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November 22, 2012

Behind the scenes of Status jewellery shoot

Jacqui05Shooting locally ( which I love ) and using our place as the base. So here, on the verandah, Bex has hung up some of the outfits for the shoot. Friend from way back in the days of Frontier Aviators, Jeff Burnes, has started a new accessories company, Status, and he asked me to help him out with producing some images to market his new venture, naturally said yes.Jacqui06Bonnie does hair and make up on our model du jour, Phoebe Jacqui07Bex making good use of the kids ping pong table Jacqui08getting ready to head to location Jacqui09Bonnie does final touch up on location before I start shooting Jacqui10and we're off Jacqui11got to love that late afternoon light Jacqui12love this shot Jacqui snapped of Phoebe being photographed by me, thanks by the way Jacqui for all these photos Jacqui13change location Jacqui14

Jacqui15going through the shots ( and winning :-) Jacqui16awesome light Jacqui17The ever so talented Dan Young Whitford as my assistant, just going over the shots, to check up on my lighting ( he's a lighting guru !! ) Jacqui18While the model cahnges outfits Dan & I ham it up for Jacqui's camera Jacqui19beside the fun shot, how awesome is that light Jacqui20sunset as we wrap it up for the day. Statushere's a shot from Jeff's instragam site.
Thanks to Jacqui for all the amazing behind the scenes photos, more on her blog.

October 24, 2012

Shooting with Eliza Humble today for "Me & Zozo "

JacquiTurner 01shooting at Paddington reservoir, with one of the nicest, kindest models in Sydney. Which is why Jacqui decided to come gate crash the shoot so she could get a few more shots of her favourite model. As Jacqui said to me 3 years ago " Who;s the pretty blond backstage, she's the only one that always smiles for me when I point the camera at her " JacquiTurner 02love mixing daylight with flash for my shoots. Click here to go to Jacqui's blog and see some more behind the scenes photos from this shoot and a few nice shots of Eliza as well :-) Mezozo01here's some more behind the scenes photos that Monia took as well Mezozo02

Mezozo03love this shot. Head over to Me & Zozo to see more.

here are some of the shots for the look book component I shot HMEL6930sonnyphotos









Eliza Humble natural light ( no flash ) HMEL7165sonnyphotosprplhpstill had 40 minutes up our sleeve so we shot some extra shots HMEL7183sonnyphotosprplhpyes, yes, I did do some "skin enhancement " but ever so minimal ( like, took me 15 min ) as Eliza really has flawless skin :-) HMEL7174sonnyphotosprplhp



August 30, 2012

Shooting Cosmopolitan today

EUR_0741sonnyAnd Charlotte, Fashion Editor, booked a room in the hotel close to location- we are shooting on the streets- with an awesome view of eastern suburbs Shot_1 136possible location outside of the hotel EUR_0743sonnyanyway, back to this view, love it. So we are doing a street style shoot and using fashion bloggers as models ( If only Bryan Boy was in town hey ) So our models today are Montarna from Intersection, Sara from Harper & Harley, Tash & Elle from They all hate us, Bel, Love more and finishing with Nicole warne from Gary Pepper Vintage. Was a fast succesfull shoot and guess have to wait now till end sept oct to see the results. TheyAllHateUsHere's a shot, I think Charlotte took it, of me shooting Tash & Elle

July 11, 2012

From 5am landing at Sydney airport, straight to Bankstwon airport for next flight

EUR_7030sonnyNo, not here to see the police helicopter take off EUR_7034sonnyno, after my leg from Europe, it's straight into work mode ( love that landing somewhere and getting straight into production mode ) Super early in the morning, and we have Texas girl, Bay Berger, from Priscillas  EUR_7037sonnyMargaret Zhang from Shine By Three EUR_7036sonny
and Jacqui from Running Under The Sprinkler, all here early freezing their butts off this early in the morning as well as make up artist, designer and client ( can't tell you more at this stage, but all will be revealed when advertising campaign is ready to hit the streets ) EUR_7039sonnyloading our mode of transport, this will be the smallest plane Jacqui's been on, and probably some of the other crew as well. Fun, exciting, just need a coffee though to wake up :-) EUR_7040sonny
take off in golden morning light EUR_7041sonny

EUR_7043sonnybeauty about these small planes is that they have big windows to shoot out of :-) EUR_7045sonnyprospect reservoir EUR_7047sonnyclouds over the blue mountains EUR_7049sonnyThe Nepean river at bottom, going through the blue mountains heading towards Penrith lakes at the top of photo EUR_7050sonnytiny speck of cloud on horizon is from the Mt Piper powerstation just near Lithgow EUR_7055sonnythe lake Burragorang created by warragamba dam in the blue mountains EUR_7056sonny

the beautiful blue mountains, best spot for a good day of bush walking EUR_7070sonnythe grazing land beyond the blue mountains, still early and covered in patchy fog EUR_7072sonnya lot of fog actually EUR_7074sonnybeyond Bathurst EUR_7079sonnynice shot, and would be a nice shot down there as well EUR_7085sonnyIsland mountain top of the fog EUR_7090sonnyfog finally clears further west ( and to think I flew over all this coming from the other direction about 2-3 hours ago, when it was still pitch black ) EUR_7098sonnyheading down to land and re-fuel EUR_7100sonnyour very own plane for the next few days :-) EUR_7103sonnyJacqui trying to warm up in the sun, it gets a bit cold on these planes when you sit at the back ( heater in the front does not quite reach to the back ) EUR_7105sonnyre-fuelling the plane at Swan Hill, western N.S.W., just north of Victorian border. Now this is where I stop the post, we continue on flying and get there in time for late afternoon, but that's all I can say. We ended up doing some fantastic photos on an awesome location with a great team. Was awesome, but, we just going to have to wait as we do not want to spoil the surprise. So begin September the campaign will be released and I will post more flight photos, and both Jacqui and Margaret will post behind the scenes photos and videos. And will post end result, plus a great flight back to Sydney. So stay tuned.

