach, and the area my parents live TOM_8379SonnyphotosSurfShackleaving Sapin behind TOM_8384SonnyphotosSurfShackoh, but first the Island Sant Francesc de Formentera that sits alongside Ibiza ( can't see Ibiza as we are right over it ) TOM_8386SonnyphotosSurfShacklooks like we won;t be getting many more photos now TOM_8388SonnyphotosSurfShackwe did fly along the coastline of Algeria and Libya, so I got to see some of it , but too dark to take any photos TOM_8391SonnyphotosSurfShackwe landed at Dubai at 4 in the morning, so now, 5 hours later ready to take of to our destination, the Maldives, exciting, never been TOM_8394SonnyphotosSurfShackSharjah, just suburbs north of Dubai TOM_8396SonnyphotosSurfShackgroup of man made islands of Jumeirah, Dubai, which will look like a map of the earth once done, so if youhave the money, you can literally buy a country as an island TOM_8397SonnyphotosSurfShackaaah, Dubai TOM_8401SonnyphotosSurfShackJumeirah beach and the famous Burj Al Arab TOM_8405SonnyphotosSurfShackouter suburbs of Dubai TOM_8407SonnyphotosSurfShackcrazy how much development goes on here TOM_8408SonnyphotosSurfShacksand dunes turned into mini cities, complete with high rise building and villa's with lush green grass TOM_8409SonnyphotosSurfShackand another sub divisionm ready to go TOM_8410SonnyphotosSurfShackbut looks like some time has passed between asphalt and first brick TOM_8411SonnyphotosSurfShackroad to Oman TOM_8413SonnyphotosSurfShacknear Hatta TOM_8415SonnyphotosSurfShackcoast of Oman TOM_8416SonnyphotosSurfShackflying over the Arabian sea for a few hours and then we should be there TOM_8418SonnyphotosSurfShackand yes, after a few hours first Atoll sighting TOM_8424SonnyphotosSurfShackwoauw, Atolls everywhere, and the colours TOM_8430SonnyphotosSurfShackamazing even in overcast and rain TOM_8434SonnyphotosSurfShackwonder if that's our boat for the week TOM_8436SonnyphotosSurfShackfast forward landing, customs control, baggage collection, meeting Jacqui ( yes, she flew over from Sydney day before and met us at airport ) buy sim card and now we are on our Dhoni boat to meet up with our boat for the week TOM_8439SonnyphotosSurfShackeveryone is excited to get onto our boat, but we are all also very tired, the anticipation is keeping us awake TOM_8440SonnyphotosSurfShackand there she is TOM_8451SonnyphotosSurfShackclouds start to break up in time for our first sunset, we were all a bit dampened by the arriving in a downpour of rain, wondering if we would see any sun on this trip, but this sunset is a promising sign

June 26, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger SurfShack Gone Surfing

TOM_8122sonnyphotosTommySurfShackSo who are these people, why am I in Portugal and why at such a nice hotel TOM_8127sonnyphotosTommySurfShackWell, these folks, have won a competition from Tommy Hilfiger to go on a surf trip to the Maldives, yep, you heard right, the Maldives. So we meet in Portugal so they can have a surf lesson, fun times TOM_8133sonnyphotosTommySurfShackwe'll be keeping you updated via the Tommy Hilfiger Instagram
TOM_8288sonnyphotosSurfShackTommyThe lucky crew after their first surf session

June 16, 2013

Labassa House, Caufield, Melbourne

DSCF1192sonnyphotosawesome house, but weird as it is such a mansion, but in the middle of suburbia

DSCF1194sonnyphotosso much history DSCF1195sonnyphotoswicked place, stoked to be using as a location for the shoot for SiX DSCF1197sonnyphotos






June 15, 2013

Wunderlite Pressed Metal Panels in Bathurst

DSCF1141sonnyphotosSo here I am now in Bathurst, about 3 hours west from Sydney past the Blue Mountains. To pick up my order of panels for bathroom renovations DSCF1142sonnyphotosThey have just been treated in these tanks ( which remind me of the old days of working at Create photo lab processing E6 Film )so they are waterproofed and can be painted DSCF1143sonnyphotosThe pressing machine ( thanks for letting me have a sneak peak into your factory by the way guys ) DSCF1145sonnyphotosdon't they look good, check them out, they have so many patterns available. Ok put these in the car and back to Avalon we go.

