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January 27, 2013

Romme Alpin Day Trip - Såler

SWE_9869sonnyphotosSo after pisting down Romme Alpin I stop of at one of the towns on the side of the road, and this is Såler about 20min form Romme SWE_9871sonnyphotoscouldn't be more different than Avalon :-) SWE_9873sonnyphotosI thas a lovely charm to it I find SWE_9874sonnyphotosAnd what is it with that brown colour, you see it everywhere, any swedes, feel free to fill me in here, why all the same colour ? SWE_9876sonnyphotosthe garages SWE_9877sonnyphotosat the end of the road SWE_9878sonnyphotosCute, I can just imagine it in summer, green gras and probably 2 apple trees with bright red apples SWE_9880sonnyphotosWonder if that's the husbans shack at the back of the house, has a chimney, so there is fire, so a lot of time spent in there :-) SWE_9882sonnyphotos

:-) SWE_9885sonnyphotos

SWE_9889sonnyphotoshow nice is this place SWE_9890sonnyphotosloving the details SWE_9891sonnyphotoswould love to have a coffee in here and check out the place, bet you it would be full of wonderful details, character SWE_9894sonnyphotos

Photosonnyhere's a scary pic of me earlier ( so was not going to put this at the top of the post :-)
This is when I had been ski-ing for about 2 hours, I was so cold, I had to rent some ski boots ( not the best ones ) and I could not feel my toes at this stage, and my beard, hahaha, my beard, when I went inside a restaurant to warm my feet up, my beard had big cluster of ice balls stuck in there, so funny, reminds me of this shot from a few years ago in Austria AustriaSonnyphotoand the comment Bryan Boy wrote, lol SWE_9904sonnyphotosdriving back to Stockholm now.
Wanted to shot you all the snow, and how it is still in all the trees, as it is so cold, it's just frozen to the trees, the leaves, the branches the trunks SWE_9908sonnyphotos

SWE_9912sonnyphotoswishing I had a bath to jump into when I get back to hotel, it's going to have to be a long shower instead.

( or coming home to one of those cute wooden homes, with a home cooked Jacqui meal and one of those claw foot baths set up in front of open fire, nice, next time :-)


January 25, 2013

Brussels > Stockholm ( via Helsinki ) Stockholm here I come :-)

SWE_9820sonnyphotosNot quite the same as the series of photos I took in Adelaide airport of these lines, but still, I like this graphic SWE_9824sonnyphotosTaxing in the snow to go to snow, Stockholm here I come :-) SWE_9825sonnyphotosBelgium winter landscape, west of Antwerp SWE_9827sonnyphotosThe mighty Schelde River heading to the north sea SWE_9830sonnyphotosand then the Oosterschelde in Holland SWE_9831sonnyphotosRotterdam's massive port SWE_9835sonnyphotosRotterdam at the bottom and Den Haag at the top SWE_9837sonnyphotosDen Haag SWE_9839sonnyphotosSchiphol, Amsterdam's airport SWE_9842sonnyphotosunder the rainbow circle, amsterdam SWE_9843sonnyphotosno idea where I am now, Germany, Denmark ? SWE_9844sonnyphotosSweden SWE_9848sonnyphotosFinland SWE_9849sonnyphotos
Full moon soon SWE_9851sonnyphotosapproaching Helsinki SWE_9852sonnyphotosFinnair HQ SWE_9854sonnyphotos



January 24, 2013

Walk in Frozen wonderland

_IM_0215sonnyI decided to brave the cold and go for a walk PAR_9775sonnyyou see, last night when I drove back from Wim & Hilda's it was super cold, probably about minus 4 and a lot of mist, so I know with that cold, the mist at some stage would freeze, so you end up with anything that was shrouded in the mist now covered in ice PAR_9777sonny
pretty in B&W as well PAR_9778sonnyso a simle dead branch turns into this overnight PAR_9784sonny

_IM_0216sonnylooks like it got cold enough as well last night to freeze the river a bit _IM_0221sonny

_IM_0227sonnylook how much ice is on this dead weed _IM_0233sonny







_IM_0251sonnymy little house in the forest PAR_9799sonnyoh my, I've driven past here so many times, and just shows you do see more when you take a walk, a sticker here, outside of a little Belgain village, for Australia's ABC radio, and then for the South Coast even, Kenny, did you put that there ?? PAR_9802sonnyI could walk for hours and take photos, but it is bitter cold, and I don't have the right footwear, skate shoes are not made to withstand the cold PAR_9813sonny





January 23, 2013

Last (snow covered ) day in Paris and driving late at night to Belgium

After the Thom Browne show I got a ride back to the center of Paris with the Federatios shuttle bus. So some tourists shots before I head back to Belgium PAR_9687sonnyphotos

PAR_9688sonnyphotoseveryone talks about Paris in the spring time and how beautiful it is, but Paris blanketted in a thick layer of snow is magical to me PAR_9691sonnyphotos

PAR_9696sonnyphotosone of the petrol stations I stopped at along the way ( I stopped at several to top up on coffee ) a third of the way, and just had to take some shots to show how much snow was lying around. I mean, usually in busy places it gets all mushed up , but this time there was so much of it that it , well stayed white PAR_9698sonnyphotosI probably done about 100-120 km by now, and look at the bonnet of my car, still thick with snow PAR_9702sonnyphotos
nearly empty highway, close to midnight, and far lane totally white PAR_9706sonnyphotosdifferent white balance. And look at the snow still on my bonnet in foreground, crazy, meanwhile in Sydney it was 46 degrees , ha PAR_9709sonnyphotos

well, that was an epic drive, never driven on so much snow for such a long period of time, usually, this time of night I do this trip in just under 3 hours, took me well over 4 hours, and rightly so, was pretty slippery in some spots PAR_9714sonnyphotosnext day had a pretty long sleep in and spend most of the day indoor, but in the evening ventured into Mechelen to have dinner at Den Beer. This is the view outside the restaurant, on one side the local council chambers PAR_9718sonnyphotosand the other side the Cathedral/church St Rombouts tower, and all still covered in snow PAR_9724sonnyphotosnext day, a quick look at the street where I stay, the street has turned into ice skating lane, whatever you do, don't use your brakes when driving
And riding a bike, forget it PAR_9727sonnyphotos

PAR_9728sonnyphotosneeds to drop another 5 degrees before that freezes ( too much pollution in the water ) PAR_9733sonnyphotosLater that afternoon I drive to Wim & Hilda's for dinner. Love this assortment of bird houses on the wall with christmas lights PAR_9743sonnyphotoslove it PAR_9747sonnyphotos
never say never, but I doubt I will ever see this in Sydney PAR_9750sonnyphotosin these winter conditions , you just have to put food out for the birds PAR_9770sonnyphotostesting out the smoker I got for them from Australia, result, great, I'm buying one for myself now PAR_9773sonnyphotosnext morning, frost on my window. Migt have to go for a walk this morning out in the cold with camera.