May 17, 2012

A late afternoon at Palmy with Natalie Joos

AUS_8140sonnyI've known the Belgium born, New York based Joos sisters for quite a while now. Natalie, as well as doing the casting for some high profile shows in the fashion capitals, has been keeping busy as well with her Tales of Endearment site, AUS_8143sonnyNatalie was up in my neck of the woods to a story on Heidi Middleton, creative director/designer of the successful Australian brand, Sass & Bide AUS_8170sonnySo Natalie asked if I could do some pictures of her in her look of the week, not that I needed encouraging or coaxing to do her Look of Week for her, but as soon as she said she would be wearing Josh Goot, I was more than eager to do so , as I love Josh's clothes ( I shot his first show in New York for him ) AUS_8194sonny

AUS_8223sonnyhow awesome is this Goot skirt ! AUS_8241sonny
Love me a good sunset anyday, add awesome clothes and I'm in photo heaven :-) AUS_8290sonny


thanks for the opportunity to photograph your look of the week Natalie

April 05, 2012

Wish Lookbook

IMG_0720sonnyShooting with one of Carinne's model from IMM today. IMM is a Brussels model office, and Audrey hails from Rennes in France, but has been living in Ghent for 3 years, but now she;s here with me and Bonnie shooting Wish :-)
Bonnie is giving her a quick " hair cut " IMG_0721sonny
IMG_0722sonnylooiking better :-) IMG_0723sonnyWas great to shoot with a French model who knows a lot of people I know from Belgium, plus the fact she is one of Carinne's girls. ( Hi Carinne ) IMG_0724sonny

March 29, 2012

Cali/Cale shoot

IMG_0685SonnyphotosAnd as usual the team work out of the back of the van, only way to go hehehe.
See those clouds, this is after we already done 2 shots, and were getting a bit worried about those clouds coming closer, but luck was on our side and we had blue sky and no rain for the rest of the shoot.
Here's a look at the previous shoot we did.

December 20, 2011

Hedgren, by Tony Spackman

SYD_0026sonnyphotosSo the reason I have flown to Belgium is to help launch the new capsule collection by Tony Spackman for Hedgren. They sent the bag out to me a week ago to test out, so I took it everywhere with me for the week to see how she goes. Here, waiting for my fligth to Brisbane. SYD_0035sonnyphotosOn set at the Chanel show SYD_0038sonnyphotosIn the garden of the old parliament house, Brisbane SYD_0790sonnyphotosFew days later, again Chanel show, this time at Strickland House Sydney SYD_1201sonnyphotosRe-hearsal SYD_1237sonnyphotosas well as all my camera gear, also carries my laptop and cables SYD_1241sonnyphotosWould also work well for DJ's on the move SYD_1951sonnyphotoswork mode SYD_2036sonnyphotosday trip mode SYD_2306sonnyphotosCafe mode SYD_2772sonnyphotosbackpack headland mode SYD_3012sonnyphotosgoing swimming mode SYD_3121sonnyphotosQantas lounge mode SYD_3140sonnyphotosrefresh shower whilst travelling mode SYD_3146sonnyphotos
Bangkok Lounge mode SYD_3154sonnyphotosBusiness class travel mode SYD_3191sonnyphotosLondon lounge mode SYD_3242sonnyphotosTravelling Europe by train mode SYD_8760sonnyphotosStudio mode, so as you see, a solid all rounder

December 16, 2011

Wish Lookbook with Da Lomax

SYD_8755Sonnyphotosshooting in the studio at Wish today, and my lorrikeet friends are outside on the window ledge again SYD_8757SonnyphotosIf you're into sunflowers seeds like these guys, you would come here too SYD_8770SonnyphotosAussie girl, Caitlin Lomax, now based overseas, just flew in yesterday for a job with Wish and today the lookbook with me. Despite the jet lag, she's still got a lot of energy and stamina in front of the camera. SYD_8774Sonnyphotosand we're doing about 80 odd looks today, so speed is the essence SYD_8775Sonnyphotosand we have an audience :-) SYD_8776Sonnyphotos

August 23, 2011

Meet Matt

Matthew Jordan to be exact _IZO2147Sonnyphotos Mr. Jordan is one half of Mother and Father PR ( Candice Wyman is the other half, hmmm, who's the mother out of the two ? )   _IZO2150Sonnyphotos
Matt is standing in for Josh, who's having his hair done. Doing a shoot with Mr.Flynn today, and James Dykes is styling. Was a fun shoot, and succesfull shoot, can't wait to show you the final results.
Ok Matt, you can make way for the talent now :-)