April 21, 2013

Bless'ed Are The Meek SS13/14 Fashion Show Sydney Backstage










Bless'ed Are The Meek is the label I just went out to Alice Springs for thanks to Northern Territory Tourism and shot an amazing campaign for them ( pictures coming soon ) In the meantime, you should check out these two posts again with pictures taken from the flight over to Alice and then back to Sydney from Alice Springs. And a quick look behind the scenes from the shoot......and this video Oliver Heath and Fin just put together from the shoot. 

April 06, 2013

Shooting Lookbook with Valentina for Truese

Sonnyphotospoladroid01Charlotte Blakeney doing the make up and hair today at Wish studios Sonnyphotospoladroid02looking good Sonnyphotospoladroid03woohoo,looking glam Sonnyphotospoladroid04poladroid glam Sonnyphotospoladroid05ok, let's shoot

April 03, 2013

Couple of Quick behind the scenes shots of my production in the Northern Territory

_AP_0681sonnyphotosASPPacking up at Glen Helen, love the rugged shapes of the rocks around in the ranges here _AP_0690sonnyphotosASPlater that afternoon, a few shots later, we are heading to a very special and spectacular location at Rainbow Valley and all hands on deck with helping out carrying a piece of equipment ( thanks guys ) _AP_0696sonnyphotosASPjust incredible rock formation ( as this is shot with my new 14mm - read, very wide angle- you don't get the enormity of these formations in this shot ) _AP_0704sonnyphotosASPStill life on the claypan _AP_0710sonnyphotosASPwhat a great outdoor tiling on the verandah this would make :-)

February 17, 2013

Meanwhile, back in Sydney

Jacqui has been bloggin up a storm as of late. what with all those personalised portrait shoots she's doing

and then coming along to my productions to be my behind the scenes photographer :-) Jacqui 01here she shoots model Sophie between my legs. Jacqui 02beauty and the beast alright.  This was done back in November for another Wish shoot I did, this time down in Goulburn. Jacqui has the full report here ( click ) with plenty of photos. Jacqui 03Jacqui's new love :-)

December 07, 2012

Jean Charles De Castelbajac + Rossignol Winter Shoot Behind the Scenes

_RAP9514SonnyphotosBenoit, our charming french male model for the day _RAP9515SonnyphotosMr Fenton, aka mr lightswitch _RAP9523SonnyphotosEveryone in the studio.
So this is the reason for jumping on a plane end November from Sydney to Europe and then checking into a hotel in Paris for the night. I was asked by the Castelbajac team to come and shoot his new campaign, was pretty stoked to be asked so off I went and here we are :-) _RAP9525SonnyphotosAlways alot more people involved in shoots like this as opposed to shooting an editorial _RAP9528Sonnyphotosall hooked up to ringflash and shooting direct onto laptop _RAP9534Sonnyphotos
Somewhere in there is our Russian model Katya _RAP9537Sonnyphotosmurmur murmur :-) _RAP9544SonnyphotosLucky for me, Katya had the energy I needed, and she lasted all day no problem :-) IMG_5062SonnyphotosKabouter Plop :-) IMG_5066Sonnyphotos2checking out the shots with Alexandra IMG_5067Sonnyphotos
IMG_5069Sonnyphotos2me & Jean Charles, hamming it up for the camera IMG_5072Sonnyphotos2that time of day when I like to go a little silly ( love the new jacket by the way ) _RAP9545SonnyphotosSetting up a shot with Jean Charles De Castelbajac in the picture as well, and ooops, I did not realize I was just tugging him into position like that ( bloody uncouth aussies :-) _RAP9546SonnyphotosI think this is when we telling Marc to hurry up and take the photo :-) IMG_5074Sonnyphotos2

IMG_5080Sonnyphotos2caught my flash, blown out IMG_5083Sonnyphotos2I really like that jacket on me IMG_5084Sonnyphotos2love this shot, funny IMG_5086Sonnyphotos2when I'm going, did you get the shot Marc ? _RAP9548Sonnyphotoslooks like everyone is pretty happy with the way its going _RAP9552Sonnyphotosstill prefer shooting without the laptop, mainly as I'm just used to lloking at the back of the camera, feels like it slwos things down this way, pros and cons _RAP9560Sonnyphotosnot sure if you can tell, but I'm jumping with the models as I shoot. So that's probably why Jean Charles has given me the nickname Super Sonic Sonny :-)