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August 20, 2009

Myer Spring Summer Show for 09/10

So last night was Myer's turn at previewing their collection that will be on sale in their stores for the coming summer_BEL3973
Of course Rachael was there_BEL3976
Beth and Vanessa Milde_BEL3979
The awesome Simone Kerr was there, some of you might remember Simone as the model for our great shoot for KAREN mag at Tincity
Aaaah, the shoes as always are painfull_BEL3996 Team Tallulah, hope to see you in New York T.M._BEL4001 cute_BEL4006
One bikini, two bikini, three bikini go ..._BEL4020
Alexandra Agoston rocking_BEL4045
Didn't take that many pics, as it turns out I was not really supposed to be backstage, but hey , what harm could I do. So I just hung back a bit, and well, we sort of already seen most of this collection when it was first shown to us at the fashion week in Sydney back in April, but a nice refresher none the less.
For more pics and a bit more of a story ( becuase I'm such a great writer ) go to the Frockwriter for a bit more

June 27, 2009

Hugo Boss , by Bruno Pieters

_SYD6404 All smiles backstage pre-show_SYD6429
Bruno_SYD6510 _SYD6525 Free shaves from Nina_SYD6529 shaved, get rid of tattoes_SYD6546 Belgian's in the house y'all. Benino & Thomas_SYD6549 Shaved, tattoes removed, time for nails_SYD6568 hairs trimmed_SYD6582 time for a nap_SYD6614 _SYD6638 Hair done_SYD6664 everyone waiting now_SYD6679 Time to draw_SYD6715 and take photos_SYD6719 send some text messages_SYD6735 sleep_SYD6738 yep, poor bugger, probably had fitting till 2am for Gaultier or something last night_SYD6752 lost boys_SYD6777 me _SYD6791 nice shot of Bruno_SYD6811

Bruno Pieters & BryanBoy

Bryan just arrived form Milan, and we are renting little apartment together, so of course I wanted him to meet Bruno. Backstage at Hugo Boss

December 14, 2008


Patty is speaking at a breakfast function this morning , organized by the Fashion Group International. And on the cover of the programme is my friend Kinga on the runway for Lanvin261120081146
And the back cover, nice261120081147
So after a Spring Summer 2009 presentation of the trends, Patty heads a panel discussion with Nicky Zimmerman, Akira and Josh GootPB260137
It was all very interesting, touches on many subjects, but with economy in the headlines, a lot of the discussion centered around this subject as well, as in how it affects the way they do their business and designing PB260135
Of course there were some full throttle laughs as well

November 28, 2008


Kate & Eniko _PAR7268
Liu Wen_PAR7272 Nice big bag_PAR7275 Myf_PAR7285 _PAR7291 Olga_PAR7294 Kasia_PAR7312 Kinga_PAR7321 Sheila_PAR7333 Toni Garn_PAR7335 Alyona_PAR7344 Kinga_PAR7349 and again_PAR7353 Aline Webber_PAR7364 Myf_PAR7371 Stazia_PAR7380 Heidi


Zuzana Gregorova_PAR3857 Like the belt/buckle_PAR3864 _PAR3868
Anna_PAR3873 Maryna, great smile_PAR3883 Sigrid, looking great_PAR3885 Maryna_PAR3891 Kim_PAR3901 Kinga_PAR3912
The ever so lovely Shannan_PAR3918
Sissi & Edita_PAR3933
These two again, could not resist their smiling disposition_PAR3946 Alexandra_PAR3963
Anna_PAR3971 Sigrid_PAR4002 Shannan_PAR4015 Zuzana_PAR4030 Maryna

Tsumori Chisato

This is one of my fav shows, lots of yummy colours and great craftmanship , attention to detail, great collection_PAR2227 _PAR2224 _PAR2240 _PAR2251 _PAR2256 _PAR2259 _PAR2275 _PAR2261 _PAR2271 _PAR2288 _PAR2294 _PAR2308 _PAR2313 _PAR2314 _PAR2325 _PAR2345 _PAR2352 _PAR2361 _PAR2364 _PAR2376 _PAR2388 _PAR2393 _PAR2412 _PAR2418 _PAR2436

Vivienne Westwood

_PAR1943 Camilla_PAR1947 Anastasia ( first met her at last season's Westwood show, the shot with the mis drawn lips )_PAR1953 Shu Pei_PAR1966 Camilla again_PAR1985 Flavia_PAR1989 Zuzana, looking like a travelling gypsy

Jules_PAR2007 Flavia with Dame Westwood_PAR2018 and Steve Wood_PAR2025 Sharan ( one for mum )_PAR2036 some of the shoes_PAR2037 _PAR2039 _PAR2064
Constance_PAR2072 Vika_PAR2090 Zuzana_PAR2098
Jules & Anastasia_PAR2115 Sharan_PAR2134 Shu Pei_PAR2137 the two together_PAR2141 Han_PAR2151 Aminata_PAR2196
Le Maestro

Vivienne Westwood Beauty

Lovely Dutch girl, Sharan_PAR1905 and Han_PAR1913 and Flavia_PAR1911 and Puja , ready to rock ( she gets to walk out with a guitar )_PAR1919 Line up_PAR1896 and ready & waiting to line up

November 27, 2008

Sonia Rykiel

Bette, before the frizz_PAR4691
Ditto for Alice_PAR4695
We have frizz now _PAR4697
Le Shoe_PAR4700 Iek_PAR4704 _PAR4709
Ooops, forgot the name of this model, she has a great smile doesn't she_PAR4712
Yeay, Kinga strikes a pose _PAR4717 _PAR4719
Hmmm, no comment, perhaps, I didn't stay , too late_PAR4724
_PAR4729 Abbey Lee looking great_PAR4731 _PAR4732
Anya snapping a pic


Abbey Lee_PAR4747


Always about big smiles at Sonia's shows, Kasia, Jourdan , Siri & Karlie_PAR4785
Should have put white glasses on Marina_PAR4791
Iek again_PAR4800
And we finish with Tanya